Sunday, February 25, 2007

Griffin gets punched - why the cover-up ?

There seems to be odd goings on about this escapades reportings.

Also, what do readers think about this comment from Joe Owens on VNN ;

"Why no mention of Griffin being attacked on BNP website? Is it becouse it was Nationlists over a large amount of money Griffin borrowed, that he ain't paid back? Thread closed on Stormfront?"

To quote peadophile writer ,Lewis Carroll ; "curioser and curioser".


Anonymous said...

is this prove that this was an attack on all Nationalists and not some petty feud that some seem to like to spread around

NorthWestNationalists said...

Sorry not proof enough !

Some of us know of many other money scams that Griffin has 'creamed' in the past from NF/ITP/BNP members.

Such as getting young lads to repair a barn owned by the Griffin family in East Anglia in the late 1970's.

Why, even in our 'neck of the woods' Griffin left a bill of over £1,000 + at the Clitheroe bar and who supplied the drinks for a RWB one year.

Griffin tried to 'rip off' a Burnley BNP plumber/gas fitter for central heating a few years in his latest barn/project.The 'big lad' was having none of it !

That is 'just off the top of my head' , but I am sure you get the drift, ANON.

Try asking SPIKE @ the ITP, he has chapter and verse on the Griffin family scammings .

By the way.......why is it a "petty feud ?"

This blog is NOT a part of the dying Griffinite love fest !

If you don't like the comments here go to the BNP forum.....

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