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Yet another ex-moderator shines a light on what is wrong with STORMFRONT and quite a lot of other so called white nationalist orgs like the BNP

OK. I've heard through the grapevine that I have some rant fans. I haven't had a good one in a while, so I figured what the hell. I don't know if this counts as an article or essay, but it damn sure isn't going to be poetry, so it doesn't belong there.This is going to be mainly dealing with stuff happening online. For the faint-at-heart, or the Stormfront friendly, stop here, you really don't want to go any further.So, the first topic of the day is those fake White Nationalists I know we've all run across on various webboards and chats. They can talk the talk, even out talk others, but when it comes to walking the walk? They can't even crawl. However, they can damn sure attack others. Usually they will go after someone who has been fighting our fight for a long time. I'm not saying they last long, true White Nationalists know who other true White Nationalists are. For some reason it has been bugging me for a few weeks. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with what I've seen happening on what used to be my home on the 'net. Ah yes, Stormfront. What I once considered to be the best place to go for information. Once it was, now? They're inundated with fake White Nationalists. Filled to the brim with people who seem to be jewish sympathizers.

I thought it was a White Nationalist site. It once was. I am no longer sure what it is now. I think the most of the good posters that are still left are ok, but I can't be sure.You know, for most of the time that I was a moderator at Stormfront, I was a usually silent, more often than not absent, entity. I made most of my 2000+ posts during the first year or two that the board was up.

I took long "vacations". I would come back and touch base with friends, get ready to settle back in, and something stupid would happen. Nine times out of ten it was something inside the moderator forums. I never had a chance to see how stupid the posters were getting on average, I was struggling to make it out of the admin forum. Yep, there was so much bitching and whining and differences of moderating going on in admin, that I didn't even have the energy to notice the overall decline of the posts and posters all the time.I did notice some though, and there were mods that noticed most, if not all of the decline. They'd fight against it, and get nowhere.

We were more or less expected to do our jobs, but some people were doing things one way, some were doing it other ways, and there were one or two that didn't give a crap what anyone thought.

There were people protecting obvious trolls, obvious fakes.

We had moderators that have jew friends. (NWN: Now we wonder who they mean here ;-) )

We had cheerleaders that weren't good for much of anything else.

White Nationalist community?

More like a freakin' zoo.

Over the past couple of years, it has been obvious that Stormfront and I were going to have to have a parting of the ways. It had been softened. It was focusing on quantity, and didn't care about quality. People outside of the moderator team seemed to be dictating policy. Friends were turning on friends. What had we become?

This wasn't White Nationalism as I knew it, this was... I don't even know what it was.

Around this time last year, there was something of a big upset on Stormfront. For me it was something that showed me how far Stormfront in general had slipped.

MuadDib was removed as a moderator.

Now, this is old news. As I said, it happened a year ago.

I remained a moderator for a little while after that. I tried to do my job, one of my jobs being to remove personal attacks from the board. Supposedly it was against the guidelines.While I was doing my job, in both the Sustaining Members forum, as well as the Lounge, I noticed something weird.

There were a few threads that were going on, concerning the firing of MuadDib, and there were people that were heated on both sides. I thought it was a bullshit move, but, I was maintaining my silence, and doing my job.

Well, I was removing posts that insulted anyone, Kelso, MD, Don, etc. I was browsing through the thread in the Lounge, when I noticed that posts I had deleted had been restored. I checked the thread to see who undeleted them. It was Don.

See, most of MD's supporters in this were trying to avoid attacking others, but his detractors were extremely insulting. The only posts I remember seeing undeleted, were ones attacking MD. You know, that pissed me off. I'm supposed to enforce these guidelines, and the admin is going behind me and unenforcing? I made a post in admin, wanting to know what the hell was going on. Don answered, said to let them get it out of their system. My answer was to go and undelete all the posts I had deleted that were attacking someone else. It was bullshit.

There was other crap going on inside the admin forum. Between the crap from the past couple of years, the bullshit firing of MD, and the other stuff that was going on behind the scenes, I'd had enough. I quit.

I could not deal with it anymore. I did it nicely, I didn't go off on a tangent, and I did it silently. I walked away for a short time after that and found a new home.Not too long after that I pulled another disappearing act. There was nothing going on on the internet, it was for personal reasons. But I came back about 2 months ago.

