Saturday, February 10, 2007

White Nationalist leadership worldwide being highly corrupted

We have Le Pen in France, Griffin in the UK, and Black in the USA........all have adopted the pro-zionist and anti-muslim mantra.
They are all also led by MUNEE !
Black for example is led by one 'John Joy Tree' to use his nick on STORMFRONT.
JJT is well known as being 'the' main SF moderator, but yet the reds/jews/zionists are not interested in him ?
We don't think so.
JJT works for a rather large retail company in the UK, and has a rather larger than average wage from his work.
The reds know this .
So why are the zionists and reds NOT interested in JJT/Andy Robertson ? This must be a first !
All the above white nationalist leaders are now playing to the 'new' adherents which the mass media are carefully driving.
In the UK, we have the BNP now being media-led by such as Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who just happens to be a zionist jew. If it wasn't for her spouting fairly recently, the BNP would not have gained the amount of votes in outer east London that they did.
This message is not aimed at the 'rank and file'.
It is aimed at the 'movers and shakers' within our movements worldwide.
This board is also targetted at the more mature and learned nationalists.
This move by our enemies is not a coincidence. They are trying to emasculate our movement now, by denying that the jews were responsible for the mass introduction of non-white peoples into all our countries.
Now that the 'shit is about to hit the fan' , with all the racial strife in so many countries, they are trying to move in and control our white nationalist movements.
Have none of it !


dizzyfatplonka said...

I have never until recently been a very politically motivated person or in anyway anti-semitic.
I do enjoy reading your views and opinions on the subject though, being a working class man I do have my concerns over nationalist movements being taken over by, not the strong minded people willing to make the sacrifice, who I thought it would be, but rather neo-con tories desperately seeking to protect their own sad sorry ASSets.

Red said...

NWN.. I think Kelso would be more the "main" moderator, regardless of Jack_ass being the "Chief of Staff".

Either way you look at it, they are both parasites. And you're right, SF is now going where the money wants it to go. It isn't a WN board, and should really quit misleading people with the BS "White Nationalist Community" crap they claim. When jews and half-niggers can get into SM and help dictate policy, it isn't White Nationalism.

But I think you have a fair handle on that, don't you? :)

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