Saturday, February 24, 2007

BNP leadership challenge ?

These rumours and talk will just not go away. There is still the odd comment on boards like Stormfront UK, about possible challenges to that despot, and 'sell-out', Nick Griffin.

I, for one, rue the day I helped him get elected !

This site will support any challenge in the BNP that supports the BNP policies BEFORE Griffin.

We have heard that the names Jonathan Bowden and Eddy Butler are 'popping-up'.

'Heaven bloody forbid' these two clowns get the leadership of the BNP.

It will be compulsory wearing of cumerbunds and dickie bows, at BNP meetings, and cocktail gowns for the Ladies, if they get in.

I cannot see that happening in the real heartlands of racial nationalism such as Halifax, Bradford, Burnley or Oldham..

* For info about Eddy Butler, it was my fault this 'record breaking' boring speaker came from my area (Stockport) when I was the NF North West Regional Organiser.

Butler supports blacks in the UK. That's enough for me to know Butler.

The radical right might have the best speakers, but we also have the most boring too. I name Eddy Butler and Andrew Brons. Brons is honest though !


Anonymous said...

Or, it might be cocktail dresses for the men, if poofter Bowden get's elected .

Anonymous said...

Richard 'Hello Sailor' Barnebrook, more like ...

Anonymous said...

I always assumed that the 'architect of the Isle of Dogs victory ' and ex freedom Party NO wasn't from your end at all. Not much of an accent has he?

NorthWestNationalists said...

Eddy Butler is from the Stockport area. He came 'through the mists' in the late 1970's then moved to London.

Anonymous said...

i spoke to Butler and Bowden when they were in the FP and they spent a lot of the time slagging off Griffin. it was really vitriolic, some of it personal [funny stuff] but mostly about politics, morality, finances etc.
then they jumped ship.
i just hope they do to NG what he did to JT.
what goes round comes round.

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