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An "Electronic Watch on Zion" EXTRA

This is an interim bulletin to a select number on my list to discuss an article which appeared last Friday (27th January) in The Daily Telegraph (London): 'I can still be the father of France' by Simon Heffer and Henry Samuel. Last April I drew attention to the way in which the Daily and Sunday Telegraph and their weekly stable-mate The Spectator, went out of their way to promote the British National Party in advance of the local elections.

As a result of being boosted to the top of the news agenda, the party did well in terms of votes and candidates elected. (Most of those local councillors and their campaign teams are decent patriots who are quite unaware of how their party is being used by the enemies of their nation who created the multi-racial chaos now afflicting it.)

This boosting of the BNP by the Telegraph group (which helps to set the agenda for much of the rest of the British news media) has further accelerated the "modernisation" of that party's policy platform, with particular reference to Jewry, Zionism and Israel.For example, it now issues a Jehad Watch weekly e-mail bulletin which is nothing more than a re-write of Neo-Con and Zionist propaganda, especially the propaganda issued by Israel's ultra-Right party, the Likud.

At the moment, it is Hell-bent on inciting an Israeli and/or an American nuclear strike against Iran.

Jehad Watch is edited (but not entirely written) by somebody who calls himself "Alan Goodacre" (a name too good to be true?) who has appeared on the Nationalist scene from nowhere but who has been appointed by BNP chairman Nick Griffin to sit on his inner circle policy committee with the Economics and Finance brief. (Can these two functions be in any way connected?) "Goodacre" also writes emetic grovelling letters to The Jewish Chronicle on behalf of the party.

I will be covering all these developments in much greater detail in a forthcoming "Electronic Watch of Zion", but I thought I would demonstrate the symbiotic relationship developing between "Right Wing" Jewry and elements of the gentile "ultra-Right" in Europe (and beyond) by drawing attention to last Friday's Daily Telegraph article.

I have only time here to quote extracts from the item. (The full item can no doubt be Googled-up in a trice.)

Naturally, I have picked up on the comments made by Le Pen to boost Griffin and the BNP by denigrating the old National Front, which Griffin and his allies (of the moment) captured in December 1983. After a thorough wrecking and looting job, these people flitted from that party in 1987, leaving it in a shambles.

Griffin moved on with his International Third Position comrades (of the moment) to new pastures.

My commentary on the article (and Le Pen's comments about the BNP and the NF quoted in it) is given in the text of a letter to the Editor of The Daily Telegraph which I run out below the article extracts.Before quoting these extracts, I draw attention to the following:

(1) The main author of the item, Simon Heffer, is a gentile but highly philo-semitic "right wing" Conservative. He is a well established columnist and author. He wrote what I think was the authorised biography of Enoch Powell. He has stature within Establishment political circles. And yet for this interview with Le Pen, he was not trusted to conduct the interview and write it up by himself. He was accompanied by a co-interviewer/co-writer, one Henry Samuel -- of whom, in my ignorance, I have never heard -- whose name would seem to indicate that he is Jewish. Is the game being played by the Jews becoming so delicate that even reliable hacks like Heffer need to be accompanied on certain jobs by a Jewish 'minder'?

(2) On 16th April last year, in isssue #19 of "The Electronic Loose Cannon", under the heading "Tory Party Neo-Cons Find a Use for the BNP", I revealed that Barbara Amiel, the fanatically Zionist wife of Conrad Black, has pally telephone chats with BNP chairman Nick Griffin. In that bulletin I recorded:"Amiel's husband,'Lord' Black, though a gentile, is ardently pro-Zionist. He is the ex-boss of the public companies which once owned the Telegraph Group and The Spectator magazine here in the UK, and other media assets in Israel, Canada and elsewhere. He and his one-time boardroom associates face trial for allegedly looting the companies they administered of around £600 million. The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, and The Spectator have been acquired by the Barclay brothers' media empire. They have not interfered with the pro-Zionist orientation of these publications. On the contrary, their pro-Zionist editorial staff have either been left in post or promoted to other posts within the group."

(3) On 29th April 2002 The Daily Telegraph published a strongly pro-Le Pen article by Barbara Amiel headed "Why has it taken Le Pen to ask the awkward questions?"

(4) On Thursday 20th April [!!] 2006 The European Jewish Press carried an article by Shirli Sitbon headed "Ignoring Revisionists" (http://www.ejpress.org/article/voices/5576). This was an "exclusive interview" with Marine Le Pen. The article stated: "....the 37-year-old daughter of extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was elected a member of the European Parliament in June 2004. She joined the European Parliament France-Israel study group and is planning her first visit to Israel......"

(5) Last year I was sent a quote from Jean-Marie Le Pen's autobiography. In this extract Le Pen recollected with enthusiasm the disastrous Anglo-French-Israeli attack on Egypt in 1956, in which he was engaged as an officer in the French Army. I have yet to dig out the relevant quote from my files, but if my memory serves me correctly, Le Pen recorded that he and his brother officers knew that just over the next few sand dunes were Israeli Army troops. He and his comrades yearned to be allowed to rush over and embrace their Jewish comrades-in-arms......I will try to make more sense of all this and a lot of other information which has come to hand in the next "Electronic Watch on Zion".

As Sherlock Holmes was wont to say: "The game's afoot!"

Please give this interim bulletin onward circulation.

Martin Webster.

I can send a Jpeg of the recent Heffer/Samuel article, and Plain Text reprints of any of the other articles I have mentioned herein to anybody who requests the same by no later than 10th February.

I will only do one posting of these research documents.


