Saturday, May 09, 2009

Political Pigs

Douglas Alexander: spent more than £30,000 doing up his constituency home – which then suffered damage in a house fire.

Margaret Beckett: £600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants
Hazel Blears: claims for three different properties in a year
Gordon Brown: house swap let PM claim thousands
Andy Burnham: had an eight-month battle with the fees office after making a single expenses claim for more than £16,500
Alistair Darling: stamp duty paid by public
Caroline Flint: claimed £14,000 for fees for new flat
Geoff Hoon: established a property empire worth £1.7 million after claiming taxpayer-funded expenses for at least two properties
Lord Mandelson: questions over timing of his house claim
David Miliband: spending challenged by his gardener
Paul Murphy: had a new plumbing system installed at taxpayers’ expense because the water in the old one was “too hot”
John Prescott: two lavatory seats in two years
Jack Straw: only paid half the amount of council tax that he claimed back on his parliamentary allowances over four years
Shaun Woodward: millionaire minister received £100,000 to help pay mortgage
Phil Hope spent more than £10,000 in one year refurbishing a small London flat
Keith Vaz claimed £75,500 for a second flat near Parliament even though he already lived just 12 miles from Westminster
Michael Martin used taxpayers' money to pay for chauffeur-driven cars to his local job centre and Celtic's football ground
Vera Baird tried to claim the cost of Christmas tree decorations
Greg Barker made a £320,000 profit selling a flat the taxpayer had helped pay for
Margaret Moran switched the address of her second home, allowing her to claim £22,500 to fix a dry rot problem
Ben Bradshaw used his allowance to pay the mortgage interest on a flat he owned jointly with his boyfriend
Phil Woolas submitted receipts including comics, nappies and women's clothing as part of his claims
Barbara Follett used £25,000 of taxpayers' money to pay for private security patrols at her home
Barry Gardiner made £198,500 profit from a flat funded and refurbished at taxpayers' expense.
Alex Salmond claimed £400 per month for food when the Commons was not even sitting


On the back of all this, will the BNP elect its first MPs?


Anonymous said...

Keith Vaz claimed £75,500 for a second flat near Parliament even though he already lived just 12 miles from Westminster

The dirty paki should be deported

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til they reveal what the Labour councillors have been up to. If I were them, I'd be very scared.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party are finished forever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Can they claim for food?

Yes, if they are meals which they have eaten while staying away from their main home. They do not need to submit receipts (though some do) and can claim a maximum of £400 per month. Some MPs even wait until the end of the financial year and then submit one food claim for £4,800."


Anonymous said...

Jobseekers Allowance is just £59 per week. MPs get to eat better than the unemployed have to live on.

I hope Labour crumbles at the locals, the euros, and the general. They deserve it for betraying everything they once believed in. Let that also be a lesson to the BNP.

E. N. Ronn said...

It would be a cruel irony indeed if Gri££in and his sleazy, corrupt cronies benefit from public revulsion at NuLab money grubbing!

"Cometh the hour, cometh the man"? If so, now is not yet the hour (though surely it is not far off . . .), for Gri££in is certainly not the man!

Anonymous said...


Nicholas J Griffin.

We need answers to the sleaze, cronyism, nepotism and cover-up.


Equal rights 4 Brits now said...

Elainor Laing, Tory MP for Epping Forest claims for a 2nd home in London when she lives 200 metres from Theydon Bois tube station which is on the Central Line.
It's only 40 minutes into London from there, why claim for a 2nd home?

Anonymous said...

As EN Ronn says, Griffin is not the man unless all you want in life is to give a kick to the big parties which they shrug off with a laugh after a few days of uncomfortable press coverage.

They don't give a toss about a few fringies on big salaries stuffing their gobs in Brussels. Gets them out of the way for peanuts in terms of the government budget.

in the old days such people were given jobs on the other side of the world as small Gods in little colonial provinces like the Duke of Windsor in Bermuda - for the big beasts - or minor civil service jobs which sounded important for the insignificant but inconvenient.

Can't people see all that?

John Hamilton said...

EN Ronn is correct.

