Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where is 'Northern Nazi' off VNN?

VNN guestbook are asking where this idiot is now. Now, I don't normally bother about the usual idiots, but this one you see, made some very personal accusations against me .

He made them on a public forum........VNN UK.

I now understand he is called Mark Hammill (sp).

But the main point is, he was the Rochdale BNP treasurer , and the Rochdale Organiser of the BNP knew it !

I thought Kev Bryan was a friend. Bryan knew this info for ages.

Unfortunately, RochdaleBNP is run by Kev Bryan, one who should know better. Bryan has crossed me many times, in his support for Nick Griffin, in the past.

He even had BNP legend Ken Henderson, take a picture together with traitor Nick Griffin, to try and piss me off.

I still have the whom does it piss off most ?

Who now supports Griffin ?

The Oldham nationalist bods are now coughing up their poisonous pro- Griffin supporters, including some who have been there since 'we' started (Hello Alan). You do remember me , you have 'slagged me off' on the web and elsewhere.

The usual ones including 'Alan', we know about, they must be thrown out of any positions . Due to their low intelligence and complete lack of political ideology.

And, at last, they have coughed up some git called 'Simmo', who is a spotty kid who lives with his Mum, to behave himself, for slagging me off incessantly !

The age of the Griffinite idiot Treacy is gone.

Revenge is best served cold !


Anonymous said...

The smoke rises over the ruins of Oldham Branch BNP.

Anonymous said...

Come on Pete, no one is responsible for what Hamill said about you,Hamill has his own mind and wouldent listen to anyones advice, he is now on his own!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Where did Hamill get his info from ? We know where the Griffinite poison came from in Oldham BNP.So where is it coming from in Rochdale BNP ? There are 60+million people in the UK so why did Hamill pick me ? We have never met.

Kev, you are the Rochdale Branch organiser, you 'turned a blind eye' to him and them, and by writing with him on VNN UK forum you encouraged him to behave very badly.

You don't mind people getting personally slagged off on the web, provided it is NOT you !

Some of us have had it constant for over 6 years.I still haven't heard any words of condemnation from you about this, nor about the acts of vandalism that I have suffered from so-called nationalists.

As soon as you get a mention........hey presto, up you pop !

Many thanks for your personal support over this period !

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