Saturday, September 27, 2008

NorthWestnationalists Expanding

NWN grows even bigger !

For those that do not know, pb has left NWN for pastures new.
He waited till all the pieces were in position.
NWN is now on its own, and we are growing, hence the three new moderators on here.
There will also be a new UK forum to be launched soon. This will be in direct opposition to the crap stormfront UK forum, and the even crappier UK moderators over there on stormfront.

27 September 2008 04:40


Anonymous said...

The way that mods have been selected by stormfront in the past has been despicable.

At least here in the UK we can be assured that mods are known by other nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Don Black is a bum and known to be a state asset for the FBI.

I trust 'limey' nationalist websites more than kwan sites.

Anonymous said...

Black and Duke were involved in 'operation red dog'.

Put that into your web browsers !

Anonymous said...

How do you decide on mods on nwn ?

Anonymous said...

We will decide on a new mod.

We need new mods for the Scotland and Newcastle areas at the moment.

We will contact them, not vice versa.

Anonymous said...


We urge all posters to post anonymously.

The 'state' police have been showing too much of an interest on here over the last few months.

Anonymous said...

Is NWN just for the North West of England ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, SF Britain is no more than a tentacle of Griffin. The first post in the thread entitled has been removed at 'AKs' request - Arthur Kemp by any chance? So basically, the piece about Rushton is an obvious lie or why have the post refuting it removed?

Anonymous said...

We started as a regional website and thence to effectively run the main BNP website from around 1998.

Griffin then got elected and used us.

After this he (Griffin) destroyed the internet presence, and so destroyed a BNP nationalist TV and radio presence from 2000.

Griffin even placed Simon Darby as the BNP internet guru !

Darby knows nothing about the internet.

Anonymous said...

So no........we are now a national blogsite operating and liasing locally and regioanally as well as definitely nationally.

Griffin and the 'state' have realised that NWN is a weapon .

Both have sent their 'agents' to stop us.

Anonymous said...

Are Griffin and the state different or the same entity ?

Anonymous said...

Arthur Kemp is a known state operative, albeit the South African state.

Even historian David Irving recently mentioned about Kemp being dodgy on his website.

Unfortunately, many in the BNP are of very low intelligence, so these characters can take the piss such as Nick Griffin, Arthur Kemp and Joe Owens.

Anonymous said...

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Anyone had a look at this site created by Arthur Kemp?

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Anonymous said...

Has that wanker christie disabled his accoun yet ?

Anonymous said...

The nationalist movement is riddled with state operatives now making sure it exists while being neutered.

But they amount to a fraction of the number of people involved.

It's very important to avoid paranoia and thinking 'everyone is state'. The game Griffin plays with anyone he does not like.

Anthony Browne, the Tory advisor to Boris Johnson, trailered in the Independent yesterday a proposal to legalise all illegal immigrants. So we know what we can expect from the Tories.

Public opinion is very much on the turn but has not yet become vigorous enough to have much effect on the big parties. The Web is thus of vital importance in encouraging dissent of a peaceful democratic kind (no Mr MI5 we are not going to fall into the trap you'd like us to).

Anonymous said...

Anyone got any info on Kemp giving evidence against 'another' Nationalist on trial for murder back in S.A? Maybe that is why he insisted the post be edited - a sure sign of guilt if ever there was. That cunt Griffin sure knows how to pick em - a bomber, a serial-killer, a wife swapper, two cerebrally challanged thugs ad nauseum.

Clive Potter said...

Good luck to PB in whatever new pastures he is going to.

PB has been a dependable and solid force around whom many BNP dissidents and non-Griffinite nationalists have coalesced around.

Despite having threats made against him by various so-called 'nationalists' and having to put up with assorted lies and smears put out by Griffin and his attack-dogs, PB has been an immense source of wisdom and experience for genuine nationalists.

Under PB this blog spot has seen tremendous growth and has been become an influential news outlet and resource for all those nationalists who realise that Griffin is a wrong 'un and who see his Nu-BNP as having taking the wrong path, ending up virtually a neutered organisation under the influence of antagonistic elements.

Many thanks to PB for establishing NWN as a premier nationalist blog spot - and good luck to everyone else at NWN and for its new aspiring talent. I am sure that all at NWN will see this site grow and develop as a UK leader in offering real nationalism as this crucial time in Brtian's history.

Thanks PB - and best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

NWN has established itself alongside Final Conflict as the premier Nationalist websites in Britain.

I think it important to concentrate criticism on NG/SD and just a handful of others. I've seen criticism in comments of people I'm not too sure should be criticised. Whilst Don Black may be an individual that is worthy of scrutiny, I have to say that there are decent people as mods on SF Britain.

When there is "bad blood" between people it may often be personality conflict rather than substantial.

Also, with respect to anonymity. I think the authorities "know" about all of us anyway. This is our country. Our ancestors fought for it and the freedoms we inherited. We have to exercise freedom of speech and association in order that there removal from us is not further accelerated, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


All the best Pete ;-)

Anonymous said...

Organised nationalism is largely a sham at the moment with NG around.

What can be done is to build an underground movement like they did in Poland against communism. But they had to use photocopiers phones and print to communicate. The web makes it so much easier now reaching into most homes without their being required to admit an allegiance.

If millions of people followed the opinions of the underground through the web even without doing anything else it would alter the situation.

Undermining the system by making people disbelieve is in the end a far more potent weapon than sporadic elections valuable though they are as a symbol. At the moment there is no chance of a mass voting lobby only local successes.

I think the first thing the Tories will do on election is legalise illegals. They won't say that before the election of course! They'll claim it's a once and for all element in new strict controls voted for in their manifesto.

Anonymous said...

A forum is a very bad idea. It will simply be targeted by Gri££in/state mouthpieces and overwhelmed. Lateral thinking is what's required, not more of the same tired old nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I had to have a laugh when I had a look at C.U.N.Ts blog earlier. There is a mention for Owens' new crackpot youth scheme, 'Pure Rage', do have a look. It looks more like an add for a Gay Night Club. No wonder he keeps going on about stampton robbing homos, he's obviously got a soft spot for them!

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