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Regarding your posting about the Community Security Trust figures concerning "racial attacks" on Jews......>
From: Robert Henderson <>> Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:03:20 +0000> To: Robert Henderson <>> Subject: The joy of diversity - UK round up 9 12 2007> >> Daily Mail 1st February 2007> > 'Wave of hatred' warning as attacks on Jews hits record high> > [snip]
.......I'm sure you are aware that the Jews have a vested interest in pumping-up these "anti-semitic attack" statistics so as to win more public sympathy in the face of their genocide against the Palestinians, to win even more privileges under UK 'Race Hate' laws.The Community Security Trust (CST), and its parent organisation, the Board of Deputies of British Jews (JBD), have the additional need to keep the Jewish herd on the stampede, not only to be responsive to the Zionist political directives which they provide, but also to keep the CST/JBD "Defence Fund" donations rolling in!
Quite often these "anti-Jewish attack" incidents amount to no more than non-Jewish (often Afro-Carib) schoolchildren teasing Jewish schoolchildren on the way to school. (This happened a lot in the Camden, North London, area a few years ago when the Jewish Free School was in Camden Road. The school has now joined the "White Flight" exodus to the notably Jewish area of Pinner, Middlesex.)
In addition to this, there are a great (and increasing) number of bogus "attacks" being reported by Jews who, if they are not plainly mad (i.e. possessed of a vicarious desire to wallow in the experience of "persecution" and "victimhood", even if self-inflicted) then they are seeking to victimise gentile neighbours/workmates for a whole range of personal spite reasons; or are seeking compensation from shops and/or insurance payouts; or seeking personal publicity as a "victim" to advance some personal/career agends; etc., etc.
A few years ago a scholarly book was published in the USA on this very topic entitled "Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America" by Laird Wilcox. In this book Wilcox documented hundreds of recent cases where hoaxers had been detected, brought before the courts and convicted of fabricating"anti-semdsitic racial attack" incidents ranging from arson to graffiti.
All too often the Jewish hoaxers told the courts that their intention was to "alert the public to the rising tide of racism and anti-semitism"!!!
In a number of high profile instances, the hoaxers have been give massive public relations, political pressure and legal assistance by Jewish "defence" groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). When convictions have been secured against the malicious hoaxers -- who have tried to ruin their victims' lives with smears and huge court costs -- no word of apology emerged from these "defence" groups.
A few years ago I wrote a four page A4 leaflet ("Out of Control") detailing the extremely sinister origins and activities of the Community Security Trust and the very close training assistance it receives from the London Metropolitan Police and the Manchester Police.
Since the CST is the intelligence, security and strongarm subdivision of an overtly political organisation (the JBD) which declared political objectives include supporting and representing the interests of foreign power, Israel, I find this intimate Police involvement very sinister and hold that it is unlawful.
In this instance, the strictures of the Public Order Act against "organising and/or training and/or equipping a para-military force for the purpose of securing political objectives by means of physical force" (or "giving reasonable apprehension" of so doing) seems to have gone by the board -- as does the Police Constable's Oath to be impartial in all matters, "showing favouritism, malice or ill-will towards none".
Best wishes.
Sincerely, Martin.
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Subject: IHR News and Comment - February 8, 2007Dispute Over Level of Anti-Jewish Incidents in BritainEuropean Jewish Presshttp://w
A dispute has broken out between a Jewish organisation and the Mayor of London over the level of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK.The Community Security Trust (CST), a body run by the Jewish community to monitor levels of anti-Semitic feeling, issued a statement saying its research showed that attacks had reached record levels last year.But Lee Jasper, director of policing and equalities for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, said police figures suggested precisely the opposite.The CST figures showed there were 594 anti-Semitic incidents in Britain in 2006, up 31 percent from 2005.

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