Monday, December 17, 2007

Splinter Group Effort Grinds to a Halt

By BNP News Team, December 17, 2007

Efforts by a small extremist clique of malcontents to create a crisis within BNP ranks have ground to a halt.
New revelations show that they were illegally hacking into the email accounts of BNP members, Nick Griffin himself, the party’s outside auditors and others, for months prior to their decision to make a public spectacle out of their attempts to wrest control of the party away from the Advisory Council, Voting Members and party chairman.
The exposure of the extremist clique’s email hacking - which has gone on for a long period of time, and their gross betrayal of BNP activists’ trust, have made a mockery of their claims of moral outrage after a Skype conversation, stupidly broadcast over the Internet (presumably either by a Skype setting error on their part, or even sitting on a mobile phone) made its way into the public domain. In reality, the only people carrying out illegal tapping of other peoples’ communications, were the extremist clique themselves.
All BNP email account holders have, as a result, been instructed to change all their passwords to protect themselves from further hacking by this dishonest clique, or to close down their BNP accounts and open new ones with other providers.
As the media, and particularly the Guardian newspaper, have now indicated that they will be trying to exploit the situation created by the treasonous behaviour of this clique, the party leadership finds it necessary to dispel the single most important false rumour being spread on the Internet, namely that the party is facing some sort of mass membership revolt. Nothing could be further from the truth, as a round-up of the regions shows:
Scotland: The Regional Sectary, Gary Raikes, has confirmed that there remains a loyal hard core of party members in Scotland who do not support the actions of the ringleaders in that region;
Ulster: No resignations, the only one there has reversed his decision; Wales: There have been no resignations, and Nick Griffin is tonight speaking with key officials in the region to shed full light on the affair;North East: There has been one individual resignation, but the rest of the region is entirely loyal and is functioning as per normal;North West: Five resignations, all branches functioning normally;
West Yorkshire: Currently this region is divided, but, once the full facts of the illegal tapping of emails, and the full extent of the year-long attempts to disrupt the party are laid before the membership, the party is confident that the clique will be decisively beaten. A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening in this regard;
West Midlands: No resignations. The clique reported that Mark Payne, former regional treasurer, had resigned. Mark has confirmed that this is untrue and that he rightly regards the decision of the clique to use the far left in their attempts to further their own ambitions, as completely unforgivable;
East Midlands: Following a meeting in Leicestershire, the majority of party activists have decided that no matter what, it is business as usual for the region. The revelations of the illegal email hacking have severely undermined support for the clique;
Eastern Region: Two resignations, both of them being part of the original clique, including the former web editor who will be reported to the police for the illegal hacking of BNP email accounts;
London: No resignations, all groups and branches totally loyal.
South East: There has been one resignation, and, after the revelations of the email hacking, even that person has indicated he no longer wishes to be involved with the clique;
South West: No resignations, all branches and groups have seen through the attack and are totally loyal;
In addition, it has been confirmed that the following people, who initially supported the clique, have seen through the deception and have withdrawn their resignations:
Rob Walker — Wellingborough & East Northants Contact;
Kieran Dinsmore - Ulster;
Andrew Gatward — West Lindsay organiser.
The party hopes that this unpleasant episode will soon be at an end and activists can concentrate on the real business of saving Britain.

NWN: Well all is rosy in the Griffin BNP camp, and the Sun never stops shining either !


Anonymous said...

It was inevitable that one or two of the rebels would return to the Griffin fold, if only because at least one or two of the original 'rebels' would have been Griffin plants to begin with. But far more important is the fact that long term Griffin loyalists such as Dave and Bev Jones are now in the rebel camp.

No doubt now that this is a full scale civil war - Griffin has committed himself to defending the indefensible and must be removed.

Anyone in the rebel faction who still thinks there is room for compromise with Griffin is deluding themselves.

Anonymous said...

When has a splinter group ever achieved anything long term.

Your all already history.

Who were you????

Anonymous said...

"The Chuckle Brother Show Rolls On"

To You Nick, To Me Mark, To Barnes, To S.A Intel Dept, To You Nick, To You Darby,To You Mark, To You Barnes, To You Lance, Back to you Nick.

