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Jewish cash for Jewish Policies continues under Gordon Brown
I have already written on the issue of the jewish funding of the blair government
The so-called `cash for honours' controversy was a zionist euphemism for the more pertinent reality of `jewish cash for jewish policies'. Blair's chief fundraiser was lord levy, frequently referred to within labour party circles as `lord cashpoint'.
Some of the labour party's biggest donors during the blair years were jews. The blair governments were the most rabidly pro-jewish governments this country has ever witnessed. Blair's foreign policies were almost wholly favourable to the jews-only state in palestine and relinquished any semblance of even handedness between jews and palestinians/arabs/moslems in the greater middle east. It is clear that jewish cash led to blair's implementation of jewish foreign policies.
However, the exact mechanism by which cash was transformed into policies is not known.
It is possible that jewish donors negotiated with blair and his jewish advisers the payment of specific donations in return for specific policies. However, it is also possible that the relationship was more indirect. The more jewish cash pumped into labour's coffers, the more aware blair would have been about the party's dependence on these donations, and the more willing he was to implement foreign policies which would elicit further jewish donations.
This article explores the revelations over david abrahams' secret, and therefore illegal, donations to the labour party. Although gordon brown has been in power for only a few months it seems unlikely he will diverge from blair's unequivocal support for jewish racism. With abrahams' donations coming under police investigation it is possible the mechanism by which jews buy britain's foreign policies might be revealed. It is, however, doubtful: unless someone confesses. But if justice is not merely to be done i.e. punishing those guilty of making illegal donations, it must also be seen to be done by ending the correlation between jewish cash and jewish policies which has now reached the stage where the labour government supports the jews' policies of starving palestinians into submission and bombing iran for having non-existent nuclear weapons.
It will only be when this correlation is abolished that justice will be seen to be done.The Donor.David Abrahams is, "The son of a former lord mayor of Newcastle .." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html
November 27, 2007). He is reputedly a wealthy property developer "the director of six property companies in Newcastle." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html
November 27, 2007). Did Abrahams' Donations come from other Donors?
Although abrahams has been reported in the media as being wealthy there are doubts as to just how wealthy he is. The extent of his wealth is a mystery. He does not feature in any list of the country's most wealthy people. Just how wealthy can someone be when their companies aren't making profits? "How did Mr Abrahams make enough money from his business interests, he uses different names and dates of birth and has yet to run a company that has declared a profit, to fund his donations?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe'
November 28, 2007).
Abrahams hasn't always acted like a multi-millionaire.
Firstly, "And, according to a former senior revenue collection officer at the (Newcastle city) council, he simply refused to pay his rates. "Time and time again we were frustrated by David Abrahams," the former council official said yesterday. "He was what you'd call a fly boy. He would buy an off-the-shelf company as a vehicle for his property development interests, use it for a while then create another and so on. He racked up rate arrears totalling around £10,000 [about £70,000 in today's money.] "He had a large residence in Gosforth [an up-market area of the city] for which he also failed to pay rates. "We had the option to seek his imprisonment for non-payment of rates and began to do so, but Abrahams must have called down a favour from his father and the instruction came from on high that we were not to pursue it. "I was disgusted but not really surprised. He was quite openly flaunting his family ties and the Labour Party ruled Newcastle."" (Richard Pendlebury `The fantasy world of Labour's dodgy donor'
in_article_id=496834&in_page_id=1770 November 27, 2007).
Secondly, "Neighbours in the road where he has lived alone for years in two houses knocked together report that an almost permanent fixture on the front drive is "a knackered old Volvo"." (Richard Pendlebury `The fantasy world of Labour's dodgy donor'
in_article_id=496834&in_page_id=1770 November 27, 2007). Even those who knew him politically have raised doubts about the scale of his wealth and this has led to an intriguing question: whether he was just a front man for another donor. "The Conservatives were asking if Mr Abrahams was a "conduit" for money from another source, although there was no clear evidence for this. The theory was fuelled by Tony Blair's old election agent, John Burton, who said: "I never thought he had that sort of money." The Telegraph said his disclosed assets at Companies House amounted to just £144,000. His total known donations exceed £670,000 which Labour intends to repay."
(`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal'
in_article_id=496822&in_page_id=1770 November 28, 2007).
