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A blast from the recent past.........

...........some things never change !

From: "Mick Treacy" Date: Sun, Sep 2, 2001, 5:17 pmTo: "Martin Webster"

Subject: Re: ELC/10: Cotterill resigns as corruption scandal eruptsWebster you disgust all Nationalists. Go back under the rock you crawled from. ----- Original Message ----- From: Martin Webster To: BNP Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 7:12 PM
Subject: ELC/10: Cotterill resigns as corruption scandal erupts------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: "Martin Webster" Date: Mon, Sep 3, 2001, 6:02 pmTo: Mick Treacy

Subject: Have a nice day!Michael:

You really must learn to speak only for yourself, not "all Nationalists"! Of the numerous emails referring to the last 'Electronic Loose Cannon' in my 'In Box' this morning, yours was the ONLY hostile shriek. The others were either:(a) Subscription requests (more than half from America) who had had a copy forwarded to them by a friend;(b) Requests for all ELC back numbers from people already on my list, who did not keep ELC on file, but who now, in the light of current developments, wish to review my output to catalogue what other landmines are likely - sooner or later - to detonate.

2. Since you do not contradict any of the points of fact advanced in ELC/10, I am left to conclude that you are upset because the contents of my bulletin were true. The implication of this would seem to be that you take the position (and you are not alone in this) that while you do not exactly assert that Nick Griffin and his circle are entitled to be crooks, you do assert most strongly that anybody who has evidence that Griffin & Co. are corrupt should shut up and keep quiet "for the sake of the Cause". Do you seriously imagine that any Cause, however true and noble, can survive a crooked leadership and a supportership comprising in equal measure the morally myopic and sheer dunderheads? Your intellectual position (or should I say contortion) is best described in those passages in George Orwell's '1984' which deal with "Double-Think".

3. As an Englishman and a Nationalist, you should try to promote the beauty of correctly-written English. "Go back under the rock you crawled from" is so ungrammatical and illiterate as to be ugly and jarring to anybody with the slightest sensibility and love for our language. "Go back under the rock from which you crawled" is, surely, the correct mode of expressing the sentiment you wished to convey? May I commend to you an excellent first year secondary school text book called 'First Aid in English' (I forget the author) and a compilation of some of the aphorisms of Oscar Wilde: 'Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young' . (Any compilation of the rapier-like insults of Wilde's contemporary, the American painter James Whistler, would also be well worth obtaining, but I cannot provide a title.) If you were able to grasp the grammatical fundamentals and literary style of these slim volumes, your insults and abuse would be so much more witty and elegantly phrased - and therefore more telling - and you might, therefore, stand a chance of being taken seriously by anybody with more than half a brain.

Anyway - it was magic to hear from you.

Have a nice day!Sincerely,Martin Webster.

P.S.: Wake up!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: "Mick Treacy" Date: Tue, Sep 4, 2001, 1:40 amTo: "Martin Webster"
Subject: Re: Have a nice day!

Webster, you are correct when you said my Grammar was incorrect. Fair enough!

When I wrote my reply I had just finished work after a 14 hour shift and so was extremely tired. The whole concept of e-mail is to be quick and to the point. I do not have the luxury of Lady Birdwoods money and with a young family to feed I am forced to work long hours. But you have put yourself into a predicament where you have no nationalist friends because of your treacherous remarks about not only the leadership of the party, but the whole nationalist movement. When you say I should speak for myself and not all nationalists, I feel that I am and you are no longer a nationalist. How much money did you receive for the Newsnight programme? You Sir, are without honour and any respect you have gained over the years is sadly gone. MT----- Original Message ---

-- From: Martin Webster To: Mick Treacy Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 6:02 PM
Subject: Have a nice day!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: "Martin Webster" Date: Tue, Sep 4, 2001, 1:40 pmTo: Mick Treacy

Subject: READ your correspondenceMichael,READ your correspondence. I anticipated your reply before you even sent it. This was the passage:-----<< . . .

Do you seriously imagine that any Cause, however true and noble, can survive a crooked leadership and a supportership comprising in equal measure the morally myopic and sheer dunderheads?

Your intellectual position (or should I say contortion) is best described in those passages in George Orwell's '1984' which deal with "Double-Think" . . . >>-----'Newsnight' has not paid me a penny - though in the old (NF) days the electronic media automatically used to pay ALL interviewees (whoever they were, no matter what subject, no matter what the programme) a nominal fee to cover release of copyright on the taped item.