Nick now behaving , and acting as predictable as a Chuckle Brother Sketch, has posted his usual truth denying, lying smears on the BNP website here. After scrambling around like a terrapin in a tank with no mini islands to rest upon, he has managed to dig his claws onto the side wall in an attempt to keep his head above water.
Nick is clearly showing signs of desperation, as his latest head in the sand rant clearly shows. He has not grasped the seriousness of the situation, that is engulfing him. Why oh why wont he acknowledge what is the obvious truth, that all of this is due to his reluctance to take the proper action required against Collet and Hannam.
His rant accusing the BNP loyalist's of trying to wrest power away from the Advisory Council, and Voting Members, is an utter lie and designed to stoke up trouble between members. It is the chairman who has ignored the Advisory councils advice that Collet and Hannam should be gotten rid of. The BNP loyalists are the ones trying to stop the BNP from becoming a dictatorship.
Also in a obvious attempt to cover up illegal phone bugging, he treats the BNP membership as fools thinking we will believe his explanation the the bugging of phones were the fault of the BNP Loyalists. Is that really the best his legal team of Lee Barnes can come up with in the space of a week
" Duh say thay sat on it bossssssss" " and den we can say we wuz recording Hannams new X factor entry and picked it up by misssteak" Then wezz put it on Darbys blog by thinkin we wuz puttin on Hannam's sung" "Dem members willbe leave what ever the prophet says" can eye have a black court robe bozz, "am a lawyer you know, und I like curly wigs".

Then we slip into delusional thought patterns where by he thinks long term nationalists such as Kenny and Steve Blake, are spooks with the skills of the SAS, perhaps Sadies "bump" is some sort of secretive listening device relaying information back to the Loyalist commanders on the planet Zog. And here was me thinking it was Griffin that hired the spooks, albeit not very good ones as they made a bit of a balls up saving their own country.
I would also like to ask what members of the AC were involved in these men getting lofty positions, within the BNP, or was this just another dictatorial appointment.
So we now have the tried and trusted Griffinite fightback underway where he accuses people of the same thing that he has actually been doing. This classic trick is designed to trap people in the middle of the argument, thus making them sterile to both sides. It is also a classic ploy used to hide the real truth, tell enough lies and the members may believe some of it, this causes confusion and the reality of the whole situation becomes blurred, thus again denying the membership the facts and rendering them sterile because they cant make a considered opinion as to whats really happening. The end result being fewer questions aimed at the ones making the decisions at the top. A win win situation for the chairman, ending with the problems we now face not being dealt with.
He then describes the BNP loyalists as a small splinter group, if that is the case why the need for amended bulletins, frantic phone calls, a goon tour, regular news bulletins on the BNP site, and letters on their way out to each member, that will obviously be filled with lies. Why bother with all of this if he was only dealing with a small group of loyalists.
In fact what we are seeing is ever more desperation from a man who knows he has lied too much to the greater membership of the BNP, in defence of two men who have compromised the integrity of the party on a ongoing basis. To try and defend his position of support to these two men by lying, lying and then lying again is quite frankly indefensible, and the down right crooked lies that has been spread about Kenny and Sadie will not wash with the vast majority of members.

Yet again I ask why did you not take what everyone would regard as being a normal course of action, IE rid the party of Collet and Hannam and keep your best workers on board. As I said it is obvious that you and your Cabal have had a week to think things over, twist stories, and come up with down right lies, and all that it has done is make you look even more deceitful, stupid, and quite frankly unbalanced. And what for Collet and Hannam.
It begs the question what do they have over you. Whatever it is, it is that, that's running the BNP and threatening to cause a large un-heal able split. Are we in a position where Collet or whoever has a hold over you, are the ones actually running the party. And that is why you choose to ignore your disciplinary committee and advisory council.
All we ask is for an open honest BNP, run on moral integrity.

Anonymous said...


The only reason Barnes isn't a member is so he can offer wrong and bad advice to party members without the party getting sued.

Should a member ever land in court they'd be left with the judge/oppo saying...

Can you please address the court and explain why you took the advice of a man whose only degree is his large degree of bullshit swiped from online and out of date legal sources. Hahahahaha

Barnesy, if you're looking in mate, Griffin thinks you're the biggest twat of all biggest twats. How are those BNP expense claims coming on?


From enoughisenough
Interesting spat between the well respected Tony Brewer and that sewer rat Lee Barnes that I have just been cc'd in on:

lee barnes wrote:

