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Ex -Rochdale MP and new mouthpiece for Zionism
NWN: This group is the UK version of the infamous AIPAC in the USA, and needs to be 'kept an eye on'.

Latest from BICOM Lorna Fitzsimons tackles Iran on Today

5 February 2007

Following her appearance on the Today programme, Lorna Fitzsimons added:
"The only way economic and diplomatic sanctions will work is if Iran realises that the credibility of a military strike is real. Iran thinks the US is weak and that Iran is in the ascendancy in the Middle East. That is why Iran’s leaders do not feel the pressure or the need to work with the IAEA. Iranians view their enrichment programme as central to their pride and economic future. Therefore, it does not matter whether it is Ayatollah Khamenei, Ahmadinejad or Rafsanjani fronting their nuclear campaign; this is about Iranian destiny. The international community must do all they can to make sure the soft power options of sanctions and diplomacy prevent the unthinkable. The only way to make soft power a success in Iran is to ensure they realise that the hard power of military actions is a last resort reality.”

Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre
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The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) is a United Kingdom based organisation which acts to promote awareness of Israel and the Middle East in the UK. BICOM issues materials on the history, economy, culture and politics of Israel, the Middle East peace plan, terrorism in the Middle-East, UK-Israel relations and foreign policy and the future of Palestine.

BICOM is positioned as a "pro-Israel British lobby group".

BICOM's chief executive, until July 2006, was Danny Scheck, a high-level official of the Israeli foreign ministry on a two year leave of absence. He was previously the chief spokesman and director of the press division of Israel’s foreign ministry.[1] He left to become the Israeli ambassador to France.[2]
The current Chief Executive Officer is the former Labour Member of Parliament Lorna Fitzsimons

[edit] Establishment and funding
"The need for a body able to orchestrate British Jewry’s political and public relations became apparent to Kerner (head of the United Jewish Israel Appeal) following the outbreak of the second intifada in September 2000, with its disastrous impact on Israel’s image. The day after the intifada began, some 50 leading Jews were summoned to a briefing with the then Israeli ambassador."
"That evening a group of them raised an initial £250,000 fund for pro-Israel lobbying and public relations. First to wave his chequebook was Poju Zabludowicz, a little-known name at the time but now an emerging figure who recently entered the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated £2 billion, and who owns 40 per cent of downtown Las Vegas."
"As Middle Eastern peace prospects sank beneath the continuing violence, the emergency campaign for Israel morphed into a permanent new body, the British-Israel Research and Communications Centre (Bicom). While a debate goes on in the community’s upper echelons over whether Bicom should remain a mainly-behind-the-scenes player focussing on media or a more upfront pro-Israel lobby similar to the American AIPAC, it has become a potential recruitment ground for a new generation of lay leaders..." [1]

^ "So they say they’re in charge", The Jewish Connection, 12/05/2006

NWN Note: Indeed Fitzsimons absolutely loves money ( a bit like Griffin really) . During her tenure as head of the National Union of Students in the early 1990's Scotland yard detectives were called into a huge fraud that had occurred. She had a loan apparently !
Fitzsimons also refused to help at least one of her constituents simply because they were British nationalists .
i.e. me !

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