And guess what I come back to? MD is now "banned with extreme prejudice". What the fuck?

Has Don lost his mind? I don't know, but obviously jack_boot has. Once again there was a thread in the Lounge, as well as in Sustaining Members. I made one post to Sustaining Members, logged out, and haven't logged back in since.Most of you know why I think jack_boot has lost his mind, but I'm sure there are some folks that aren't going to understand. Let me share a few posts of his with you, and you can tell me why I'm saying such things about someone I used to respect.
Originally Posted by jack_boot; November 9, 2006; Lounge
I have not read any posts in this thread yet, but I will say this before I go back and review.We've put up with MuadDib's brutal posting style for many years. His bellicose over-reacting as a moderator got him fired. Quite frankly he was an embarrassment.In the past few weeks he'd started taking a nasty turn, going beyond mere brusque discourtesy, and we saw the nadir, or so we thought, with his insults and sneering taunts in the now-deleted Enemy Agents thread.His behavior there went beyond my tolerance level as a self-respecting gentleman. I would never countenance such behavior from anyone in public, any more than I would permit a man to beat his dog in my presence, and it is unacceptable here as well. There is a damn line that can't be crossed.I sent MuadDib a PM cautioning him one final time, and advising that his privileges here were hence restricted. I mentioned that another member, a member I thought he liked and cared for - as we all do - was very upset about his behavior, and that he had lowered himself in this other member's estimation as well. I did so thinking that MuadDib would feel some remorse and reconsider, and perhaps refrain from his churlish excesses.Any decent man would have felt such remorse. But I learned quickly I was not dealing with a decent man but a guttersnipe. Because MuadDib thereupon began a campaign of slander and harrassment against this other member, making the most foul allegations and spreading rumor intended to ruin his victim's personal life. The allegations were of such a low down slimy nature that, if I had been in the same room, I would certainly have struck MuadDib in the face, no matter the outcome or consequences.There is the pretty picture of your uncompromising, hardcore fallen hero. He is in fact nothing but a cad. Stormfront will not asscociate with him; we couldn't care less if our world view is the same, or that he resolutely opposes the Jew, as do we. That is merely a coincidence, as though I had the same taste in whiskey as the wino in the alley.This is the largest crock of shit I think I have ever read in my life. And a perfect example of how low Stormfront and parts of it's staff have sunk.
Originally Posted by jack_boot; November 9, 2006; Sustaining Members
MuadDib is permanently banned. Before the cosmic shitstorm starts elsewhere, here is a thread on the issue.His politics are irrelevant. MuadDib is no longer welcome at the forum due to his thoroughly nasty disposition.That is the end of the matter as far as I am concerned, and he will never be welcomed back here as long as I have anything to say about it.

Now don't start to think that jack acts with Don not knowing what he is doing. Here is Don's post in the same thread:

Originally Posted by Don Black; November 9, 2006; Sustaining Members
Unfortunately, you all don't see what we see, and you won't because of privacy concerns, thinking this is just some personality conflict. It isn't.I feel guilty because I didn't handle this four years ago.
Now jack_boot has to clean it up and others suffer because of my own softness.LOL.

This is funny. OK, that incarnation of the board started in August of 2001, these posts are from November 2006. Alrighty, by my math that is 5 years. So, basically what Don is telling us is that shortly after he made MD a moderator, he already wanted to remove him. Is that how it reads to everyone else? He had no problems removing Jay, or Worker, or Liz. Why did he have a four year problem in getting rid of MD?Don will probably spew some bullshit about cult-like following. I've seen him say something along those lines before. There was no cult following four years ago, Don. Four years ago his "cult" probably consisted of myself and some other people that really enjoyed reading what he had to say.The bottom line is; Don doesn't like getting his hands dirty. He doesn't like taking a hand in things until they are out of hand. He claims to be a softy, I just don't think he has what it takes to do something like Stormfront anymore. I think he blew it. He wouldn't take control, and he let lesser men run it into the ground. Stormfront as I once knew it has been gone for a while. In the place of what I used to love, is a place that no longer cares about the jewish question:
Originally Posted by jack_boot; December 6, 2006; Lounge
The situation grows desperate and time is short. Stormfront seeks to engage committed Nationalists as friends and allies, and there is little use in butting heads over the Jewish Question.We risk alienating each other. Stormfront fails to see how such strife, among those who are actually compatriots and kinsmen, will help us save what is left of our heritage and our homes.Reasoned discussion rather than confrontation.Persuasion in place of bullying.Welcome and accommodation instead of hostility and exclusion - up to a point, of course.That is the key. That is our improved trajectory.