What adds to the suspicion that abrahams could be a front for other donors (perhaps jack abramoff, boris berezovsky, mossad, or even the jews-only state in palestine) is his avoidance of giving money directly to the labour party. He has stated he wanted to preserve his privacy but this seems at odds with the prominence he seemed to enjoy at the labour party's prestigious, national, fundraising functions. Perhaps the reason he was hiding his role as one of the labour party's biggest donors was that if this had been public knowledge, as it is with lord sainsbury, then the electoral commission might have felt the need to investigate his sources of income.
The telegraph newspaper splashed such speculation on its front page. "Fears are growing within the party that David Abrahams, who hid his identity by using four intermediaries, may himself have been a conduit for another mystery benefactor, after senior Labour figures questioned his personal wealth." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
The photograph accompanying this article showed abrahams in the company of "the former Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefeitz at a London party last year." It has to be wondered what message the telegraph was trying to convey with such a photograph especially when the article went on to point out that the ambassador has been cleared of money laundering allegations. "Last year he (abrahams) was pictured shaking hands with the then Israeli ambassador, Zvi Heifetz, who was questioned then cleared over money-laundering allegations. Mr Heifetz was recently appointed as an adviser to Mr Blair in his role as Middle East peace envoy." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
Abraham's Donations.
Total Donations to the Labour Party.Since 2003, david abrahams secretly donated through four known conduits, jane kidd, ray ruddick, john mccarthy, and janet dunn, somewhere in the region of £650,000.
Donations to the Labour Party under Gordon Brown.Abrahams' secret payments to the labour party continued after brown became prime minister. "Between them (ruddick and kidd), they are listed as giving the party £222,000 since Brown became leader in June …. Abrahams said he was also responsible for donations to Labour from John McCarthy .. including £90,000 since Brown took office." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
The donations given to labour under gordon brown by ruddick and kidd make them, "collectively his third biggest donors." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
So if abrahams' payments to brown's labour party also include those of the other two surrogates, he could well be the party's second biggest donor. The biggest donor being david sainsbury.
Who Received Abraham's Donations?
It seems that in addition to his funding of the labour party, abrahams also funded campaigns run by particular labour politicians. Hilary Benn.Janet kidd offered abraham's money to hilary benn. This offer was rejected. But when abraham's offered the donation directly to benn, it was accepted. "However, the Benn campaign team turned down the cheque after discovering that the money in fact originated from Abrahams. Abrahams later offered a donation of the same sum in his own name, which was accepted by Benn's team." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
Gordon Brown.
Kidd also offered a substantial donation to gordon brown but it was refused. "Mr Abrahams, a millionaire property developer .. used his secretary, Ms Kidd, to offer Mr Brown's leadership campaign team a donation, thought to be around £25,000, but his team turned it down because he did not know her personally." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
Harriet Harman.
Harriet harman accepted a donation from kidd. "It also emerged that Harman also received a £5,000 donation from Kidd towards her victorious campaign for Labour's deputy leadership. She say she was unaware the money had been funnelled through an intermediary." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
The New Labour MP for Sedgefield.
"Mr Abrahams partly bankrolled Labour's campaign for the Sedgefield by-election in Co Durham." He donated a total of £62,000 in two cheques on the day that Tony Blair announced he was standing down. He used Ms Kidd to pay £38,000 towards the Labour campaign and Mr Ruddick to donate £24,000." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
General Secretary's Resignation.
After gordon brown heard the allegations about david abrahams' secret donations he appointed peter watt, the labour party's general secretary, to investigate. However, watt was quickly forced to resign after he admitted he'd known for a year that abrahams had been channelling donations to the labour party through intermediaries. Watt argued he didn't know the law even though it was his responsibility to ensure financial payments to the party were within the law. "Watt, 37, acknowledged he was legally responsible for reporting details of donations to the Electoral Commission. "As a result of press coverage over the weekend, I sought legal advice on behalf of the party. I was advised that, unbeknown to me, there were additional reporting requirements. Once I discovered this error, I immediately notified the officers of the NEC," Watt said." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
It seems beyond belief that he didn't know the use of proxies was illegal. "Watt quit on Monday claiming he did not know it was unlawful to use conduits to prevent true source of a donation being disclosed." (Patrick Wintour `Harman clings on as donation row escalates',,2218149,00.html November 28, 2007);
"Watt was said to be "kicking himself" that he had not seen that it was in breach of the Political Parties Act to allow a donor to use an agent or conduit to fund a political party without the information being disclosed. Since the act is largely about ensuring that the true identity of donors is disclosed, his ignorance "was as inexplicable as it was inexcusable", said one Labour NEC official present." (Patrick Wintour `The 'usual terms' that left Labour in a 'mind-blowing' mess',,2220149,00.html December 01, 2007).
