Friday, September 12, 2008

Fiddling While Britain Burns

With the credit crunch and rise in fuel prices now claiming its first BIG victim, a reader has sent us information on the BNP chairman Nick Griffin's plans over the coming months, and in particular his planned visit to Australia in December.

For BNP members looking in, don’t you think the chairman’s time would be better spent in his supposed beloved country, Britain, and actually giving a damn about the millions of British people about to lose their jobs? And, we wonder if he was booked to fly with, XL.

An estimated 85,000 people were left stranded, and another 200,000 who'd made advanced bookings with the firm are also affected. The XL Leisure Group cancelled all of its flights and grounded its aircraft, blaming its problems on higher fuel costs and the economic downturn. But that was little comfort for some passengers, who won't receive a full refund because of the way they booked and paid for their holidays.

David Blanchflower, the member of the Bank of England's rate-setting committee who has been calling for rate cuts, said inflation will be 'near 5%' in the next month or so at a key Treasury Committee hearing today.
He also said the country is facing sharply rising unemployment, and he expects job losses of 60,000 or more per month for several months to come.

NWN says: Enjoy your trip to Oz, Nick. Please, don't come back.


Anonymous said...

His own kind will stick the knife in when they feel the heat of the long knifes and and we must give them the knife's,"et tu, brute"
and you Brutus.
keith axon.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Nickike Gri££inxski's dodgy arm is due to him having permanent Repetative Injury Damage brought about by a combination of factors of 1. Doing too much fiddling while England and the English burn under the yoke of kike and commie scots bastards. 2. Since first sucking on his jewish mum's tit, having an overwhelming pathological money craving desire leading to, in later life, chronic auto-reflex snatching of any cash his swivelling one-eye detects. 3. Continually playing `Love Nicking BNP Members' Hard-earned Money Boogie-Woogie' on his dad's yiddisha piano (cash register)at a manic sixteen beats to the bar instead of the normal eight. 4. Too much wanking since celebrating his bamitzvah.


Alby said...

I wonder if he will get a visa to enter?

Anonymous said...

Griffin always used to disappear on foreign jaunts when elections where due.

Anonymous said...

Your right Alby

David Irving, the historian, is banned from OZ even though he has family living there.

Griffin is state !

baz said...

I hope he is not going to appoint his horse as a senator.

Anonymous said...

Caligula may have been mad, but he must have had more brains than Griffin.

Caligula was an Emporer, Nick Griffin is an abortion.

Anonymous said...

We are hearing that the police are going to attack Nick Griffins enemies in the movement.

This is from a policeman.

Anonymous said...

But this would surely confirm the relationship we have all suspected for so long - That the state tolerates Griffin as a token nationalist, as long as he achieves 'nowt
For the state to attack anti-Griffinites now would make such an agenda public.

Anonymous said...

You Stupid boy just grow up.
And stop being envious,being so will get you know wear.

H. Rumpole QC
formally of the Bailey.

Nick Griffin said...

"Alby said...

I wonder if he will get a visa to enter?"

I though I only needed a criminal record or similar bad credentials to get into Australia? Has it changed recently or something?

Nick Griffin 2 go said...

"We are hearing that the police are going to attack Nick Griffins enemies in the movement.

This is from a policeman."

As one of "Nick Griffin's enemies" more info on this is needed and appreciated. What is their planned method of executing their "attacks"?

Anonymous said...

Interesting point >>Alby<<.

Political undesirables are routinely refused entry to Australia. If Gri££in gets in, that will certainly tell you something.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in probably has a free ticket from El Al.

Anonymous said...

The bad language and name calling and abuse on this blog does not help our cause,so please desist and stay to the point.
Formally of the Bailey.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...