Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well we are regrettably in the Press now and for all the wrong reasons. - Green Arrow

The following is from The Independent and you can read the full story here.

The British National Party is gripped by civil war amid bitter personality clashes and claims of dirty tricks by rival factions.Whatever the reasons they give to justify their setting up a site opposed to certain elements in the British National Party, its creators have created a crisis that could have an impact on our chances in the London Assembly.

Even if their claims were true, it could have been handled so much better but now their names will go down in Nationalist History as wreckers and any good work they ever done for the Party and the Country will be forgotten.

Whether damaging the BNP, were their intentions from the start, I have no idea. We know that Marxist spies like agents Burgess and MacClean worked undercover for years. We know the police used an undercover woman to try and entrap Colin Stagg.

So we know that kind of thing happens. Could the instigators have been double agents? I doubt it but it does happen.

It is no good for Matt Single now try to claim the moral high ground with his post there today. In my opinion it is too late for you and your fellow collaborators. If the events and actions you say you witnessed are true you should have done something about it then. Not a year or more later when you were caught red handed. I for one would never trust any of you.

You say your loyal to the party but your actions throw the lie back in your face.You say Griffin is at fault and is a megalomaniac and imply that it is all his fault for not being dictated to now by people who have betrayed him, The Party and Our Country.

But you forget that Nick Griffin at this moment in time is the British National Party.

He is our front man and does it well. No one in your little cabal or on your list of supporters can match him in debate or image. That is his job as Our Leader. His job is not to handle the day to day running of the party. Others do that and perhaps he should have chosen wiser. But that could have, would have been resolved in time.

But you could not wait could you?

Or was this the time to strike?

Now. Just before the run up to the elections. Why not after? When the "revelations" you pour out daily would not have done so much damage to the troops on the ground?

Perhaps your timing was, in fact, perfect.
The BNP was itself born out of a feud when the right-wing National Front imploded in the 1980s. After struggling to make an impact for a decade, it secured its first council seat in 1993 in Tower Hamlets, London.

But it languished until 1999 when Mr Griffin became leader and set about modernising the party. It achieved a breakthrough in Burnley in 2003, when it won three council seats.

Its progress has been steady, but not spectacular, over the past four years. Its strategists believe it is now well placed to win seats in the London Assembly and the European Parliament.But it is done and now it is up to all of us to try and repair the damage caused and move on. The following people have been listed on the infamous eie site as supporting the wreckers actions:-Well I say this to the people on the list and on it are people I would class as friends.

Did you realise that this would happen when you resigned your positions?

Did you as people knowing the instigators act hastily in loyalty towards them? Did you put your friendship before your Party and Your Country?

We all agree that there are real legitimate concerns that need to be addressed but by attempting to bring the Party to an halt and calling for more resignations does not help address those concerns.It distracts us away from fighting the true enemies (who signed away our freedom only a day gone) because whilst you attempt to destroy the Party, others will be trying to rebuild it. Every brick you remove we will replace even if it should take till the end of time. So you cannot win.

And would you really want to. Win by destroying the only hope of our children's future.I plead with you on that list to think again. If you really want change then you must do it through the proper channels that are in place already.

You cannot be allowed to dictate terms. Now is the time for politics and a political compromise can be reached. But you cannot negotiate with someone holding a gun to your head. You have more than made your point. Come back now while there is still a bridge open to you.

NWN: Griffins 'pet mouthpiece' gives us the above pap ! He must be really worried.


Anonymous said...

This is in a different league form Griffin's previous crises, and his sycophants know it!

Anonymous said...

Simple. Admit you were wrong Nick. Re-instate Sadie and Kenny everyone else will follow.

We are loyal but not unconditionally. You must be the same.

tonydj said...

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words but they must be written.

The currennt crisis in the party was inevitable. The leadership has expelled too many people in the last..........6, 12, 18 months. who knows where the rot started. some may have deserved it.

But I ask, is it likely that ALL are state, reds, malcontents etc? I think not.

I am ill. My active participation in nationalist politics is limited. I cannot assume any mantle of power. Therefore I can speak with detatchment.

The "strikers", of whom I am one, have been driven to this position by the attitude of the leadership, people or a person, who I still cannot hate or despise. But in the words of Cromwell "You have sat too long to be of use. In the name of God, go!"

It is not hard to be a leader. Respect others. Be honest. Treat others as you would have them treat you. If I have failed in this respect it is because I have not followed my own guidelines. There are replacement leaders out there in the nationalist movement. They will step forward.

Anonymous said...

"in the words of Cromwell "You have sat too long to be of use. In the name of God, go!"

They always say, beware the enemies you make on the way up, you will meet them on the way down.

I think we can all safely assume that Griffins bodyguards are there not to protect him from his paranoid delusions of Islamic hit men but, to protect him from BNP members.

Anonymous said...

Have you all completely lost the few marbles that allow you to get your shoes on the right feet every morning? All you are doing is trying to destroy the party from within. I can only assume that you have been 'got at' by a better funded organisation that has offered you more, financially, that you are currently getting from the BNP membership. Shame on you!

There is an acronym to describe filing systems - F.I.F.O. in your case it should mean 'fit in or fuck off'.

Glad to see you have either fucked off or been fucked off.

Traitorous scum!

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