Monday, February 19, 2007

Subject: Blacks & Toffs


I couldn't agree more.

What turns my guts is when I hear journalists and politicians whine on that these killings are "a sign that our society has broken...."OUR society????!!Our society (that is, the society of the indigenous white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people of the British Isles) started to get systematically broken when Big Business and the parties in Westminster decided that the time had come to flood our island with the flotsam and jetsam of Afro-Asia, and when leftist/liberal "idealists" tried to feed us the notion that "tolerance" and "love" would overcome all the "short term" difficulties of racial integration.

Their mad multi-racial experiment has FAILED.

It is the murderous society of the multi-racialists that has broken. THEIR society -- not "our" society.

And it was not the murders of these savage young n*glets that has woken up the multi-racialists to a realisation of this failure. Oh no. They're no more compassionate about the fate of the negroes than they were about the fate of OUR folk 30 and 40 years ago when they were plunged into the multi-racial madhouse.

What woke them up were the murders last year of millionaire bankers in their own homes in posh Chelsea; of the activities of the "Rolex Gang" of n*gger robbers who followed wealthy people (identified by their £50,000 Rolex watches) from their nightclubs in the West End to their multi-million pound homes in the select suburbs. When the Rolex-wearers turned the key in their front doors, they suddenly found their homes invaded by savage apes who commenced a violence-loot-and-rape spree!

All this wasn't supposed to happen to THEM. No No!

This was the kind of awful thing one read about happening to the Working Classes in Inner City slums, my dear!

It was the lower orders who were to endure the agony of the alien invasion, not the wealthy elite who were able to derive short-term financial benefit from it!

If there has been a slight turn against immigration from elements of the "upper class" section of British society and from certain elements of the media, then it is because the toffs have come to realise that they are now not safe from the savagery of n*gger hoodlum robbers.

To paraphrase the Jew propagandist Ben Hecht: "Every time I hear one of the toffs has been raided, robbed, beaten-up (or worse) by a gang of n*ggers, I have a little holiday in my heart!"It couldn't happen to nicer, more deserving people!
Martin Webster

=======================Date: Thursday, February 15, 2007 12:44 PMSubject: (no subject)

Hi Martin,Watching Sky news this morning on the Black on black killings, all I hear is the usual bunch of apologists (police, community leaders MP's etc) for the multi-racial sess pit that they have created, wine on about pathetic drivel such as it's the parent's (as if they have more then one) fault etc etc etc. Yesterday's Ape crime was all about Illegal immigrants killing other illegal ape's etc.john

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