Originally Posted by jack_boot; December 6, 2006; Lounge
In the spirit of cooperation then, Young Soldier, you are invited to drop the subject of the Jewish Question altogether, and focus on the issues from that perspective we all share.That is the compromise we seek, and we believe will result in a positive, productive alliance.If you insist on expressing your disdain for a primary ideological and editorial commitment of this project, we will not attain that result. I think we all get the message, and you are still welcome to participate here despite your misgivings.

What happened to naming the jew?

What happened to educating people on who our biggest enemy is?

It doesn't happen at SF anymore.

Matter of fact, you're asked NOT to approach the subject of the jewish question. When the hell did it become Jewfront?

Stormfront used to name the jew, name the n*gger, named all our problems, but especially the jew. Don Black used to know the jews were our biggest enemy. When did he lose sight of that fact?

I think I've said it in a post or two, maybe I haven't. jack_boot spoke of fallen heroes, the only hero of mine that fell was Don Black. Don used to be someone I looked up to, and held a huge amount of respect for. I can no longer respect him, or his complacency.Complacency is killing our race, is killing our culture. Don and Stormfront can be as complacent as they like. They can keep going mainstream, because that is what is happening. Even the antis know that Stormfront has declined. A loss of over 10,000 active members in a year? That active member number keeps getting smaller. The threads keep getting more and more mundane. The implosions and infighting happens left and right. They're complacent about the death of our race, yet chastise people for their use of a swastika avatar. Is that White Nationalism? It is on Stormfront.Stormfront could have been something wonderful. It could have been great. It was feared, it was smeared, it was attacked. It was being blocked on ISPs in spite of free speech. The potential to be a real educational tool was there. It turned into a playground where the more extreme of us are no longer welcome. I never thought I would call myself extreme, but in comparisson to Stormfront, I'm REALLY extreme.Stormfront is lost to us, I fear.

It has slid too far to pull itself back out and make any difference.


White Nationalism is not mainstream, and at this point doesn't need to be mainstream.

Mainstream = jewish tool.Just because Stormfront is lost to us, doesn't mean we just have to accept it. So we've had a bit of a defeat, a setback if you will. Yep, the decline of Stormfront is a huge disappointment, but, aren't we used to disappointments and setbacks? What do we do with them? We use them to push us back up. We use them as examples of things to watch out for, or things to not do. Stormfront is a guide. A guide on the direction to not take.

When you go soft, and quit questioning our enemies, you're no longer a part of the solution. How can you be when you don't recognize the problem?

__________________-Francis: It will give Kelso something to do with his crayolaRed: Other than fellate it?-White Nationalist Forums

posted by 'RED' - VNN Forums


NWN: We have been saying this for a while, that Don Black 'did a Griffin' BEFORE Nick Griffin. These people have done an ideological 'about turn' without telling the memberships. We noticed the trend after both appeared at a Jared Taylor 'knees-up' in the USA in 2000 all 'buddy buddy' with Rabbi Meyer Schiller.


Squid said...

Posted by " red " on VNN that forums one big red con trick .

Red said...

Squid, are you trying to say VNN is a con? At least they don't take money from jews and non-whites, and then let them have free run of the board, all the while claiming to be a WN board. So, if you want to talk cons, let's talk about Stormfront.

I'm glad to see this posting of mine making the rounds.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Your very welcome this side of the pond RED !

NorthWestNationalists said...

RED.......please also give my regards to Wayne/Muadib.

pete barker

Anonymous said...

Stormfront is also full of persians and indian and other pan-Aryaniasts all claiming to be white' or 'related' to Europeans. Many knowing that they would not be taken seriously, go under the disguise of European nationals and make posts like "persians can join our movement"
They also post pictures of skinned, blonde haired people from Azerbaijan, parts of Pakistan and try to pass them off as Persians.
I'm not exactly white, and I went to Stormfront to exchange ideas and learn stuff, but it's hilarious to see people claiming the White Georgians are "non-White" wheras the non-white persians & indians are. Though it's an interesting place to be, I know what you mean. Alot of wierdos there.

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