Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You must watch these


Anonymous said...

No one has the bollocks to make a documentary like this on Britain. It's time to start executing the liberal filth destroying the planet. Britain is minute compared to the USA. God help us all.

Anonymous said...


That second vid is bloody scary

Anonymous said...

"It's time to start executing the liberal filth destroying the planet."


Anonymous said...

This is the reality, folks. Unless something is done to alter present demographic trends, the White race is heading for the fate of the dodo.

Anonymous said...

This is to much for the average BNP member as they want the softly softly approach to IMMIGRATION and not the Big stick approach ,well the BIG STICK IT WILL HAVE TO BE IF They WANT A BRITAIN FOR THEIR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN'S TO be RECOGNIZABLE AS THE British Isles.

The land of the ANGLO SAXON AND CELTIC PEOPLE so the BOTTOM line is a REPATRIATION policy OF ALL COLORED IMMIGRANTS back to the land of there ethnic great grand parents to build there own nation and take care of their own people in their won land.

As they are the threat to the BRITISH PEOPLE'S GENE POOL.

so BNP members do not be squeamish embrace it.
keith axon.

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