Nick Griffin is as 'bent' as the Westminster politicians.

If only we had a nationalist leading the North West Regions list - someone like Cllr. Wilkinson of Burnley.

Mick Treacy -Oldham said...

Stop slagging of Nick, he is my mate.

If it wasn't for Nick, me and some others would never have ruined Oldham BNP.

I am great me.

Alan 'Fatty' Rhodes said...

Me and Mick T are mates we love beer we do ! Yes we ruined Oldham BNP.

Anonymous said...

an insult to pigs !

Anonymous said...

Mick Treacy ?

Isn't it true that Treacy hand delivered one of Griffins banning orders personally to John Tyndall in Burnley before JT's death ?

Treacy is a wrong un ! Thank God he has dropped out.

Admin said...

Yes !

Anonymous said...

Equal rights 4 Brits now said...
Elainor Laing, Tory MP for Epping Forest claims for a 2nd home in London when she lives 200 metres from Theydon Bois tube station which is on the Central Line.
It's only 40 minutes into London from there, why claim for a 2nd home?

09 May 2009 21:57


Anonymous said...


Quango pays £200,000 to staff... for a new job title.
Concerns: The National Audit Office has told Trevor Phillips it will not fully endorse the accounts

The Government’s equality ‘super-quango’ was in a new row last night after Britain’s spending watchdog refused to sign off its accounts over secret payments of £200,000 to senior officials.
The National Audit Office has told Trevor Phillips, the £110,000-a-year chairman of Labour’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, that it will not fully endorse its accounts.

The dispute concerns the replacement of the Race Equality Commission by the all-purpose EHRC in 2007.

Four senior figures on the payroll of the Race Equality Commission were given ‘re-engagement’ payments totalling £200,000, despite also being paid more than before for doing their same jobs as ‘consultants’.

The four even stayed at their old desks and had the same office telephone numbers.

They were being paid for up to a year until other staff raised concerns.

A well-placed source said: ‘The transition period in 2007 was frantic. Experienced people were needed to make sure it was a success.’

As head of both bodies, Mr Phillips was responsible for the transition.

The challenge from the Audit Office could mean the EHRC will be asked to pay the money back.

It is the latest controversy to hit Mr Phillips and the EHRC, which in its first two years has spent £120million of public money – including bumper staff pay rises of up to 25 per cent.
In March, the EHRC was rocked by the resignation of three of its top officials within a week. One of those who quit, veteran former anti-apartheid campaigner Kay Hampton, said the EHRC was ‘being run by fear and paranoia’.

Mr Phillips was accused of a conflict of interest last year after The Mail on Sunday disclosed how he was paid by Channel 4 for giving advice following the Celebrity Big Brother racism scandal involving Indian actress Shilpa Shetty.

Critics said the role was at odds with his duty as the Government’s equality chief to make businesses and public bodies obey anti-discrimination laws.

There is growing speculation over whether Mr Phillips will be reappointed when his 31⁄2-day-per-week job comes up for review in September.
Mr Phillips’s predecessor as Race Equality Commission chairman, Lord Herman Ouseley, told The Mail on Sunday he had received complaints from EHRC staff who were ‘disillusioned with the organisation’.
A spokesman for Mr Phillips declined to comment.

Anonymous said...


So This Is What Labour Means by British Jobs for British Workers

The number of foreigners who have been given state jobs - paid for by the British taxpayer - has risen to an amazing 400,000 across the country, figures released in parliament have revealed.

In addition, some 1.9 million are working in private sector jobs in Britain, the figures showed.

The foreigners are working in local councils, the National Health Service and other civil service positions. State jobs come with all manner of benefits such as pensions, housing subsidies and other perks not normally available to ordinary working folk.

Not surprisingly, the NHS is one of the largest employers of foreign staff.

Ruth Lea, an economic adviser to the Arbuthnot Banking Group, said the figures made a mockery of Gordon Brown’s pledge of “British jobs for British workers.”

“Most jobs over the past decade have gone to non-British workers,” she was quoted as saying in a report.

“One of Labour’s central policy planks was to get British people off benefits and into jobs. We can now see that that has been nothing but lip service all along.”

