Saturday, December 22, 2007

BNP Reform Group urge co-operation

The 'maverick' BNP Reform group urge all anti-Griffin and pro- British groups to discuss issues for agreement.

BNP leadership challenger Chris Jackson "fully understands the problems that have led to this impasse.

The BNP has to be a party that is first and foremost, a party of honesty and integrity", he said.
Whether Mr.Griffin stays or goes, the cause must go on, till we win our Country back, he says
This is a second hand account, as to even suggest first hand accounts, will lead to expulsion by the despot/dictator; Nick Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Has Mike Easter had his ban lifted by Nick Griffin ?

Anonymous said...

THe NF supports Chris Jackson.

Anonymous said...

The nationalist movement ought to be a 'broader church' than that bastard griffin allows.

Still, griffo is only there for the money.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Does Griffin take it up the axxx !

NWN: Sorry, but we sometimes have to censor posts.

jack heatherington said...

John Tyndall had the greatest admiration for Chris Jackson.

The North West BNP activists voted for Chris Jackson to be the NW BNP regional organiser only last week.

Griffin overturned this.

Anonymous said...

The 'reformers' have failed to grasp that while they are playing at war, Griffin is doing it for real.

All Griffin needs is time. And they are giving it to him.

Anonymous said...

Once again you back the losing side in a two horse race.
Take a look at the latest news on the BNP website - the rebels are now disgraced as liars and cheats.

People are already flocking back. In the end the BNP will lose about 6 ego's. Nick Griffin will be aclaimed the hero and be in a stronger position than before.

Tally Ho chaps.

Preston Paul said...

bollocks. NG's airbrushing of documents and history just makes him look like the Stalinist he is.

NG has come out of this a lame horse.

Read the response in Enough is Enough...

Anonymous said...

how can any one support that asshole griffin ,he will have to be removed by a vote of no can not hang on in the vain hope that you can out vote him in the next leadership contest in 2008 by then the rebelion will be wiped out by griffin all thoes who sided with sadie graham will be out of the party by june next year so stop farting about and get your act together now .
keith axon

Anonymous said...

LUAF, make an interesting point?

"Dear Santa,

If you read this blog, please let the 8,604 members that the BNP boasted about during their leadership election be the total fabrication that many of us believe it to be.

If it's a total fabrication then think of the joy you will bring to so many people, as it will leave Mr Griffin in such an awkward pickle, this time next year, as he will either have to admit the membership figures were faked, during the election, which means in a court case the result can be over turned, and he would lose control of his party, or he'd have to add the extra 2300 members to the accounts that are published next year, and at £30 a throw, for membership of his little nazi party, that would cost him £69,000, out of his own pocket, and with the party already £93,000 in the hole it would be such a delight to see his face, if he had to do that.

So please Mr Claus, make all our dreams come true, apart from Mr Griffins.

Yours in anticipation,

Tim Cratchit"

NorthWestNationalists said...

Chris Jackson is just being diplomatic.

Don't forget he fought against Griffin in a loaded and corrupt leadership campaign.

Anonymous said...

i am supprised that my post has been printed ,by the way i am not a member of the reform group and neither have they ever contacted me maybe because i am a bit blunt.
griffin is acting like the teflon don ,john gotti a us mafia gangster who was brought down by his fellow henchmen ,griffin has got this to come in the near future on plea barganing for lighter lets get back to the nitty gritty corruption question, how mutch does n griffin pay himself +expensies,we would all like to kno. keith axon

NorthWestNationalists said...

Keith Axon,

your record in nationalism ensures thet you have a place for free speech on this site.

I have met you on more than one occasion.

While I have any influence in nationalism, the 'oldies' will have a voice in the movement.

Keith, any posts you wish to address the nationalist community please address it to;

Best wishes to you from all at NWN

Anonymous said...

thanks you i will kno dought be in contact.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
keith axon

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