Friday, February 16, 2007

NWN note: En Castellano

para companeros Espanol ...............

A forthcoming meeting in Barcelona.

Click in the image to enlarge.

Arriba Espana !

NWN Presente !


NorthWestNationalists said...

Let's see......

the philosophy of Plato and the influence of NS, is the header.

The use of the term NS is not something we on NWN would use.

However this is from Spain, where that term is not an insult, and has a different cultural definition.

Sounds very idealogically heavy- EXCELLENT !

Oh, and it's 6 Euros to get in !

You can ring in for a special invite, but using mobiles as an address is not on.

There does seem to be some remark about 'skin', which is something our Spanish friends are just learning about.

Anonymous said...

can you please explain to me why you post something on the blog then answer yourself in the comments page?

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