According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 3.06 million workless households in Britain in the three months to June 2008. This represented 15.8 percent of all working age households.

There were 4.29 million working-age people living in workless households. This represented 11.4 percent of the working age population.

There were 1.77 million children living in workless households in the three months to June 2008. This represented 15.4 percent of all children in working-age households.

* It is worth noting that although the number of foreigners in public employ has risen under Labour, the last Conservative government was also a determined employer of foreigners in the public service. At the time of the end of the last Conservative administration, the number of foreigners in civil service jobs was 235,000 - only 175,000 shy of the current Labour regime’s figure.

Anonymous said...


Senior Labour MP accuses MP of 'whitewash' over coverage of BNP rise to power

Delay: The BBC have put off an investigation into the British National Party until after next month's elections
BBC bosses are under fire for going soft on the far right British National Party.
News chiefs at the corporation were accused of a ‘whitewash’ for delaying an investigation into the extremist views of the BNP until after the European elections next month.
The poll on June 4th could see the neo-fascist group gain British seats in the Brussels Parliament for the first time.
Campaigners and MPs said that politically correct liberals at the BBC are ‘being played like fools’ for treating the BNP like ‘any other political party’.
The party’s leader Nick Griffin has already been offered a one to one chat with the BBC interviewer Andrew Marr if his party acquires its first MEP.
The anti-fascist campaign group Searchlight called for an explanation of the BBC’s decision to postpone the broadcast of an investigation into a senior British National Party activist with links to the South African security services.
The shelved investigation, being produced by BBC Wales, features Arthur Kemp, the South African head of BNP election distribution, who was arrested following the murder of anti-apartheid activist Chris Hani, in 1993.
Although subsequently released, Kemp admitted producing a list of names of prominent ANC activists that was found at the home of one of Hani’s killers.
Searchlight is also angry that a Newsnight report titled ‘the rising power of the BNP’ broadcast last week concluded: ‘It looks like a more moderate BNP courting voters this spring.’
The programme failed to mention that Clive Jefferson one of the BNP activists it interviewed was arrested two years ago for an alleged public order offence, following a complaint from a member of the public that he had been threatening and abusive whilst distributing BNP literature.
A second BNP figure featured in the report, Martin Wingfield, was arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned in 1985 under the Race Relations Act, following distribution of racist literature.
His criminal record was not mentioned either and BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby advised his members to watch the broadcast, claiming it was, ‘not a bad piece overall’.
Senior Labour MP Jon Cruddas has written to Helen Boaden, the director of BBC News to call for a change of tack, after it also emerged that BNP spokesman have also been interviewed by a BBC camera crew for a second Newsnight piece on ‘British Jobs For British Workers’, a phrase used by Gordon Brown but now appropriated as the BNP’s election slogan.
He wrote: ‘It seems to me that there is total confusion within the BBC regarding editorial policy towards the British National Party.
‘Membership of the BNP is proscribed in a number of public sector organisations, such as the Police and the Prison Service. It is not, ‘just another political party’.
‘There is no attempt to scrutinise the BNP on their extremist policy platform, their membership, their links to other extremist organisations, or their extremist philosophy.’
Mr Cruddas said: ‘Their activists are featured, but not challenged. Issues favourable to their agenda are analysed on national news and current affairs outlets.
‘Invitations are extended to their spokesman indicating they are to be treated as if they are a mainstream political party. And programmes which expose their extremist and racist agenda are shelved.
‘It is imperative that common sense and clarity are brought to the Corporation’s editorial policy towards this neo-Fascist organisation.’
A Searchlight spokesman added: ‘The BBC are being played like fools by the BNP. The Newsnight broadcast was a whitewash, and now they’re axing programmes because of pressure from Nick Griffin and his thugs.

'If the BBC want to cover the BNP that’s fine, but they have to challenge them and properly expose their agenda of prejudice and hate.’

Anonymous said...


It seems that Searchlight, the private company of Gerry "Unstable" Gable is really throwing a strop, that having stamped their feet, no one is listening to them.

