Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spanish nationalists at the Valle de Los Caidos (Valley of the fallen, in the Spanish civil war 1936-1939 ). This is always held on the 20th November, to commemorate the murder by communists of Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera, at Alicante jail in 1936.

Jose Antonio was the leader of the Falange in Spain.

Ironically, 'Jose Antonio' was involved in serious discussions with Spanish anarchists at that time and many wanted him dead from 'both sides'. Both communists and reactionary conservatives were glad he was put up against a wall and shot.

I spoke with John Tyndall many times and discussed this issue about Jose Antonio many times, this guy (JA) could have been the 'bees knees'. He was from an aristocratic family, but was in favour of workers rights and power.

They march from central Madrid close to the Plaza Colon to the Valle de los Caidos about 30 miles outside Madrid in the Valderrama mountains.

A moving experience.

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