Friday, May 29, 2009

Labour adopt the Union Flag to fight off the BNP

The Labour Party use the British flag just as they use the British people.

Please post your leaflets back to Labour HQ and don't use a stamp. Let the Labour Party pick up the tab.

Send them to:

The Labour Party

Eldon House

Regent Centre

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE3 3PW.
"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"
-Samuel Johnson 1775-


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, and to think they were trying to ditch the flag a few years ago. The entire Labour Party should be hung. GOD BLESS THE TELEGRAPH.

My leaflet is going in the post tonight. Don't forget to remove your address label. You never know, they might send their stasi round to shoot us.

Anonymous said...

I'll go one better and use a 1st class stamp. The wankers can have it back ripped to shreds in an envelope. Robbing traitorous scum!

Anonymous said...

My Labour leaflet is suddenly mysteriously full of pictures of those ghastly white people Labour has tried to destroy but suddenly wants to exploit for votes.

I particularly relished the bits about how they are working to create jobs. Not lately.

Anonymous said...

FUCK THE LABOUR PARTY! But not literally. Mine is in the post :)

Occupied Britain said...

A future for Britain, what future.

Anonymous said...

A future for Britain, what future.

29 May 2009 21:33


The mainstream parties have been servicing themselves on our backs for years. Way over time to kick them in the head.

Anonymous said...

I like the way that the word "labour" is in small lettering in white and on the white part of the union jack. lol

Anonymous said...


More than a third of British MEPs are paying their relatives hundreds of thousands of pounds, despite a ban by the European Parliament next month on employing family members.

The wives, husbands and children of MEPs are earning up to £40,000 a year to work as secretaries and researchers at a total annual cost to taxpayers of more than £700,000.

Campaigners called last night for all 78 British MEPs to stop employing relatives immediately to prevent any suspicion that public money was being misused. New Members of the European Parliament will be banned from hiring relatives, but those already employed can stay until 2014.

After the Westminster expenses scandal and less than a week before next Thursday’s European vote, the spotlight is now focusing on MEPs’ generous and largely unregulated expenses. MEPs were under pressure yesterday to publish receipts showing how they are spending their £3,800-a-month office allowances.

The salary of British MEPs rises next month from £63,000 to £80,500. In total MEPs can receive expenses and allowances of £363,000 a year including a £261 daily subsistence allowance for simply turning up at work. They are entitled to £183,776 in staff allowances, £87,407 in travel expenses and £45,648 in general office expenses even though they are provided with offices in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The office allowance is paid automatically and they do not have to produce receipts to support the expenses or repay any underspend. One MEP said he had been told that just a handful of politicians have ever repaid any of their expenses because they had not spent the total amount.

GWR said...

Labours close relatives the communists under Stalin, used patriotism when they were in great danger of being slaughtered by Germany in 1941, and brought back their flags and other patriotic symbols.

Anonymous said...

If it's freepost then send them a house brick wrapped up !

Just say it's for their building fund.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great idea, have returned mine. Lol

Anonymous said...

MONTREAL – It was only when Bill Surkis sent his computer to a repair shop to check for a virus that police were notified of suspicious videos on his hard drive.

Based on that evidence, the former regional director of B’nai Brith in Quebec was charged Friday with two counts relating to the possession and accessing of child pornography between July and November, 2008.

Surkis, 69, who was also the academic dean of John Abbott College for 22 years, and the executive director of the Holocaust Memorial Centre, spent the night in jail before being released with a long list of conditions Friday afternoon.

He is forbidden from being in the presence of minors or in any park or playground where minors congregate. It was not clear whether this condition also applies to his own grandchildren.

He is forbidden from using his computer or any other equipment to access the Internet except for work purposes, and he is barred from going to Internet cafés.

Surkis has been working recently as a political consultant.

And he was ordered to give up his passport and remain in Quebec unless given written permission by the prosecutor.

Surkis’s lawyer, Steven Slimovitch, said his client was very upset by the charges.

“He understands how serious the accusation is,” Slimovitch said. “We will not make light of this.”

If found guilty, Surkis will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 14 days and a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

That said, Slimovitch pointed out that Surkis has no prior accusations or history of using child pornography. And althoug the videos were found on his computer, Slimovitch said, his client is not accused of making, selling or trafficking the videos.

Slimovitch, who is also National Legal Counsel for B’nai Brith Canada, said the news will likely come as a shock to the Jewish community.

“He’s a community leader,” he said. “I assume everyone will take a step back and look at this seriously.”

Anonymous said...

Patriotism is the first refuge of Labour cunts.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...