The reason why I have not been a member of the party is simply to ensure that the legal interests of the party are put first at all times and that I could not be pressured by Nick to give him the answer he wanted when any legal problem arose realting to the party. This ensured the interests of then party came first at all times.
Unlike the position of Lord Goldsmith of the Labour Party who because of political pressure from his boss Tony Blair stated that the war in Iraq was legal and sent our boys to war, my position ensured that my advice was not based on brown nosing, promotion chasing, cabal building or crawling my way to the top table.
I got there on merit, not being a crawler. Perhaps you would prefer a gutless lickspittle of a Legal Officer who sticks his arse in the air whenever the Chairman barks at him instead of one who puts the interests of the PARTY first at all times.
Seeing as putting the interests of the party FIRST seems to be something that a lot of people have forgotten is the point of being a member of political party, then perhaps they need to be shown an exmple of it.
My official position in the party has been since 2000 Legal Officer.
Seeing as I have now paid my twenty five pounds (which covers about 15 minutes of time if the party had to pay for the going rate of a barrister ) then I would suggest that you refrain from any more idiotic statements concerning my membership.
If you are one of those idiotic 'club life' mentality nationalists that want a shiny plastic card membership card and a special decorder ring as a sign of being in the 'gang' then you should be pleased that I am now a fully paid up member of the party.
Its a pity that instead of doing legal work, I am having to demonstate to those who do have a shiny peice of plastic what the meaning of LOYALTY is to the party. As for the idea the current state of affairs have nothing to do with me, seeing as you are obviously someone who has no idea of what I do in the party then you would not be expected to know just what has been my role in the party, and also my role in dealing with each of the plotters themselves over the years.
They know. Each and every one of them have had my help, for nothing, at various times over the years. Each and every single one of them owe me personal debts for the work I have done for them. But unlike those that want the glory, I simply want the best for the party.
As for the difficult situation at the moment in the party, as Legal Officer I have to advise the party on the legal implications of recent events. That should not come as too much of a shock, even to yourself.
Therefore seeing as the recent events cover everything from the Data Protection Act, computer hacking, theft of data, conspiracy to defraud the party, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and deception - then I think that as Legal Officer my role in this is pretty important to the party.
Or perhaps we should just ignore the legal issues involved and just stumble around like blind men in a minefield and wait for the mines to explode. What a brilliant strategy. As for this 'difficult situation' - there is no difficult situation. There is the party Constitution, much of which I WROTE, and the law.
Both are fairly simple to understand if one bothers to educate oneself about them. Seeing as the plotters do not undertsand either loyalty, the law or the party constitution and chose to ignore them all - then the solution is clear. They go.
Perhaps those that cannot understand or accept this as a reality should follow them and exit the party as soon as possible.
Next time you talk to me you will show me the respect due, and the respect you wish to be reciprocated.

Yours Sincerely,

L. J. Barnes

Original Message
From: Manager BNP
To: lee barnes

Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: No Surrender To Blackmail or Treason

Dear Mr Barnes

As far as I am aware (and I know that you will correct me if I am wrong) you are not a member of the Party and you do not hold any formal position as an official within our Organisation. I would therefore question why you see fit to pontificate on matters which are absolutely no concern of yours and which can only exacerbate an already very difficult situation.
As it happens, I do actually agree with the general thrust of your argument, even if I do not support the use of such intemperate language in its advocacy, nor the intervention of a non-member in a purely internal affair for the British National Party. Perhaps you should take slightly more note of one of your own demands - "We dont want people in this party who would deliberately seek to cause chaos and conflict within the party as part of their own petty vendettas and personality clashes. The party is not a vehicle for your own inflated ego's or petty spites." - a sentiment which I and many others, I am sure, would wholeheartedly support.

Yours sincerely

Tony Brewer
Manager - CMT

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I say, Darby is in deep shit :)

"Simon Derby, the BNP's national spokesman, denied the party had done anything illegal and said the equipment that was taken belonged to the party."

We all know you've lied, Simon.,,2229254,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Anonymous said...

At the Leicester meeting Nick Griffin talked about there being pictures of him having sex with a dog. ???

Any information on this one?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
At the Leicester meeting Nick Griffin talked about there being pictures of him having sex with a dog. ???

Any information on this one?

2:23 PM"

Griffin used a similar thing against Webster to put people off the scent of him being homosexual. When Webster outed Griffin, Griffin laughed it off by saying there were rumours about him shagging a donkey.

It's a typical Griffin ploy to make you concentrate on the bizarre instead of the reality.

Someone should tell Griffin that a twice used trick doesn't work. Griffin would have hoped you laughed and then went on to think about dogs rather than him being a treacherous thieving lying bastard.



Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about NG or Collett having sex with a dog, but the whole saga of the BNP accounting scandals, spy scandals and sex scandals reminds me of a Biblical quotation, from the Book of Proverbs:
"As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly."

This was one of the proverbs referred to by Kipling in his poem The Gods of the Copybook Headings, written after the First World War, in which Kipling (who of course lost his own son in the war) refers to the way history's mistakes are repeated and our political leaders repeat the most basic errors.

(The "copybook headings" are a reference to the way children were taught in Kipling's time, copying out quotations and proverbial scraps of wisdom - his point being that our leaders hadn't even grasped the most basic ideas that all schoolchildren learn.)

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man—
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began:—
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has opposed Griffin by resigning or protesting is now marked for expulsion.

Either they get Griffin and his cronies out or he will get them out.

This is the final struggle for the future of the party.

Preston Paul said...

The list of "vermin" grows.

The only ones buggered (extra-curricula activities of the head of security aside) are the BNP members whose subs, dues and donations the malevolent Griffin is trousering with little regard to everyday morals, never mind the law of the land.

Perhaps the sweet and gentle Jackie needs a new car?

Pip pip!

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