Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto assassinated !

The killing of anyone is bad news.
She is a local girl, and we believe, lived in Rochdale for a few months.Her family lived down Entwisle Road.
Around 1978, I recall large numbers of MI5 'shooting around' the town 'armed to the teeth'.
M/s.Bhuttos father was hanged by General Zia, who also has relatives in Rochdale.
They expected a 'shooting match'.
Bhutto was/is a tool of the zionists. She was an 'upper class berk' to us. So what did the average pakistani think about her ?
M/s Bhutto was not good for us. She was a creature of the 'new world order'.
As a result, we will not have many problems with our pakistanis. Most hated Benazir Bhutto.
God rest her soul !
p.s. The jewish/zionists will make her a legend.


Anonymous said...

Yes - I think that just about sums it up.

This "saviour of Pakistani democracy" was in league with a brutal dictator by the time of her death - all in the service of "Western" (i.e. Zionist) policy of course.

Bhutto was at Oxford in the mid 1970s. She became President of the Oxford Union after a campaign in which her dad used to turn up in the bar buying drinks all round!

Ironically it was Bhutto's rival in the Union's presidential election who ended up convicted for corrupt practices at an election tribunal.

Final Conflict said...

Bhutto was pretty much the CIA's asset. All those people are corrupt and "democracy" means America's interests (and Israel's by proxy).

Anonymous said...

She's dead! So what the hell should we care about/ A dead paki or the future of our race? Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Bhuttos husband is known as Mr.10% as a result of the Bhutto bribes and corruption.

Most wogs are starving in pakistan but they have the atom bomb !

Anonymous said...

"She's dead! So what the hell should we care about/ A dead paki or the future of our race? Grow up."

Another thick newbie 'nationalist' !

The nationalist movement is not just the anti-muslim BNP.

Anonymous said...

So. Bhutto the CIA stooge will not be running the country after the next election, after all.

Hmmm. Does that mean that USrael will now attack Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Musharraf is now finished as well, and the Axis of Zion will look for some new military front man.

Best current bet: General Ashfaq Kayani, former intelligence chief.

One plausible theory is that various aspects of Bhutto's character and recent behaviour made the Axis of Zion think she wasn't a reliable ally after all.

IMHO it's difficult to imagine that Bhutto could have been killed by "Islamists" if Musharraf and his Anglo-American-Israeli backers really wanted to keep her alive.

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