[Extracts]Daily Telegraph, Friday 27th January 2007'I can still be the father of France'by Simon Heffer and Henry Samuel in St Cloud When French politics wants to show the world its cloven hoof, it hows Jean-Marie Le Pen. Now aged 78, the veteran leader of the Front National -- a far-Right nationalist party no longer on the frnges of poltical life -- is preparing to fight possibly his last presidential campaign.[....]So is the NF racist and anti-Semitic?

Le Pen becomes indignant.

"That's false, and I can prove it by my deeds. The first time that I was elected deputy, the second on my electoral list was a black -- isn't that a little sttange for a racist?"

In my political office there are Jews, Arabs and blacks, so what do I have to do not to be branded a racist?"

[....]Mr. Le Pen is reported to have softened the image of the FN in recent years under the influence of his daughter and possible successor Marine.

[....]However, Mr. Le Pen Bridges at the suggestion that the party has tried to make itself less extreme.

[....] "I challenge anyone to cite me any declaration, intention, action of mine that can be qualified as extremist."

He expressed his sympathy with the far-Right British National party. "I have contacts with the BNP, which also seems to be demonised in a way that does not correspond with reality," he said."

At one stage it was said the National Front was the same as the Front National, which is not the case. The behaviour of the National Front is not the behaviour of the BNP, which obeys the law and has a democratic stance.

I do not take heed of people who say 'don't speak to them, they have a bad reputation, they're pariahs'. I have no reconceptions about pariahs."


From: Martin Webster To: "The Editor, Daily Telegraph" Date: Sunday, January 28, 2007 8:36 PM

Subject: Le Pen on the NF & the BNP
The Editor,
The Daily Telegraph,
111 Buckingham Palace Road,
London SW1W 0DT.


In seeking to respectablise himself in the run-up to the French presidential election ['I can still be the father of France', 27th January] Front National leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was trapped into proclaiming the respectability British National Party by means of denigrating the National Front.

This he did by suggesting that unlike the BNP, the NF had not been law-abiding or democratic.

Simon Heffer might have reminded Le Pen that his pal Nick Griffin, now chairman of the BNP, was an NF member from 1975; a local official from 1976 and a member of its National Directorate from 1980 until the party dissolved in 1987. But there are other more important facts which your readership and M. Le Pen should know:

From 1981 onwards Griffin sustained a secretive political and business association with Roberto Fiore, an Italian who had fled to Britain in 1980 to escape charges connected with alleged terrorist activity. Fiore used Britain as a base to set up what eventually became the International Third Position.

When I discovered this and drew the facts to the attention of the NF Directorate in 1983 Griffin and his supporters convened an unlawful meeting of the body at which I was expelled from the party. The High Court ruled this unlawful seven months later -- too late to do me any good.

Since then, news of the following events has emerged and placed on public record without any denials or legal challenges from Griffin:

In 1981 Fiore made a rail-ferry trip to Dublin to establish contact with the Provisional IRA. His accommodation during the outward stop-over in Birmingham was arranged by Griffin. The Dublin end of the trip was arranged by Griffin's friend Derek Holland, an Irishman who had boasted of an uncle in the Dublin Brigade of the Provisional IRA.Fiore confided to his Birmingham host the purpose of his trip. This person was a long-standing and salaried Special Branch informant who contributed to the 2002 BBC2 TV series True Spies.

Five years after Fiore's Dublin visit, Griffin and Holland followed in the footsteps of the IRA's Joe Cahill to beg funds from Colonel Gadaffi.

Unlike Cahill, they were given only a bulk supply of Gadaffi's Green Book. A photo of them in Tripoli, posing in front of a huge poster of Gadaffi, leaked and was widely published.

Holland is now a full-time ITP official, based in Rome.After falling out with the ITP, Griffin joined the John Tyndall-led BNP in 1995 and became editor of The Rune, a magazine which pandered to the Column 88 thug element.

In it Griffin proclaimed: "BNP members must clear the streets with boot and bottle!"

He was convicted in 1998 for publishing matter "intended or likely to incite racial hatred".NF members were often involved in rough-and-rumble incidents in the face of mob attacks on its lawful activities by the likes of the Anti Nazi League (slogan:"Smash the National Front!" ).

For some reason the BNP does not face a similar onslaught.

Like Griffin, I have been convicted under the Race Act, though not for any "boot and bottle" content.

Whenever NF activities were subject to intense review by leading judges and senior police officers, as after the "Battle of Red Lion Square" in 1974 (Lord Scarman's Report) and "The Battle of Lewisham" (Scotland Yard's Commander Helm in a Jewish Chronicle interview) in 1977, they always affirmed that we were "not the instigators" -- or indeed participants -- in the disorders; that our "demonstrations were lawful"; and that we were "at all times responsive to requests from the police".

As to comparisons between the BNP's "democracy" and that of the NF; I need only say that ALL fully paid-up NF members were entitled to submit resolutions for the party's AGMs, to attend those meetings and to vote. AGM agendas were published as were the outcome of all debates.

The press were invited to attend.

The ONLY persons who may attend BNP annual meetings are officers of the party (who are either appointed by Griffin or whose appointment may be vetoed or terminated by him) or persons who have been members of the party for 10 or more years (a dwindling minority).

Resolutions are rejected without reason and without being circulated; final agendas are not published; only a minority of resolutions discussed are reported to the membership and the general public.

The media are excluded.

I am not a saint. The NF was far from genteel.

But I can look the self-admitted torturer Le Pen, or an opportunist gad-fly like Griffin, straight in the eye.

Yours faithfully,
Martin Webster,
National Activities Organiser,
National Front, 1970 - 1983.

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I used to look forward to Websters column TROUBLESHOOTING in SPEARHEAD magazine in the 1970's.

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