Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nick Griffin wows North West BNP in Wigan

At a very recent meeting held at Charlies house near Wigan, Mr. Griffin failed to assuage local BNP officials fears about his recent activities.

A good number of North West Officials have 'had it' with Nick Griffin. His illegal activities, in particular the seizure of property belonging to Sadie Graham, shows he is unfit to run a political party.


Anonymous said...

Dear blog owner, can we please compile a list of the things Griffin has done to people in the past? If folk think Sadie was the first they are in for a shock.

Perhaps a post so that people can add what Griffin did to them?

david said...

I think we are being precipitant. This from scumfront appears to be an eye witness account and things still look bleak
"The nightmare is not over. What has happened is rather like a Christmas day truce. Sadie told Nick what she wanted and Nick has gone to think about it, but he has told her that he will not climb down on his principles and she said neither will she.

The problem is that the EiE group had now moved on to attacking Griffin and he does no like that, nor do some other serious people.

I can also report sadly that there has been some threats amounting to actual acts of violence between individuals who have taken this opportunity to air silly, stupid grievances. This may well hold back the "peace" process.
Politically it (the party) has never been off track, but in terms of personality the party has been severly derailed. Sadie's prepared to climb down and refute a number of arguments/issues but some of the more salient accusations remain up in the air. Nobody likes being called a thief, for instance."
And I know he reads this, so I would ask a certain individual to desist threatening to "knee cap" people, when he has already caused so much trouble. Nor does he have the authority or the balls to do so."

Anonymous said...

"The problem is that the EiE group had now moved on to attacking Griffin and he does no like that, nor do some other serious people."

Ah well, never mind, Griffin, doesn't like anything unless it fills his pocket or brings him publicity at someone elses expense.
It's a pity the Jihadists don't blow him up to save us all this trouble.

Anonymous said...

start a thread called .I was expelled ,i was suspended,i have resigned my party officership,i have resigned my membership.i have been before a diciplenery tribunal
keith axon,TWICE
terry cavel.once
J TYNDALL. once with one pending
i bet this list will be many hundred'long.

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