Friday, May 08, 2009

It isn't about policy or people

Its about stopping the BNP

I don’t think we should be gambling on the three main parties alone managing to stop the BNP. That’s why we are putting the clear message across to vote Green to stop Nick Griffin getting elected to the European Parliament. For more details visit

ANTI-RACISM campaigners took to the streets in South Yorkshire last night as they organised a picket of a pub where the leader of the BNP was appearing.
Nick Griffin addressed a meeting of his far-right party at the Fleets pub in Smithies Lane, Barnsley, as protesters staged a demonstration outside.

We Brits don't do free speech, thank goodness

Less than a month before local government and European Parliament elections, Labour is facing a wipeout in county council town halls in what could be the worst local election results for 30 years.

Its share of the poll in the Euro elections will be doing well if it tops 20 per cent on current signals, with the British National Party stalking its first beachhead on the lucrative European stage.

Senior politicians are drawing up cross-party plans to fight the British National party in next month’s local and European elections, amid fears the far-right party could stage advances by exploiting an “anti-politics” tide sweeping the country.
Harriet Harman, deputy Labour leader, and Eric Pickles, Tory chairman, will hold talks next week to draw up a strategy designed to isolate the BNP and to co-ordinate a united response in areas where the party is campaigning.

Mr Farage also predicted his party could stand in the way of an electoral breakthrough for the far-right British National Party in the north of England.

Politicians generally, rather than any one party or MP, will be damaged by the disclosures on MPs’ expenses. They will discredit mainstream politics, reduce turnout and benefit anti-establishment groups. So watch how other parties, especially the British National Party, do in the European elections on June 4.

Labour and the Conservatives are preparing a joint strategy for combating the BNP at the local and European elections next month.


Anonymous said...

Just shows them up for what they are. Bunch of corrupt idiots with no idea of how the British want to be governed.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting information.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link and read the article "We don't do free speech...'

The usual lib left drivel, but what was interesting were the comments.

Most un pc!

And in the Times no less.

It appears the lib left establishment scribblers are way out of touch with what is happening on the streets.

Long may they stay in their ivory towers.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

It appears the lib left establishment scribblers are way out of touch with what is happening on the streets.

With the leaking of MP expenses we can safely conclude that the bankers have had enough of Labour. Brown is rolling downhill and gathering speed toward the abyss.

Anonymous said...

Carlisle Against Racism is leafleting every house in the city as part of their fight to stop the British National Party (BNP) gaining local seats.

The push was launched before the European Parliament and county council elections on June 4.

In recent weeks, right-wing BNP supporters have had a high-profile presence in the city centre, where they have been handing out flyers.

Carlisle Against Racism aims to counteract that by delivering 30,000 leaflets direct to households and organising anti-racism events. Teams began delivering them this week

Can someone organise a counter demo to get their event cancelled?

Anonymous said...

That fucking trecherous cunt, froggy Farage, should face a legally constituted firing squad, along with all those other traitors funding rent-a-cunt scumbag anti-nationalist groups.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...