Those in the know about Labour's Third Biggest Donor.
At first it was argued only peter watt knew about abrahams' secret donations. It has since transpired two others also knew.Baroness Jay.Jay was the trustee of a labour party fundraising organisation the `thousand club'. "Baroness Jay's intervention is significant because on Monday, Labour claimed the only party figure who knew Mr Abrahams gave money through intermediaries was Peter Watt, who quit as its general secretary after admitting the rules were breached." (Andrew Grice `Harman haunted by £5,000 gift as 'Friends in the North' row grows' November 28, 2007).
She advised hilary benn not to accept a donation from janet kidd. "Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, turned down a £5,000 donation from Ms Kidd for his deputy leadership campaign, because Baroness Jay of Paddington, a former cabinet minister on his team, knew she was giving it on behalf of Mr Abrahams." (Andrew Grice `Harman haunted by £5,000 gift as 'Friends in the North' row grows' November 28, 2007).
It has been asked. "How did Baroness Jay, a former trustee of the "blind trust" financing Tony Blair's office, know that Ms Kidd was a front for David Abrahams?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe' November 28, 2007).
Jon Mendelsohn.
Soon after baroness jay's admission that she had advised hilary benn not to accept a donation from janet kidd, jon mendelsohn was forced to admit he also knew about abrahams' use of intermediaries. "Labour's struggle to keep back the tide of allegations collapsed in disarray with the astonishing disclosure that one of the Prime Minister's right-hand men had known about the falsely-declared donations for weeks. Jon Mendelsohn, Mr Brown's election fundraiser, responded by writing warmly to donor David Abrahams as one of Labour's "strongest supporters"." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007).
Over the last decade or more, mendelsohn must have seen abrahams at many of labour's big fundraising functions. It staggers belief he hadn't known for years that abrahams was the labour party's second or third biggest donor. Given that he was such a close friend of lord levy this makes such ignorance even more implausible.Abrahams recently alleged he told mendelsohn about his use of proxies in april 2007. "The secret donor at the heart of Labour's funding scandal dramatically pointed the finger of blame at Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser last night. David Abrahams, who illegally gave more than £600,000 to the party through middlemen, claimed that Jon Mendelsohn knew about the practice months before he even started his job. And he claimed that he told Mr Mendelsohn of his donation method as long ago as April, almost six months before Mr Brown appointed him to the fundraising post." (James Chapman `Secret donor Abrahams: I told Brown's money man about secret donations EIGHT months ago' November 30, 2007);
"The two men are understood to have met at a Board of Deputies of British Jews dinner held in April, at which Mr Brown spoke as chancellor. Mr Mendelsohn acknowledges sitting next to Mr Abrahams but denies asking for a donation." (Alex Barker and Jimmy Burns `Labour fundraiser and UK donor at odds' November 30 2007).
In 1995, jon mendelsohn became an adviser to tony blair for the two years leading up to blair's first general election victory. During this time he worked closely with lord levy. "He is a close friend of Lord Levy, who was at the heart of Labour's cash for peerages affair." (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
After blair's election victory, mendelsohn set up a lobbying firm to cash in on the good work he'd done on blair's behalf. "It was exactly nine years ago that Mendelsohn and his lobby firm partners were caught trading cash for access. How this Mendelsohn character ended up heading Labour Party fundraising and how he obtained the sobriquet 'ethical' is the real shocker. Mendelsohn's partner Neil Lawson told my recorder that, if I paid LLM £5,000 to £20,000 per month, "We can go to anyone. We can go to Gordon Brown if we have to." Brown was at the time Chancellor of the Exchequer." (Greg Palast `PM Gordon Brown's Fixer Explains How It's Done' November 29, 2007).
In 2002, mendelsohn, the chair of labour friends of israel, had been involved in a verbal confrontation with abrahams. "He was formerly chair of Labour Friends of Israel, where his path is said to have crossed that of David Abrahams, who was reportedly asked to leave the organisation five years ago." (Haroon Siddique `Ethical lobbyist caught up in donations row',,2218332,00.html November 28, 2007).