They are now attacking the BBC for failing to attack the "extremist views of the BNP" until after the European Election.

So what are these extremist views that the convicted communist criminal Gable objects to.

British Jobs for British Workers
Ending the illegal wars
Ending illegal immigration
Equal rights for whites
I could go on but you get the point. Best thing is you read the article yourselves. If it is possible to smell fear over the internet, you will smell it in the ramblings of Searchlight and the toad Jon Crudass, MP.

But for any passing journalists with just an ounce of honour and professionalism, then why not investigate Searchlight?

Why not ask them where they get their funding from?
Ask them about their part in the attacks on on members of the British National Party.
Why did a children's charity give them over £70,000?
What did they spend that money on?
Why do all the Establishment parties have Searchlight as their spokes company.
Who is paying for Blue State Digital and what is the relationship between them.
Is there any truth about Sonia Gables involvement with the National Front.
What is Mark Croucher of UKIPs relationship with them
Why are all the regional leaders of Searchlight communists.
Ask them about their relationship with the moslem Respect Party
Ask them their involvement with the political terrorists of the UAF and ANTIFA

And there is more they could ask if they were real journalists. The truth is out there. They can find most of the answers on this site or are they waiting for the documentary that I am working on to come out first.

Searchlight is a busted Flush and now the people know about them. Why not bugger off back to America with your pathetic hired gunslingers of BSD who made a pigs year of Ken Livingstones campaign and wasted oodles of CWU workers subscriptions doing nothing.

We know everything Gable. Everything.

By the way I look forward to posting more details about some of your newer supporters soon. Just editing the file now.

Anonymous said...


LEEDS City Council is facing a long and costly legal battle after travellers set up an illegal camp on land THEY OWN.
At least six travelling families have moved their caravans just yards from residential houses in Rothwell, where furious residents claim their anti-social behaviour includes emptying excrement into Rothwell Beck.

Now the council has issued a "stoppage order" to prevent more mobile homes arriving and it is now feared the case could be drawn out through the courts and cost tens of thousands of pounds for Leeds taxpayers.

It was four years ago that the council was taken to the House of Lords and Court of Appeal by the Maloney family in a case which cost an estimated £300,000 for their legal aid, after they refused to move their caravan from council-owned land at Tingley.

Now residents in Rothwell whose gardens back onto the plot, where seven caravans are parked, are furious saying their "peaceful haven" has been ruined by noise and disturbance, as well as threats and intimidation, since the travellers arrived three weeks ago.

"We feel threatened and intimidated and want the travellers moved," said a spokesman for the Leadwell Lane Residents' group.

But the travellers say they are not doing any harm and need somewhere to live, especially as the Leeds official traveller site in Cottingley Springs is full, with a waiting list of 18 applicants.

The land at Rothwell was bought recently by Martin Conners, of York, who is from a travelling family.

Now he is allowing relatives and friends to live on the land off Leadwell Lane, which backs onto Rothwell Beck, and is near a children's play area.

Pensioner Wilf Armitage, in his 70s, and wife Molly, who have lived in their terrace house at Leadwell Lane for 43 years, say they are devastated by the arrival of work vans, caravans and lots of vehicles, passing their windows several times a day.

Mr Armitage said: "There is loud music, generators going, transit vans going up and down.

"The first we knew was a few weeks ago when a lorry appeared, then a caravan. Now there are families living there.

"They make lots of noise, screaming and carrying on, playing music and upsetting everyone."

He said nobody knew that the land was up for sale, and if they had known, then residents would have bought it between them for communal use.

Now residents have formed a group and are holding regular update meetings. They are being supported by local councillor Jack Dunn (Lab, Ardsley and Robin Hood).

Coun Dunn said: "This could end up being a costly and long drawn out saga for the council. We are expecting planning permission to be put in by the travelling fraternity.

"A number of people are living there and have put down hardcore on what was grassland scrub.

"They have no planning permission, no toilet facilities or water supply. The residents claim they are emptying raw sewage in the beck."

Residents say it is impossible to talk to the travellers, as they were often met with aggression and threats.

