Thursday, January 04, 2007

The attacks EXPAND!

NWN: We don't like the sound of this cyber threat, even though the problems have been identified and the solutions are coming into place.

The denial of service attacks that were launched against my web site server and ran-up the internet bills by a lot of money, are expanding to other web sites of similar nature.Most of us already know that VNN and Stormfront are in a fight for their lives. If what was launched at me is launched at them, I worry they will not survive.

The group that attacked my site and that is attacking VNN and SF, publicly announced today they would be attacking and sure enough, they attacked.

His site is off line.They also announced today they are expanding their attacks to target Prussian Blue, National Vanguard, Aryan-Nations, NSM88 and a whole slew of other sites.I know that sometimes folks have accused me of being verbose, of exaggerating, but let me take this opportunity to say this plainly: Ladies and gentlemen, people who see and speak about the ugly truth as we do, are literally under violent, criminal electronic attack specifically designed to halt our free speech, our freedom of association and our ability to socialize electronically with like-minded people.

Electronic war is being waged against us and we must step up NOW to do battle. Some of us may do battle electronically, using the same nefarious methods being used against us. I OPPOSE that and strongly DISCOURAGE such acts.

Others will do battle by investigating and exposing the identities of the attackers. I personally am doing battle on the legal front, with a major federal lawsuit against several named web sites, and "John Doe(s) 1-1000."If all goes well, I should have the scanned images of the lawsuit I filed by tomorrow afternoon. I will post those scanned images for everyone to see including the ones with the official seal of the United States District Court.This is literally "war" and YOUR freedom is at stake!

Make no mistake about it, we are under attack in the most vile manner imaginable: the intentional mis-use of resources for the expressed purpose of destroying our type of web sites.

What will you do without the freedom to speak your mind on the internet? God knows we've already lost our right to speak our minds in public; just go ahead and utter the wrong word out in the real world and you can lose your job, be thrown out of social clubs and civic groups, maybe even be hauled into court for "ethnic intimidation."
Now, they are taking away our ability to sit in the privacy of our own home, privately go to internet sites of interest and speak our minds on the Internet!

They are intentionally destroying the web sites that all of us have used for years!

What will you do when every single place on the internet where we have gathered to socialize for years, is deliberately, electronically destroyed?

That's what's happening - right now.If they can successfully destroy my private property (my web site) and get away with it what's next?

Who is next?

If they can successfully destroy VNN, Stormfront, James Wickstrom, NSM and other like-minded sites, what will be left for us?

N O T H I N G.

That is what they have publicly stated they intend to do: wipe our presence out from the internet!

While the attacks they launched against me could not hack into my server because it was too powerful and too secure, they did manage to undertake activities to increase data flow into and out of that server 100 times the normal rate. By doing that, they put me in the position of either leaving the site online and getting hit with ten thousand dollars a month in data transfer (bandwidth) or taking the site off line.Sorry, I just don't have a spare ten grand a month laying around right now. I had to shut the server down.I have my technical guys consulting with the top internet techies in the industry about how to effectively block almost ALL of the attack methods they used.

There is, however, one type of attack that simply cannot be blocked and this may prove a big problem. We'll see.

So far, it appears we WILL be able to put my site back online after a couple thousand dollars in programming changes to the software. So my web site absolutely, positively WILL be back. I am down but not out.

Earlier, I mentioned how folks may choose to step up and do battle. One method I didn't mention is something that can be done by almost every single one of you: Write a check. If not to me, then maybe you can offer to pay the techies directly; or pay a portion of the techies. Whatever you do, remember this: Now is the time. Now. Right now. Today. It is that urgent.

Once I find the ways to block these attacks, I can share and will that information with the other sites of our ilk. This way we don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel for every individual site. Helping me will help all those other sites because I pledge to share the info. I will share it even with folks whom I've disagreed in the past simply because they are my brothers in this "movement" too.It is going to cost quite a few bucks for the Process Servers to personally deliver a whole slew of subpoenas. Maybe you can agree to pay a single invoice for a single serving?None of us -- not one -- can afford to sit on the side and watch what happens. There isn't time for that.They managed to create such an attack against me that I was forced to make a financial decision within ten (10) days. They are doing the same right now to VNN and Stormfront. They have just done the same to VonBluvens. . . . TODAY!

They have announced their intentions to do the same to other sites named above. We could find ourselves without ANY viable "movement" site within the next thirty (30) days. They can ALL be forced off the net by electronic attacks designed to break them financially.This is more serious than any attack upon our movement - ever.

Our entire effort, years of work by hundreds of dedicated people, is in direct, dire jeopardy.Please, I implore you, step up and help. If, for whatever reason, you cannot bring yourself to help me, then help VNN.

If not VNN, then help Stormfront, If not Stormfront, then help National Vanguard.

If not National Vanguard, then help VonBluvens.

If not VonBluvens, then help NSM88.

If not them, help JamesWickstrom.

If not James Wickstrom, then help Aryan-Nations.

We are literally DAYS away from the complete and utter destruction of every site we find favorable. Without your immediate help, our movement will end up on the ash heap of history by the end of January.

I wish to say a special "Thank You" to retired senior citizens Artie Wheeler and his wife Elizabeth who sent $100. I wish to say a hearty "Thank You" to Lachlan who wired AU$500 (US$320) from Sydney, Australia today.If you can step up to help, my address is below.Hal Turner1906 Paterson Plank RoadNorth Bergen, NJ 07047-1900USA

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