Thursday, January 11, 2007

New video showing Saddam after his execution - viewer warning...............

Video Description

The video shows Saddam Hussein shortly after he was executed.

This video does not show the execution.

Rather, it shows Saddam's body, proportedly right after he was hanged.

The short video simply shows Saddam's corpse under a sheet, and the effects that hanging had on his neck.The video seems to have first emerged at a Shia website in Arabic, after which it was uploaded to Google.The grainy film appeared to have been taken in a room lit by daylight. A man is heard addressing another familiarly as Abu Ali and urging him to hurry - possibly because the people filming were aware of breaching regulations in doing so.

NWN: Just how Saddams throat was cut we have no idea, but once again it shows just how bad the people are that Zionist led USA have placed into power. It also looks now like the extra 20,000+ US troops being sent to Iraq, are in fact, for an invasion of IRAN !

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