Friday, September 26, 2008

Joe Owens on Stormfront

Joe Owens admits to conversing and corresponding with SEARCHLIGHT's Nick Lowles
on many occasions. No wonder he got Lowles pic ! Owens is 'Towards the Superman'.

According to Joe Owens it would appear everyone except him and a few of his cronies are either Searchlight grasses or Special Branch.

Has the man gone completely off his rocker?


Anonymous said...

Owens is a nut !

His criminal mind and his past drug use have caught up with him.

He should never be allowed near the nationalist movement.

Anonymous said...

joey has done more for nationalism than you lot put together .bartxx

Anonymous said...

Oh really !

Anonymous said...

Owens has done what for nationalism exactly ?

Threatened fellow nationalists ?

Protected Griffin ?

Why was he also not done for his death threat against pete barker on stormfront UK ?

Anonymous said...

Owens talks to anarchist O'hara as well.

Does he threaten Lowles and OHara ?

No he doesnt.

Anonymous said...

Its the idiots like bart from Nottingham that ruin the nationalist movement. Apparently he is the BNP organiser there.

The man is an idiot.The facts are there for them but they still cannot see.

Anonymous said...

Would John Tyndall have spoken with Gerry Gable ?

Owens is a sell out.

He was never around when we needed hard men in the North West.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Lowles 'THE' top secret red who infiltrated the 'nazi' movement ?

And owens knows him ?

guffaw guffaw !

Anonymous said...

Lancaster UAF pissed off that we name one of their spies.

Anonymous said...

Interesting why the police are not interested in owens threat against barker isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

owens threatened to bite his ex-girlfriends ear off !

Anonymous said...

For those that do not know pb has left nwn for pastures new.

he waited till all the pieces were in position.

nwn is now on its own, and we are growing, hence the three new moderators on here.

there will also be a new UK forum to be launched soon. this will be in direct opposition to the crap stormfront UK forum.

Anonymous said...

Owens account has been disabled !

bala said...

It was Owens who was blabbling leaked stuff from the AC via Mark Collett - Griffin knows all this!

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