In august 2007 gordon brown appointed mendelsohn as labour's director of general election resources. He was alleged to be brown's own mr cashpoint. "Mr Mendelsohn, described by friends as "a real Mr Fix-It, like Lord Levy [Labour's former chief fund-raiser] and Matthew Freud [the PR guru] rolled into one .."" (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
Some of mendelsohn's admirers have been spinning that he was hired as a new broom to sweep away the sleaze of the blair regime. "When Jon Mendelsohn was hired to be Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser he was seen as a new broom who was sure to side-step controversy after his predecessor Lord Levy found himself mired in the cash for honours inquiry." (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
In reality, he'd been a key member of blair's advisory team and, as a lobbyist, had become wealthy by trading on cash for access. He was no more of a new broom than gordon brown. Not surprisingly, demands have been made for mendelsohn's resignation. Those who should've known about Labour's Third Biggest Donor.Douglas Alexander."Mr Mendelsohn works closely with election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander; one of the Prime Minister's closest Cabinet colleagues. But party sources insisted that Mr Alexander knew nothing of the dodgy donations." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007).
Harriet Harman's Husband Jack Dromey.
"General secretary Peter Watt has admitted that he knew David Abrahams was giving money in secret. Critics said last night that, if Mr Watt knew, it was highly unlikely that Mr Dromey would have had no idea what was going on. As treasurer, Mr Dromey is chairman of Labour's audit committee and business board, which scrutinises donations to ensure they are within the rules." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007);
"Harriet Harman and her husband Jack Dromey were under intense pressure today as new questions were raised over donations to her deputy leadership campaign. The Commons Leader and Labour Treasurer, often dubbed the party's "golden couple", refused to comment on the donor affair despite the growing row over the details of how she received a £5,000 gift from a stooge of David Abrahams. Mr Dromey has gone to ground, refusing to answer any questions about his own role. He is deputy general secretary of the T&G section of Unite union, but also Labour's treasurer and chairman of its business board for high value donors. An analysis of Ms Harman's campaign funds has found that of the £46,000 donated to her, £33,000 was registered only after she won the deputy leadership on 25 June. Lord Cunningham questioned why Mr Dromey was apparently kept in the dark about Mr Abrahams's donations, just as he was about the loans which led to the "cash for honours' inquiry." (Donor scandal: Deputy Harriet Harman's future in question as she is axed from debate' November 28, 2007).
Lord Triesman and Matt Carter.
"The money from Mr Abrahams's conduits was accepted under three different general secretaries: including Lord Triesman (who won a promotion) and Matt Carter." (Robert Winnett `More Labour heads to roll as the story unfolds' November 29, 2007); "What did Lord Triesman, Labour's general secretary until 2003, and Matt Carter, general secretary from 2004-05, know about Mr Abrahams' covert donations?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe' November 28, 2007).
Chris Leslie.
Chris leslie is married to one of gordon brown's former aides, was the co-ordinator of brown's leadership campaign and a former junior minister. He's stated: "I did not know who Mr Abrahams or Mrs Kidd were." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Leslie became embroiled in a controversy with harriet harmon over abrahams' donations. "The team of the deputy party leader, Harriet Harman, blamed Chris Leslie, Mr Brown's campaign co-ordinator, for suggesting they should approach Janet Kidd, Mr Abrahams' secretary and one of his proxy donors, for a donation to her team." (Colin Brown `Brown aide in the frame as police are asked to investigate donations' November 30, 2007).
However, according to leslie, in late may mrs kidd offered a donation to gordon brown which he rejected. "He (leslie) said: "In late May, I received a phone call from a man calling himself David Abrahams referring me to a woman named Janet Kidd who said that she wanted to be a donor to the campaign. I did not know who Mr Abrahams or Mrs Kidd were. "I contacted Mrs Kidd, and unprompted, she sent a cheque for £5,000… she was a permissible donor. I decided not to take up her donation." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
He gave no reason for refusing her donation even though she was a permissible donor. Leslie thus denied giving harman the go-ahead to accept a donation from kidd. "When the leadership election was over, I was approached by members of Harriet Harman's campaign team asking if I knew of any individuals who might donate to her deputy leadership campaign. I passed them the details of Mrs Kidd as someone whose offer of a donation we had not taken up."" (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Gordon Brown.
