Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The latest BNP list of proscribed people and organisations covers quite a bit, in the very latest BNP Organisers Bulletin.

By name, Sharon Ebanks is 'persona non grata' for all BNP members. You can't speak with her and so on and so forth. The same applies to members of the : NNP, NF, EFP, BM , BPP,Nov 9 Soc and a few others. So what is all this about 'Freedom and Democracy within the BNP ?


Eavesdropper said...

What exactly does being deemed "proscribed" by the BNP leadership result in?

Is it anything more than not being allowed to address or attend BNP meetings?

Or does it amount to being cast into some kind of Outer Darkness?


rvfr said...

I think in the case of Sharon Ebanks being proscribed people would have had more respect for her if she held her head high and pointed out the financial dispute rather than post on other nationalist websites calling everyone in the BNP. Funny how she said nothing as a member. And her heritage is questionable.
Other people have been proscribed for as little as posting on a website which doesn't bode well for the 'democratic' BNP.

eavesdropper said...

That doesn't answer my question:

What is supposed to happen when the BNP "proscribes" someone?


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