Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years honours list.....

Once again we see some people honoured for very odd reasons. The inventor James Dyson above, is just one of those people. Dyson revolutionised the vacuum cleaner, he has also made great changes in such as washing machines and wheelbarrows. When Dyson opened up his factory producing the Dyson vac in the South West of England , and took the vacuum cleaner market by storm, Dyson made a promise !

He promised the British built production would remain in the South West.

Dyson was at this point already a £- millionaire.

But a few years later, he 'upped and left' the South West, and started production somewhere in the far east, as labour costs are a fraction of what they are in the UK.

Just how much money does this greedy bloke want ? He was already a millionaire.

If he had remained loyal to the UK, then a honour from the Queen may have been merited. Now of course, he should have been pelted by his ex-workers, with rotten fruit, for even stepping into the UK.Never mind giving him some 'honour'.

A disgrace yes !

But also a perfect model of this ,and consecutive British Governments, mad and bad distribution of honours.

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Anonymous said...

he should be prevented from selling his wares in this country. if the country is not good enough for him to make it in, then it is also not good enough for him to sell his wares in.

typical traitor

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