One neighbour who did not want to be named said: "We have been threatened and feel intimidated. People have been abused and called names.

"The police have been out but can't do much due to Human Rights laws. We are at our wits' end."

A woman traveller, living in one of the caravans told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "We are not doing anyone any harm. I don't know why the neighbours are so upset with us. We clean up and keep the area tidy. We want no trouble here.

Leeds has an official site with all amenities for travellers at Cottingley, which is currently full, with a waiting list of 18 applicants.

The council does not have plans to open another site. Neighbouring Kirklees does not offer any facilities.

A senior source at Leeds City Council added: "This is going cost the council a bomb. There will be court hearings and all sorts of problems for the residents.

"It could well be a landmark case as the travellers own the land."
A spokeswoman for Leeds City Council said: "We have issued and served a temporary legal notice which stops further caravans being sited and prevents permanent building work whilst we hold further discussions with the land owner about his intentions with the land.

"Some works have taken place and caravans have been sited without planning permission. As a result we're seeking legal advice about further enforcement action.

"However, the landowner does have appeal rights with the planning inspectorate and may submit a retrospective planning application."

A previous case of the Maloney travelling family who put their caravan on council owned land at Tingley, in 2004, reached the House of Lords and Appeal Court in London after they refused to move from playing fields at Spinkwell Lane. They were forced to move eventually.

It was estimated that their case cost Leeds taxpayers around £300,000 in legal aid costs, council officials' time and legal costs.

Anonymous said...


A FORMER Lord Mayor of Manchester has branded the BNP as the 'grandchildren of Hitler'.

Coun Afzal Khan says the British National Party share the same ideas as the Nazi Party, who persecuted Jews and many others before and during the Second World War.

He was speaking at a meeting on 'community cohesion' at Manchester Jewish Museum on Cheetham Hill Road.

The museum is near to where recent anti-terror raids resulted in 12 Pakistani nationals being arrested. They were later released without charge, but are facing deportation.

Coun Khan said: "The rise of the BNP to a level we have not seen for 30 years can strengthen the relationship between the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Anonymous said...

Graham Stringer MP, Manchester, Blackley (

ER OH RIGHT!!! lol

Anonymous said...


Blears: I won't quit
EXCLUSIVE Yakub Qureshi

May 10, 2009

HAZEL Blears has insisted she will not resign despite finding herself at the centre of the MPs' expenses storm.

The Salford MP and cabinet minister sold her London flat in August 2004 for £200,000, making a £45,000 profit.


But she did not pay 40 per cent capital gains tax because the taxman was told the property was her main residence, saving her an £18,000 bill.

But leaked expenses figures showed the flat was registered with parliament as a `second home' - so she could claim £850 a month for its mortgage.

Last night Ms Blears - who spent the day at a motorbike time trial in Cheshire - told the M.E.N the claim was `not a resigning matter'.


She says she fought to get her Salford home designated as her primary residence with Commons authorities, after being told she had to register her London flat as her `first home'.

But she pointed out that the Inland Revenue rules are different and let sellers nominate any property their main home.

She said: "I battled for the change because I wanted Salford to be my main home. I resented them telling me I had to say it was London.

"Not only is this not a resigning issue, I think it shows that I was prepared to challenge the (Parliamentary) Fees Office."


In March 2004 Ms Blears declared Salford her second home and spent £850 on a TV and video, and £651 on a mattress.

One month later, she switched her second-home designation to the London flat, claiming £850 a month for the mortgage.

After selling this property in August 2004, she claimed for two months living in London hotels - including claims for three Kit Kat Chunkies and a glass of wine.

She then bought another London flat for £300,000, designating it her second home and claiming a monthly mortgage plus grocery bills of £400. Later she spent £4,874 on furniture, £899 on a bed and £913 on another new TV.


As well as the London flat - now worth £500,000 - Ms Blears owns a £300,000 semi in Eccles. Ray Mashiter, secretary of the Salford Constituency Labour Party, said the MP still enjoyed local support and `hasn't done anything wrong'.

Anonymous said...

What stregnth skunk shit is that cunt Ray Masshitter smoking these days?

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...