If 'Newsnight' sends me such a payment, I shall be happy to accept it.

If any such payment is sent, it will be only in double figures.

For a day of my time, that is chickenfeed. Griffin has been happy to appear on 'Newsnight' on many occasions.

Have you asked him about any fees paid to him?

Since you childishly pick away at trivial financial information, let's get real and discuss SERIOUS MONEY:Griffin has been receiving $1,000.00 (circa £600.00) A WEEK as a "wage" payment from Cotterill's AFBNP operation.
Cotterill has never produced accounts of his income or expenditure and has never even operated an AFBNP bank account so that BNP members and other donors can be assured that their cash was honestly handled.Furthermore, despite this PERSONAL income, no such payments have ever been itemised in the BNP "accounts" produced by Griffin's father - yet those accounts refer to the party's wage bill.

So unless you can get a better explanation, it would appear that Griffin has been copping a secret "wage" from Cotterill of £600 a week AND has ALSO been making a weekly "wage" demand on the BNP's (British) funds, AND has ALSO been putting in weekly "expenses". How about that for greedy, Michael!?

Why not ask about all this?

Why not ask why INDEPENDENT AUDITED ACCOUNTS are not being produced to cover the period of Griffin's Chairmanship of the BNP and why no accounts whatever have been prepared and published by the AFBNP?

And what about the added value to Griffin's farm house (an extension) and barn (completely redeveloped) created by the FREE work of BNP members using materials paid for out of BNP funds?

What equity does the BNP have to reflect that investment . . . or was it all a gift to the Griffin family?Are you aware that the Griffin family perpetrated a similar swindle against the Young National Front when it refurbished the barn on their farmhouse property at Huntingfield, Nr. Halesworth, Suffolk?

Are you aware that YNF youngsters worked like slaves (including, it is said, carrying out asbestos removal!) for FREE - weekend after weekend - on the promise that when the property was sold, the added value their work had created would be paid to the YNF as a donation?

Are you aware that when the property was sold not a penny was donated to any political cause (except that of the Griffin family?)

Are you aware that when the YNF youngsters were toiling away they were sold cans of lager?

These cans were DONATED in a bulk supply by one of Griffin's friends, Tony Williams. Williams ran a big off-licence business and the cans he donated could not be sold as they had passed their "sell-by" date. He thought the cans would be given out to the lads for free.

In fact the Griffin family spent time sanding off the elapsed "sell by"date and they SOLD them the naive toilers at £1 EACH!!

In the face of all this, you have the incredibile impudence or imploding moral sense to question me about an interview fee from 'Newsnight"!!!

May I say that when I worked full time for the NF the highest weekly wage I received was £35 a week. On being bounced out of the party I discovered that the party had not been making my National Insurance payments.

Also, Nick Griffin as Chairman of the Kangaroo Court "Disciplinary Tribunal" which expelled me from the party refused even to return to me £1,250 of my private funds - the balance of my privately-raised 'Peter Hain Legal Defence Fund' - which I had reposed in Trust with the party during the Peter Hain libel case at the High Court. (I still have the party's receipt slip, signed by Tom Acton, then the NF Treasurer.)

So after 13 years full-time service on (at best) £35 a week, I was shoved out of the door by Griffin & Co with one week's wage in my hand, with not a penny of redundancy money, with a tax and N.I. debt . . . and robbed of my entire personal savings of £1,250.

At that time I was perhaps the most "notorious' Nationalist personality in the country.

But I was left DESTITUTE by that creep and his friends.

THIS is how I know that Griffin is dishonest.

If you don't believe me about this, if you don't believe that one Nationalist "comrade" could treat another in such a fashion, then ASK Griffin, and see the grin light up his face.

THIS is why I shall not cease to denounce him as the malignant crook and cheat that he is.If YOU are too stupid or too dishonest to take in all the above facts then you and those like you in the BNP deserve ALL the grief you've got coming.

I will use any and every platform I can find to expose the corruption being perpetrated by Griffin and his family and inner-circle coterie.

I am NOT required as a Nationalist to keep quiet about the criminality being perpetrated by these people.

I am duty-bound to shout my accusations from the roof tops, by myself if necessary, just as I have done in the past while all you poor idiots do shout "Traitor!" at me while your pockets are being picked.

In the face of the above facts, don't you see that your last set of comments were utterly pitiful and shameful?

Yours sincerely,Martin Webster.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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