Brown has placed himself above the sleaze proclaiming he knew nothing. But his attempts to divorce himself from this scandal have not gone well. Firstly, the scandal got close after mendelsohn had been forced to admit he had known about these illegal payments for two months. However, he also claimed he'd neglected to tell his leader. "Mr Mendelsohn faced demands for his resignation after he admitted that he had been aware of Mr Abrahams's secret donations, given via four associates, since September. He did not tell Mr Brown, who said that he learned of the situation only on Saturday." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
Secondly, the scandal came even closer when harriet harmon claimed chris leslie, one of brown's close aides, had given him the name of an abrahams' proxy. "But his attempt to stay above the growing scandal suffered a serious blow as it emerged that a close aide recommended one of Mr Abraham's proxies to Harriet Harman's deputy leadership team." (Colin Brown `Brown aide in the frame as police are asked to investigate donations' November 30, 2007).
Brown's claim that he knew abrahams only vaguely have also been undermined. Firstly, abrahams has hinted he's had lots of meetings with brown. "Mr Brown was drawn even further into the scandal after Mr Abrahams suggested that he was close to the Prime Minister. When asked by The Daily Telegraph how many times he had met Mr Brown, Mr Abrahams said: "You don't remember how many times you've eaten porridge for breakfast." Mr Brown has said it was "entirely possible" he had met Mr Abrahams but did not recall any such meeting." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Secondly, it has been claimed brown met abrahams at a dinner organized by the british board of deputies. "However, last night it was reported that Mr Brown had met Mr Abrahams at a dinner for the British Board of Deputies held last April. Mr Abrahams sat next to Mr Mendelsohn." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
This organization is the nearest equivalent that britain has to aipac, america's biggest member of the jewish lobby.Lord Levy.Lord levy failed to realize abrahams was using intermediaries. "Between January 2003 and November 2005, more than £150,000 was donated to the Labour party on behalf of Mr Abrahams by a secretary, a builder, a lawyer and a lollipop lady. Through this period, Lord Levy was Labour's fundraiser; Matt Carter and Lord Triesman, now a junior minister, were Labour general secretaries and Jack Dromey and Jimmy Elsby were party treasurers." (Alex Barker `Analysis: three lines of inquiry' December 01, 2007).
Tony Blair.
Given blair's predilection for charming those with power and money, is it feasible he didn't know the labour party's third biggest donor was using intermediaries? If levy knew then it is more than likely he would have told blair. "Labour MPs have said that their worst fear is that the practice of using third party donors was so widespread under Tony Blair that it went way beyond Mr Abrahams." (`Government declares open war as Harman sticks the knife into Brown' November 30, 2007).
Jack straw pointed the finger at blair.
"This was mind-blowing... it's true this seems to go back for four years and frankly one of the reasons why all of us are irritated to distraction is that we assumed these historic problems had been sorted out following the so-called cash-for-honours issue."" (quoted in James Chapman `Secret donor Abrahams: I told Brown's money man about secret donations EIGHT months ago' November 30, 2007).
The Minor Issues.
Abrahams' illegal payments to the labour party raise a number of issues.
Firstly, the labour party's failure to investigate where £660,000 worth of donations came from. What is even more incredible is that these secret donations continued to be made throughout the police investigation into the so-called `cash for honours' scandal. Is it possible that after the failure of this investigation that the labour party believed it was untouchable and so made no effort to cover up abrahams' secret payments?
Secondly, it is simply untenable that so few people within the labour party knew abrahams was making illegal donations. How could this be possible when three of abrahams' proxies were his employees?
Abrahams' deception might have succeeded if he'd been a howard hughes type recluse. But not when he was continually mingling with labour's high fliers. "He has been a frequent visitor to Labour conferences, rubbing shoulders with a host of cabinet ministers including John Hutton, Hazel Blears and David Miliband, whose constituency is South Shields. He is little known by any of those he has met, but that will not lessen the fear in Westminster, where this latest donations scandal is rapidly taking on a toxic quality." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
Abrahams was also given a highly prestigious, and highly visible, front row seat at tony blair's farewell speech to his sedgefield constituents. "Abrahams was in the front row when Tony Blair made a speech in June in his former Sedgefield constituency, announcing his decision to stand down." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html November 27, 2007).
If he didn't obtain such a seat because of his substantial financial donations then what had he done to deserve such a reward?
