Friday, December 21, 2007

Griffin and his coterie

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the last 'Electronic Loose Cannon' (#22).I note you say that you and the Tyneside Region of the BNP which you organise is staying neutral in respect of the BNP's current internal crisis and getting on with your local campaigning.I would have thought I had spent the last 22 issues of the 'Electronic Loose Cannon' -- and also in some issues of the 'Electronic Watch on Zion' -- making it clear why I am not a fan of Nick Griffin.

The latest trouble is an inevitable outcome of the kind of financial and 'constitutional' set-up Griffin has imposed on the BNP. (Note I put 'constitutional' in inverted commas because the 'constitution' whereby the BNP is being administered is thoroughly UNconstitutional and, I believe, in many respects unlawful.

The BNP is a dictatorship.

Griffin runs it like his own private business operation -- hiring and firing at his own whim and buying support from a kitchen-cabinet coterie by means of employment patronage.One of these days somebody in the BNP with intelligence, some slight knowledge of law, and a bit of cash is going to react to one or another of Griffin's high-handed actions and will bring him before a High Court judge.

Then the flat stone will be lifted and we will see what manner of wee beasties are underneath, wriggling and blinking in the sudden rush of light.Griffin is paranoid, not only because that is a long-established aspect of his personality but because he knows he has abused his dictatorial power and the corrupt compliance of his immediate associates/employees, to make fast-and-loose with funds subscribed by the members of his party.

He must live in dread the day when he will not be able to prevent some form of genuine accounting and examination.

In this regard I am put in mind of 'Lord' Conrad Black -- husband of Nick Griffin's Zionist-Jewish pal Barbara Amiel -- who, when he knew the Police were about to raid his offices, assisted his staff to shred thousands of files (the silly bugger forgot to get the office's CCTV recorder kit switched off!)

At the moment, as Adrian Davies' report made clear, Griffin is using the funds of local Branches of the BNP, which are held in trust by him at Head Office, to reconcile and balance the Head Office accounts. He is robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can't play those kinds of accountancy games for too long.

Griffin has surrounded himself with petty crooks because he feels comfortable and safe in such company. He protects them and they, in turn, reciprocate the favour. It's a simple application of the Causa Nostra "Made Man" formula. Not all of these people are terribly bright and they think they are untouchable. Because of that delusion they put themselves about in an arrogant, corrupt and bullying way.

It is the unreasonable and suspicion-arousing protection which Griffin has given to his young friend Mark Collett and another youngster, the former supermarket shelf-filler and petty embezzler Hannam, that has made the worm turn in many BNP hearts in Yorkshire.One thing I have been told about by BNP officials is the great resentment which local branches feel about the prices BNP Head Office is charging for leaflets.

The prices for these have shot up in the last year or so.I am told that the reason for this is that not only does Collett do the graphical design for these leaflets (which is not a big cost element in long-run productions) but he has also been allowed to set up his own private "printing" company through which the printing of the leaflets is managed.

His company does not print a thing, but it does take a healthy mark-up simply for putting in the order to the company which does do the printing.

I am told a similar set-up applies with the production of 'Identity'.

People point to Collett's very prosperous life-style.Why could not the party's administration arrange for the printing of the leaflets, as was done previously -- and as was done in the old National Front in my days.

In the old NF, our aim was to provide literature as cheaply as possible so that branches would buy and distribute the greatest possible quantity. The NF did take a modest profit from literature sales, but there wasn't a parasitical middle-man adding his lump as well.

Mind you, the NF's very small number of paid staff subsidised the party's entire operation by taking chicken-food wages. I don't think I was receiving above £40 a week when I was given the heave-ho in 1983.In the Griffin BNP of today, the functions of the party get "privatised" or "out-sourced" so that Griffin and his little coterie of pals can take a private profit.But this literature mark-up scam is, I have no doubt, only one of many such schemes.

BNP members, not all of whom are rich, sacrifice to subsidise these operations.There are some good folk in the BNP (albeit many of them are politically ignorant and naive newcomers to the cause of British Nationalism) but the senior administration increasingly resembles a gang of crooks.


P.S.: By the way, I have replied to you via your Yahoo address (the one I usually use) rather than the BNP address because I hear many BNP folk say that all the traffic to/from "" e-mail addresses is (or can easily be) monitored by Griffin's "security" set-up.=======================================
From: Tyneside BNP To: Date: Thursday, December 20, 2007 6:13 PM

Subject: ELC I see you're still a Griffin fan via the forwarded ELC's.

What's your take on the latest developments/plot/state/ego thing in the BNP?
We are neutral by the way, just getting on with it up here. Ken


Anonymous said...

Is Ken Booth so stupid ?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as neutral in the world of Nick Griffin.

Enemy = Wide-awake enemy to be attacked imemdiately.

Neutral = Gullible, half-awake enemy to be destroyed at leisure.

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