Friday, February 23, 2007

Some very sad news folks...........

it has come to our attention that Oldham BNP stalwart BILL LOCKETT has died .

Bill was the very first BNP candidate to stand when we formed Oldham BNP in the late 1990's, he got over 10% in a first time out foray into the local elections.

More detail to follow................


Anonymous said...

bill lockett got 9.8% when he first stood and got the 3rd highest percentage from all over britain in a ward that had never been stood before. this led to the breakthrough in oldham in the following genral election.

some of his family disowned him as they are in the labour party but bill stood firm and wouldnt back down. he was a good man

rest in peace mate.hope heveans nice and white for you

NorthWestNationalists said...

Good post anonymous. I always got on well with Bill. He was a good and honest bloke who stood by his convictions. I drafted and produced Bills election leaflet that first time, I have copy somewhere with Bills picture on it. When I find it I will copy it to this blog.

Bill was also an ex - Lancashire Fusilier too !

Bill did suffer cancer for many a year now.

Bill you fought the good fight.
Rest in peace now.

pete rushton said...

Re: R.I.P Bill Lockett


Bill Lockett wasn't in 100% health when he fought Hollinwood ward at the May 2000 election - the first Oldham BNP election campaign. The count was packed with very young, aggressive Asians, some of whom later went to prison for election fraud.

But that night the main police focus was on us. Chris Jackson was stitched up by a Labour counting agent who claimed he had "racially abused" her. All nonsense of course, but Chris was arrested and taken out of the count to the cells No charges were brought.

Bill Lockett won 229 votes that night (9.7%), putting the new Oldham branch on the electoral map.

By the time of the next local election in May 2002 the Oldham race riots had occurred and the BNP had fought both Oldham constituencies at the 2001 general election, with great success.

Bill Lockett was in hospital having a heart operation in the week of the election, but he stood as a candidate in the ward on the very frontline of Oldham's race war: Alexandra, on its then boundaries perhaps the most racially divided ward in Britain.

Alexandra ward then contained both the solidly white Fitton Hill estate, home to some of Oldham's strongest BNP supporters, and the infamous riot-scarred Asian ghetto of Glodwick, where corrupt Asian landlords and "community leaders" registered 15 or 20 voters to a house - all of whom turned out come election time of course

It takes courage to stand anywhere as a racial nationalist candidate; it takes even more courage to do so if you are seriously ill; but to do so in a ward like Alexandra in 2002 takes a very special kind of courage indeed. Bill Lockett was the man who did it.

One of my strongest memories of my BNP days was the night of the Alexandra count. I was the BNP agent at that count - and there weren't too many other white faces, especially since the next door count was the heavily Asian Coldhurst ward.

Michael Meacher, Oldham MP and then a minister in Tony Blair's cabinet, was standing on the other side of the table, looking nervous, then triumphant as the first two ballot boxes opened showed a massive turnout of Asian voters for Labour. Overall 49.2% of the electorate had voted: up from 31.8% the previous year.

We wiped the smile off Meacher's face when the white areas voted massively BNP - Fitton Hill by six or seven BNP for each one Labour.

Of course it wasn't enough, but Bill Lockett and Oldham BNP had won a great moral victory - runner-up in Alexandra ward with 788 votes (23.6%).

Rest in peace comrade.

"Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame my brother Blackshirts until it illumines Britain and lights again the paths of Mankind."
OM, 1938

NorthWestNationalists said...

Chris Jackson was in fact arrested and charged on race act charges.

Chris defended himself in Court and was declared not guilty !

Neither the BNP organs nor Spearhead made any comment about this great victory.

No wonder we in the provinces wonder why some are made officials within the patriotic right.

It used to be, you had to be born in London or the South East 'to run the party'.

What errant nonsense !

NorthWestNationalists said...

If anyone wishes to challenge my last post then I will open a seperate thread.

This thread is to honour Bill Lockett.

Anonymous said...

I've spoke to Bill's nephew who is attending to the funeral.

I will let everyone know when Bill's funeral is. It goes without saying everyone will be welcome and everyone is expected to be on their best behaviour.

Mick T

NorthWestNationalists said...

Mick Treacys posts re BILL LOCKETTS funeral will be allowed on this forum.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...