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Richard Barnbrook goes multi-racial

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Thanks for your e-mail of Thursday in which you sent me the Daily Mail report on Richard Barnbrook going multi-racial.Marrying the ballerina and adopting her previous partner, an ethnic Chinese with Cuban natinality is one thing (a matter of personal choice) but to renege on his previously-expressed expression of fundamental nationalist belief:......

that the procreation of half-cast babies in this country washes out the identity of the indigenous ethnic-British and, hence, washes out their claim to exclusive occupancy of their ancestral a gross act of treason.

There can be no other word for it.I appreciate that for the popular press, this is a "human interest" story, but there is another motive behind the story being given such prominence at this time (i.e. at a time when the BNP has serious internal troubles and when Griffin is in difficulties).

I have given my opinion as to this other motive in an e-mail I sent to a Yorkshire organiser of the BNP earlier this week:> [Quote]:> I notice that while The Guardian has had some coverage of the latest crisis in > the BNP, Griffin's friends in the Daily Telegraph have given coverage this > morning to the fact that "the BNP ballerina" Simone Clarke is to wed Richard > Barnbrook "leader of the 12-strong BNP group on Barking & Dagenham Council".> >
The report mentioned that Clarke previously "had a relationship with fellow > dancer Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent" which relationship > produced a daughter, Olivia.> > It continued by recording that at an earlier time:> > "Mr. Barnbrook had said he did not oppose mixed marriages, but their children > wash out 'the identity of this country's indigenous people'.> > "However, he changed his tune yesterday.
He said: 'It doesn't bother me at all > about Olivia.
When we get married that child will be my child."> >
Aaah! How nice! So all's well that end's well with a happy Christmassy story > about the BNP rather than a report about turmoil in the party. It's the kind > of crisis-management reporting we expect from the Telegraph when the Tory > party is in a spot of bother.....> [Unquote]The Establishment's media is desperate to try and retain Griffin as boss of the BNP. A blind eye is being turned to -- and distractions are being provided from -- his various corrupt, tyrannical and loony shenanigans.

This treatment by the media is in stark contrast to the way in which personalities in the NF, from high to the lowliest local official, were subject to savage smears for the slightest alleged infraction.

The reason?

Griffin has directed Britain's "premier nationalist movement" along a path of pro-Zionist multi-racialism, of safe 'Daily Mail'/'The Sun' style populism. As such, the BNP he leads does not constitute a threat to the Establishsment, but a protection for it: a safety-valve for the naive and ignorant proles. Read what George Orwell had to say about the way in which Big Brother's regime would allow (in fact, would help organise!) demonstrations of "patriotism" in the Prole areas.Good wishes for Yuletide/Christmas,



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Martin,I don't know what you make of this?

Yesterday 19th December the media are vicious, then today 20th all we hear are nice things about a BNP engagement. The Daily Mail carried this article (three quarters of the page) plus two large photos on page 5, plus the Guardian, Independent, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Daily Record (Scotland) and BBC News web-site all carried this, why?Was there a concerted effort by the media to suddenly make a u turn and print a cosy story about the BNP to cover up Griffin's woes?

Why would Barnbrook's engagement justified such interest?


Daily Mail - 20th December 2007
BNP ballerina' ditches Cuban immigrant lover to marry far right councillor
By Paul Sims[Photo caption:

The BNP ballerina: Simone Clarke is marrying a far-right councillor]Simone Clarke, the leading ballerina who was exposed as a member of the Right-wing British National Party, is to marry one of its councillors.Richard Barnbrook, who once claimed mixed-race children are "washing out the identity of this country's indigenous people", proposed to Miss Clarke even though she has a mixed-race child herself.

The couple first met in January after Miss Clarke, the English National Ballet's principal dancer, was revealed as a member of the party. As anti-BNP protesters besieged the London Coliseum where she was performing, Mr Barnbrook was ordered there by party leader Nick Griffin. He met Miss Clarke backstage and handed her a bouquet of red roses and white lillies. The couple met a number of times >soon after and in April this year they started dating in secret. Seven weeks ago, Mr Barnbrook, the leader of the BNP in Barking and Dagenham, proposed as they enjoyed a candlelit meal in South London. Last night, the 46-year-old, who is also the BNP's London mayoral candidate, said: "We were having dinner in a restaurant and I said, 'Here darling, here's a diamond ring'. "There was no getting down on one knee, or anything like that." I'm a traditionalist. I slipped it on her finger and although it wasn't the right size I said, 'Let's look forward to our future and maybe one day get married.' "We love each other to bits. She's a beautiful lady."Miss Clarke, 37, has a five yearold daughter, Olivia, from a previous relationship with fellow English National Ballet star Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent. BNP poster boy: Richard Barnbrook said he hopes to marry Miss Clarke She claims they broke up in April after he refused to support her and then she started seeing Mr Barnbrook. Mr Barnbrook, who now claims his comments about mixed race children were taken out of context, said he has no reservations about becoming her child's stepfather. He insisted: "Simone's daughter Olivia is beautiful. There are one or two out of thousands of my colleagues who have said, 'You do realise she has a mixed race child?' - but I couldn't give a damn." I love Simone."We have so much in common and get on like a house on fire. If we do get married as far as I am concerned her daughter becomes my daughter." It doesn't bother me at all. "I knew about Simone's child before I met her. Whatever the heart does is right, regardless." He added: "I don't know when we'll get married." Simone is currently with her family in Leeds, spending as much time as she can with her daughter. "I am in London and will have to stay here because I am the party's candidate for London Mayor." But I will wait for her for as long as it takes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. "We are seeing each other over Christmas and New Year. She's coming to my parents and I'm going to hers." Some time in the future we will probably get married and have a family." A former artist, lecturer and art teacher, Mr Barnbrook has worked fulltime for the BNP since his teaching work dried up "because of his politics". His father was a soldier, as was his brother Stephen, who is about to marry a Jamaican nurse. Divorced from a BBC secretary - "she married an artist, but didn't want to be married to a politician" - he previously lived with a Tory-voting girlfriend. Former partner: Miss Clarke on stage with her ex-boyfriend Yat-Sen Chang Born in Leeds, Miss Clarke is the daughter of a maths teacher and a secretary. Educated first at the local Catholic school, at the age of ten she beat 4,500 others to win one of 23 places at the Royal Ballet School in London.In 1988, after a stint with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, she joined the English National Ballet, rising to become senior soloist in 2000 and principal dancer in 2004. Her CV includes playing Juliet in Romeo And Juliet, Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and the Sugar Plum Fairy. Referring to her decision to join the BNP, she said: "I am not too proud to say that a lot of it went over my head." But some of the things they mentioned were the things I think about all the time, mainly mass immigration, crime and increased taxes." As with all parties, you can't agree on all things. You have to take the good bits and ignore the bad bits." I will be known as the BNP ballerina. I think that will stick with me for life." But I don't regret anything. I will stay a member."

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Anonymous said...

From her own mouth she accepts corruption from the start. She'll get on with Griffin like a house on fire.

"As with all parties, you can't agree on all things. You have to take the good bits and ignore the bad bits."

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