Friday, December 21, 2007

Young National Front on Patrol , following stabbing of Billy Ward.

The following press release was released by the Young National Front on the 11.12.07 after the fatal stabbing of Billy Ward in Addington South East London in an alleged racist attack claimed by his father.

We have decided to patrol the local streets as outlined in our press release below, to increase numbers of people on the streets as a deterrent as the police are not able to patrol all areas where the young and vulnerable are.
We are not vigilantes or anything of a sort. We are solely going to start patrolling night buses, parks and other areas to assist the vulnerable; young and old alike, as we know that increased numbers of people may act as a deterrent to criminals, potential muggers, rapists and murderers.The reason that we are acting on the events that have taken place over the last week regarding Billy Ward, is solely because of the amount of telephone calls/e-mails we have rec'd and also from engaging with the young people on the streets locally over the last couple of days/evenings, the areas have included Addington, Croydon, Hayes (Kent) and Bromley plus others. They have all come forward and have explained their anger to us regarding Billys' un-timely death and they have highlighted the fact that they feel unsafe in their own areas and whilst using public transport both day and nights, they have alleged that have been victims of racial tensions and have been attacked in the past but are to afraid to report this to the police, due to possible consequences.
Many Young people also have asked us to come into the area and bring together the young people both for support and safety.We are young nationalists but at the same time we are against mindless violence and deaths, for example the other serious assaults that took place in Thornton Heath at the weekend and also against the alleged racist murder of Stephen Lawrence which gained mass media coverage, as this was also an alleged racial murder, as this one has also been, along with other racial murders like that of Kriss Donald, which failed to reach the news whatsoever.
We also would like to make it clear that Billy Ward and his family, was and have never been known to us nor have any of his alleged convictions.As a result of the demands from the local young people we are considering activities in the local area, such as leafleting and potential patrols of the local areas; just to increase peoples awareness and also increase the safety of areas, as do the local police community support officers and churches, especially at night, were the over-stretched local police force can not be due to the vast areas they cover.
We do ask of the young people to not take action against any others they think may be connected or related to the alleged attackers. If they have any information can we ask them to call the police or contact us.
If any person has any information regarding crime and violence of any sort they can also contact the police or us on 07950 474 625 in which we will pass this information on.


Anonymous said...

Good idea !

NorthWestNationalists said...

What should we do if the Police fail to do their duty ?

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