Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New footage of JFK in Dallas released

DALLAS (Reuters) - Previously unreleased footage of John F. Kennedy's fateful motorcade in Dallas moments before he was gunned down was released on Monday, a surprising new detail in a saga that has gripped the United States for four decades.

The silent 8mm film shows a beaming Jacqueline Kennedy close up in vivid color waving to the crowd.
A group of excited bystanders -- women sporting big 1960s hairstyles -- waves to the cameraman shortly before the motorcade sweeps past.

The president's coat is clearly if briefly seen bunched up on his back -- a detail that will be scrutinized by conspiracy theorists who see evidence of a plot in, among other things, the fact the bullet wounds on his jacket and body did not appear to match.
For more plus the video see link..........http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070219/pl_nm/kennedy_footage_dc
NWN : For the real killers of Kennedy, see the real rulers of the USA, not the puppets that we are told hold the strings of power.

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Anonymous said...

Am I correct but wasn't the last president who was contemplating regaining control of the American monetary system from the Federal Reserve (a privately owned bank) JF Kennedy?

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