Thursday, May 07, 2009

Each illegal immigrant costs us £1m, says study as Government faces calls for amnesty

Queue: Would-be illegal immigrants in Calais wait for their chance to enter Britain. More could follow if ministers buckle to demands to grant asylum to those here
An amnesty allowing illegal immigrants to stay in Britain would cost taxpayers £1million for each newcomer, a shocking new report revealed today.

The massive sum reflects the costs of handouts and other state services provided over the lifetime of the average immigrant.

The figure would also apply to many of those who have already been granted asylum in Britain, according to campaign group Migrationwatch which commissioned the study.
Their revelation came as thousands of churchgoers, trade unionists and charity workers today prepared to rally in London in support of an ‘earned amnesty’ for 450,000 foreigners.

The coalition argues that providing permanent residency for those long-term illegal immigrants who meet certain conditions – roughly half the total – would bring in more than £1billion of tax a year.

But Migrationwatch warned that such an amnesty would overburden the public purse during a recession and only tempt more migrants into the country.



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Their revelation came as thousands of churchgoers, trade unionists and charity workers today prepared to rally in London in support of an ‘earned amnesty’ for 450,000 foreigners.

The British deserve everything they will get if they allow this. The BNP should march in opposition.

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EU backs legalizing kosher slaughter, despite activists` protest

slaughter, Jewish World

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of legalizing Jewish religious slaughter of animals in all European Union countries.

In a plenary session on the issue, a majority of MEPs voted to introduce laws that would allow religious animal slaughter (or "shechita" in Hebrew) "in accordance with religious rites," which would be binding across Europe.

Shechita is currently forbidden in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Switzerland permits shechita for poultry only. The final text of the proposed amendment to the EU laws will be brought before the Council of the European Union next month.

"This vote represents the first time that shechita has been recognized as a legitimate form of animal slaughter by any European institution," said Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and chairman of Shechita EU.

"We have to see how this will effect legislation, but this is a good result," said Michael Melchior, the Danish-born former chief rabbi of Norway, who was involved in efforts to legalize the practice in Scandinavia, where Kosher slaughter has been the subject of heated debate.

Shechita is performed by horizontally cutting an unsedated animal's throat with a very sharp knife and allowing the blood to drain out.

While Jewish groups have lobbied for this procedure's legalization, animal rights groups vehemently oppose it, calling it inhumane. The UK Farm Animal Welfare Council says the method by which kosher and halal meat is produced inflicts severe suffering upon animals and should be banned.

A humane method of slaughter

But Melchior argues that the practice's protocol makes it one of the most humane methods of slaughter in existence. "Traditionally, resistance to shechita was always mixed with xenophobia," he told Haaretz. "And now the same applies to the Muslim community and their halal slaughter practices."

The EP vote represents a victory for the coalition of the European Jewish Congress, the Conference of European Rabbis and Shechita EU, a nonprofit promoting the legalization of religious slaughter.

"We see this issue as crucial to religious freedom and observance in Europe," said Serge Cwajgenbaum, secretary general of the EJC.

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CRAZE: A parents' group lashed out at the game
A PARENTS’ group yesterday attacked an internet craze where children can make their on-screen characters dress in drag and have sex change operations.

In the My Queen game, boys and girls as young as seven get a naked virtual “queen” to clothe.

They compete against other players in “style-off” competitions to be crowned “queen of queens”.

Players can take their queens to “surgery” for sex change operations. The site says: “The queen’s surgeons can perform top quality lip, breast and pectoral implants (as well as penis extensions!).”

At a “Danzz bar”, their characters can binge-drink and try to pick up lovers of either sex.

They can even try to assassinate rival queens and the site has a real-life dating forum.

My Queen’s creator Blouzar, of n orth London, also made Miss Bimbo, which has 1.75 million members and was attacked for encouraging young girls to give their characters “boob jobs”.

There are no age restrictions on My Queen, which already has 10,000 members, apart from an over-18 limit on the dating forum.

Andy Hibberd, of parents’ rights group Parentkind, said: “The danger of this game is that it may give young children a state of mind where they see sex operations, dressing in drag and casual and gay sex as normal.

“Parents have to get together to protect children’s innocence and stop firms like this making money by exploiting children.”

Blouzar director Chris Evans, 28, said: “Parents need not worry about children playing on our website. It is all harmless fun and teaches children about the real world.”

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Thursday, 07 May 2009
Peres to Obama: No Choice But to Compare Iran to Nazis

'The world has no choice but to compare the threat posed by Iran now to that of Nazi Germany before the Second World War, President Shimon Peres told U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on Tuesday.

"Iran is a threat not just to Israel, but to the whole world. As Jews, after being subjected to the Holocaust, we cannot close our eyes in light of the grave danger emerging from Iran," Peres said.

"If Europe had dealt seriously with Hitler at that time, the terrible Holocaust and the loss of millions of people could have been avoided. We can't help but make the comparison".'