It is simply improbable that someone who was given such prominence at prestigious labour party functions was not known as a major donor.
Thirdly, how is it that gordon brown refused to accept a donation from abrahams whilst harman did not?
Fourthly, is it not a little bizarre that abrahams funded both hiliary benn and harriet harman in the election contest for the post of deputy leader of the labour party? Why would he do this?
Only the jewish lobby in america funds presidential candidates from both major political parties in order to ensure they have a strong influence over the successful candidate.
The Quid Pro Quo.
The question that many journalists and politicians have been asking is what did abrahams expect to gain from donating so much money to the labour party?
The initial answer was provided by haroon siddique who pointed out that whilst abrahams was making these donations he enjoyed the great good fortune of being given the go-ahead to develop a business park alongside the A1. "It was reported that Abrahams' multimillion-pound business park development at Bowburn in County Durham was initially blocked by the Highways Agency because of a blanket ban on further development beside the congested A1. But in October last year the agency lifted the ban on the development, and a separate one near Newton Aycliffe further south." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html November 27, 2007).
This didn't seem to satisfy the deputy political editor of the independent newspaper who asked. "So what did he want in return for £601,975? David Abrahams and his network of allies, now notorious as Labour's "Friends in the North", systematically targeted Gordon Brown and some of his most senior cabinet ministers, offering huge donations by proxy to a cash-strapped party. Last night Labour Party MPs and officials were asking themselves with some trepidation: why?" (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
The Silence of the Zionist Loving British media over the Role of Jewish Funding for the Labour Party's Jewish Policies.
Perhaps the main reason mainstream journalists have been expressing bafflement about what abrahams wanted for his money was that this has enabled them to avoid infringing on the taboo topics of jewish cash for jewish policies; the influence of the jews-only state in palestine over british foreign policies; and the explosive notion of british jews acting traitorously against britain's national interests. The mainstream media's coverage of this major political scandal has so far totally avoided these jewish taboos.
The mainstream media's portray of abrahams is that he wasn't pursuing any political interests or agenda. "Mr Abrahams is clearly an eccentric chap, because a professional political groupie can hardly be anything else. One excuses 14-year-old girls who throw their knickers at Robbie Williams on grounds of age and hormones.
For a 51-year-old (or 61; he seems uncertain on the point) to show this level of devotion towards Labour ministers and apparatchiks is unquestionably weird, but harmless for all that.
Donating money through acquaintances is dodgy, of course, but no more a genuine outrage than naively accepting it.
Both may be unlawful, but with no evidence (yet) that Mr Abrahams intended to buy favours with his £600,000, it should be less major scandal than minor curiosity." (Matthew Norman `For Gordon Brown, this really is terminal' November 30, 2007).
The mainstream media has been so intent on de-politicizing abrahams that it hasn't even bothered to find out what abrahams' political opinions are.
Indeed, it has ended up portraying him as if he didn't have any political opinions at all. He's characterized as just another mr.cashpoint like lord levy and his successor jon mendelsohn dispensing money for no other reason than the greater good of the labour party. But this analogy works against the mainstream media because both of these jews used their positions to promote the interests of the jews-only state.
Mendelsohn's colleagues at the jewish chronicle described him in the following way. "At ease in the corridors of power, Mendelsohn has the contacts and know-how to advance Israel's case in his Labour Friends of Israel role." (`Sacks tops our list of the most influential' April 27, 2007).
There is, however, no evidence so far that abrahams tried to get anything for his donations neither material rewards nor the labour government's support for jewish policies in the greater middle east.
What abrahams' views are might have become known if the mainstream media investigated why jon mendlesohn ejected abrahams from `labour friends of israel'. Had he been trying to promote likudnik policies that were too extreme even for labour's jewish racists or were they too moderate?
The mainstream media is not merely avoiding jewish taboos and downplaying abrahams' political views, it is even making an effort to diminish the significance of this political scandal.
Any objective observer might feel that a criminal conspiracy between tony blair, gordon brown, and lord levy, etc was a major political scandal.
But increasingly, the mainstream media is referring to this scandal as `dodgy donations'. These donations weren't dodgy. They were illegal.
In reporting and analyzing the abrahams' donations scandal, the mainstream media is deliberately covering up the following realities as if they are relevant to british politics.
No mention that abrahams is a jew: he's just the son of a russian immigrant.
No mention of his political beliefs – he's just a cash dispenser, an eccentric groupie, or party lover.
No mention of britain's jewish lobby using jewish cash to bribe blair into implementing foreign policies for the benefit of the jews-only state.
No mention of the labour government's wholehearted support for jewish racism in palestine and jewish supremacism in the middle east.
No mention of the jewish lobby's support for world war three.
What the above suggests is that the british media is either owned, managed, or run, by zionists i.e. by people who support jewish racism and the jews-only state's lebensraum policies against palestinians.
More importantly, they are people who believe britain should embark upon a third world war, no matter how catastrophic this would be for the country's national interests, because it would promote jewish supremacism in the greater middle east.
Comparisons between the British Jewish Lobby and the American Jewish Lobby.
The way the jewish lobby operates in america is completely different from the way it operates in britain.
In america there is a highly conspicuous, highly formalized, jewish lobby which dominates congress and exerts a significant degree of control over the bush regime. The jewish lobby lays out its aim and objectives in gruesome detail, and even writes the legislation which it expects its american minions to pass in congress.
In britain, the jewish lobby is nowhere near as conspicuous. It works behind closed doors and in the corridors of power where it leaves behind no trace of its influence. As a consequence this enables the mainstream media to suggest that an individual who gives two-thirds of a million pounds to a political party has no political views and isn't pursuing a political agenda.
The power of the jewish lobby can be seen only on the geostrategic level in blair's sacrifice of britain's national interests, its principles, and its humanitarian ideals, to the interests of the jews-only state.
Who's been protecting Abrahams?
Another question which needs to be asked is whether david triesmann, levy, and jon mendlesohn helped protect abrahams' illegal donations because his funds were so critical for the survival of the blair government and its continued promotion of jewish supremacism in the greater middle east.
What the Abrahams Scandal says about British Politics.
It is beyond question that there has been a close correlation between jewish donations to the labour party and blair's total servility to the jews-only state in palestine.
But there is no evidence as to the mechanism by which jewish cash was transformed into jewish policies. This correlation cannot be deemed to be just a coincidence because blair's policies ran counter firstly, to british strategic interests. Blair's invasions of afghanistan and iraq have had a disastrous impact on britain's armed forces, the country's economic well being and the country's global reputation. An attack on iran would be even more detrimental to british interests.
Secondly, blair's policies ran counter to popular british political principles such as anti-racism.
Thirdly, to british humanitarian ideals given the blair government's support for the jews' efforts to starve palestinians into submission.
And, fourthly, blair's policies ran counter to british public opinion.
Two million people went on mass marches against the invasion of iraq and yet blair just ignored their democratic rights in order to pay off his debts to his jewish donors by promoting jewish supremacism in the middle east.
It was sometime in 2003 that abrahams started funding the labour party on a substantial scale.
A financial times editorial rather surprisingly expressed the view that british voters do not like sleaze in british politics and do not like the idea of anyone acquiring undue influence. "It is crucial to understanding that voters want to be sure no one is acquiring influence secretly or unfairly. The failure to comprehend this is deeply disquieting, especially in a party that not only passed a law improving the party funding disclosure regime but still bears the scars of the cash-for-honours affair." (`Funding firestorm' November 28 2007).
This ft editor thus manages to piously condemn the influence of this one man (without mentioning what this influence actually was) whilst ignoring the colossal influence of the jewish lobby in britain. The critical political issue raised by the abrahams' donations scandal is not just "dodgy donations". Nor is it merely about sleaze in the labour government. Nor is it that labour leaders from blair to levy to brown, were part of a criminal conspiracy to pretend that abrahams was not using proxies.It is about the corruption of british politics by the jewish lobby.
The scandal reveals the vast amounts of jewish money being lavished on the labour party. And although there is absolutely no evidence as to what this money bought, the reality is that the labour government indulges itself in such extreme pro-semitic bigotry that it runs counter to britain's national interests, its political principles, its humanitarian ideals and public opinion. The jewish lobby in britain has pressured the government into wars in the greater middle east, especially an attack against iran, which are not in britain's interests but are very much in the interests of the jews-only state in palestine. The scandal also reveals the way the mainstream media completely de-judaize any political situation, no matter how damaging this might be to rooting out corruption and sleaze in the country's political system, in order to protect the interests of the country's jewish elite.
As regards abrahams, justice has not merely got to be done but be seen to be done.

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