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London Police Ordered to Halt “Stop and Search” for Fear of Offending Muslims

Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson has announced that Scotland Yard will “scale down” its stop-and-search anti-terrorism powers over fears that it is offending Muslims. The move was ordered after Sir Stephenson had talks with the Muslim Safety Forum and Liberty organisations.

The 2007 attempted car bombing of Tiger Tiger nightclub in central London, pictured, sparked an increase in the use of stop-and-search powers. The tactic will now be scaled back over fears it disproportionately targeted ethnic minorities,” Sir Stephenson said, ignoring the fact that these “ethnic minorities” are the “ethnic majorities” in large areas of London.

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MEPs snub Le Pen with rule change
23 hours ago

Euro-MPs have changed their rules to prevent French far-right politician Jean Marie Le Pen from presiding over the first session of the newly-elected European Parliament in July.

Socialist MEPs acted because if Mr Le Pen, 80, is returned in June's European election he will be the oldest MEP and therefore asked to open the ceremonial inaugural meeting.

Under new rules approved on Wednesday, the outgoing President of Parliament, instead of the oldest member, will perform the opening ceremony at the start of the new five-year term on July 14 in Strasbourg.

The rule change split MEPs down the middle, with some determined to deny Mr Le Pen a platform, and others insisting that, as a democratically-elected MEP, the French National Front leader was entitled to follow tradition.

UK Labour MEP Richard Corbett welcomed the result: "I am relieved that Mr Le Pen will not be opening the Parliament in the next term."

He said Le Pen had abused his Parliamentary immunity last month by repeating remarks that saw him convicted for Holocaust denial.

Mr Le Pen was fined £190,000 for holocaust denial in 1987.

Mr Corbett added: "As recently as March, Le Pen abused his position as an MEP by repeating disgusting statements that the gas chambers were a mere detail of history, knowing that he was protected by parliamentary privilege.

"This is not about silencing dissent - a rule change isn't going to shut Le Pen up. The point is that the opening of Parliament is a purely ceremonial occasion, not a free platform for a convicted Holocaust denier to make more outrageous and offensive statements."

But Graham Watson, Liberal leader in the European Parliament, said there was no justification for treating Mr Le Pen differently from other elected MEPs "even if we hate his politics".

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America; the Zionist Colony
Written by

Throughout history countries have exerted their utmost to avoid losing their independence and becoming a surrogate or puppet at the hand of another country or countries. This has resulted in unwanted wars and conflicts which have led to colonialism and exploitation of weaker states. Yet, the colonized countries have not always been a convenient place for the colonialists, for the people of these countries have often opposed their existence.

Today, USA the world's so-called biggest power has lost its independence to such an extent that one thinks this vast country is a backyard or playground of the Zionist regime or the world Zionism.

This has become more obvious after the Bush administration coming to power in 2000. Political analysts and university pundits have been ringing the danger bell long ago, but the Zionist lobby has extended its hands to the US political, financial, cultural and social infrastructure so much so that almost all decisions in the Bush administration are taken with the lobby's permission.

Dear friends Frank Scott, a contributor to Countercurrents website has dealt with the subject in detail in his article titled America: Zionist colony.

The Zionist lobby in the US has great control of US government and media as well, and its political organizations bring enormous pressure on publications or individuals expressing criticism of Israel, quickly labeled anti -Semitism. If that criticism extends to questioning some aspects of the Nazi persecution of Jews, made even more horrible with constant repetition, they are labeled holocaust deniers.

America's global position has establishment groups battling for control of foreign policy. Sectors of the old white Anglo Saxon protestant ruling class see dedication to the Jewish state endangering empire and are in a struggle with the newer Jewish power bloc. This clash of political mafias will hardly bring peace, but it has already brought out much about the previously unmentionable. Support for a colonial state that brutalizes its native population enough to shock survivors of South African apartheid can only continue with Americans kept in complete ignorance.

This illogical and morally degenerate policy has colonials settling where they believe they originated - with no evidence save mythology - and calling themselves Semitic natives, while the Semitic people who've lived there for centuries are expelled, made refugees, and called anti-Semite terrorists when they resist.

Once the Zionists achieved the destruction of Iraq their focus became Iran, with the most incredible claims fed to a public about that nation's leader and policies. Ahmadinejad, hosting a conference on that untouchable topic, has been transformed into a person who will exterminate Israel, based on a repeatedly twisted quote and oblivious of the facts of thousands of Jews living quite well in Iran.

Tales of the Iranian threat stem from the same feverish source of psychotic fears and supernatural beliefs that transform Israel from a nightmare for Palestinians into a theme park for Jews.

The colonization of American government will only end with creation of a real fifty state democracy in the U.S.A., which could help bring about a real one state democracy in Palestine. Unfortunately, anything less will mean much more pain and suffering, possibly of epic proportions, And not only in Palestine, and not only for Jews.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...