Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nigel Farage Sounds UKIP Death Knell as He Admits to Taking £2 Million in Expenses

UKIP party leader Nigel Farage has dealt his party a death blow by “cheerfully” announcing that he has taken “more than £2 million in expenses” from his time in the European parliament - over and above his salary.

The shocking comment was revealed during a lunch Mr Farage had with former Labour Minister for Europe, Denis MacShane MP, after a Foreign Press Association conference on the future of the European Union yesterday (image alongside).

The news firmly places UKIP into the same bracket as all the other Westminster political parties with regards to ripping off the hard pressed taxpayers in the shocking expenses scandal which has engulfed all the political parties in Britain - except the BNP.

Talking on today’s BBC 2 Daily Politics Show, Mr Macshane was trying to defend his own personal outrageous expenses claims - and those of his colleagues - when he suddenly announced that this sort of thing was everywhere.

“I was with Nigel Farage of UKIP yesterday afternoon debating and he said quite cheerfully - you know what Nigel is like - I have got two million pounds in expenses from the European Parliament,” Mr Macshane said, obviously hoping that the announcement of this bit of thievery would somehow excuse his own.

Listen to the shocking sound file below:


Anonymous said...

Policeman who claimed £77,000 in benefits jailed for eight months

Policeman who claimed £77,000 in benefits jailed for eight months
A benefits claimant who failed to notify the authorities that he had landed a job as a police officer has been jailed for eight months, it has emerged.

Leicester City Council said the custodial sentence handed down to Aquil Egbewo should act as a warning to others that anyone suspected of benefit fraud would face investigation.

The local authority said Egbewo, 34, was involved in making false claims totalling more than £77,000 between 2001 and 2007 after becoming a police officer with Leicestershire Constabulary while applying for benefits.

A hearing at Leicester Crown Court last Friday was told Egbewo and his partner, both of Cheviot Road, Leicester, had failed to declare his new job to either Leicester City Council or the Department for Work and Pensions while making claims for unemployment benefits, council tax and housing benefits, and incapacity benefit.

Egbewo pleaded guilty to his part in the fraud, which was uncovered in a data matching exercise, but his partner failed to answer bail and is now believed to be in Pakistan.

Leicester City Council's revenues and benefits investigations manager, Stuart Limb, said: "This case sends out a strong message that we will investigate anyone suspected of committing benefit fraud.

"In this case, the fraudulent claims took place over a long period, and involved a huge amount of money."

Anonymous said...

UPDATE 9:30PM GMT 18/5/09:

The poll referred to in this article has been removed due to a clear attempt by a political group to sway the results. -


News Desk

The far-right British National Party is projected in a London Daily News poll to gain around 30 per cent of the vote in London which would result in up to 2-3 MEPs in the capital, and 7-8 MEPs nationally.

Conservative activists who have been canvassing aggressively the last weeks have been reporting a "stark increase" in BNP support on the doorsteps alarming many Tory grandees that the right wing of politics is being hijacked by the far right BNP.

The scandal over MPs expenses has eclipsed any concerns over immigration in the capital according to canvassers from the main political parties, and a "political meltdown" for the main political groups could take place on June 4, if voters do not turn out.

The London Daily News poll of 4433 votes shows the following:

Labour : 7.76% (345)
Conservative : 41.79% (1857)
Liberal Democrat : 13.46% (598)
Green : 1.91% (85)
BNP : 29.91% (1329)
UKIP : 2.72% (121)
Other : 2.45% (109)

If the BNP was to win the projected 7 seats nationally according to reports, it would lead a "European nationalists" block in the European Parliament led by BNP leader Nick Griffiths, with the group being entitled to £5 million in political funding from the EU.

The following days will see a concerted campaign by the main political parties to undermine the efforts of the BNP with an attempt to dissuade voters to "waste their vote" by voting for the BNP. Labour has already started a "Stop the BNP" leaflet which is being distributed to local parties nationally.

The Daily Telegraph ran a story that most of the BNPs new support is from disgruntled Labour voters:

"The Labour Party used to stand for what we believe in. Now, no way. It's not just immigration that has changed; it's our way of life. We're becoming a Third World country in Europe with no influence, no power and the people not knowing anything about their own history."

Sources within the Conservative hierarchy are "so concerned" by the BNP that publicly they do not even refer to it, and just refer to the BNP as "that evil party".

The European Parliamentary elections June 4 will be run with a proportional representation method.


Anonymous said...

Another thieving rat.

Anonymous said...


richard Chadfield said...

As I have said before the British political system is corrupt beyond any hope of redemption. It is corrupt at local level. It is corrupt at national level. It is corrupt at extra national (European) level. All significant British political parties are corrupt. There is no point in voting in June, or at any other time. Voting is just playing their game and lagitimising their rule. The voting system asks you to choose between a number of utterley worthless parties. Why should you? Just say no to all of them by not voting. Remember, there is only one thing the system needs from you and that is your participation (voting) in their charade. Your vote legitimises them. Deny them the legitimacy they need.
You will lose nothing by not voting and you will gain nothing by voting. (what have you gained in all the years that you have voted?) Not voting is a positive act which ,if followed by enough people, will force change.
Those who want change should not be fooled by any of the parties --they should choose not to vote.
Richard Chadfield

E. N. Ronn said...

With all due respect, Richard, not voting simply gives power to the minority who do vote. As a means of effecting change, it is utterly hopeless. The system parties could not care less if only 20% of the electorate vote, so long as most of those votes are cast for them. Whether voting for Gri££in and 5IMon Darby is a valid alternative is quite another question. Their dominance of the movement is however the result of non-participation by better people, which seems to be what you are advocating on a larger stage.

E. N. Ronn said...

I cannot help thinking that what Farrago was boasting of doing was taking EU funds for the benefit of his party, not to line his own pockets. Gri££in's ostensible objective in standing for the Strasbourg Parliament is, er to take EU funds for the benefit of his party, so, loathsome hypocrite that he is, Gri££in is castigating Farrago for being more successful than he is at his own game.

Anonymous said...

Bungling Bi-sexual Buffoon Barnbrook should learn to keep his stupid mouth closed when speaking to the media?

Most of the BNP's strongest regions, such as Yorkshire and the east and west Midlands, only elect five or six MEPs each. You need about a sixth of the vote in each region for a seat — roughly double the BNP's 2004 figure.

London elects eight MEPs, putting the bar at about eight to 10 per cent. But multi-racial London, outside a few pockets like Barking, is not the best area for the far Right.

Even Mr Barnbrook concedes that a BNP win in the capital is “unlikely”. The BNP's real hopes are fixed on the North-West, which has both eight Euro-seats and a somewhat bigger racist vote.

Even there, however, it may not be big enough. Dan Hodges, spokesman for anti-racism organisation Searchlight, said: “Last week was supposed to be the big one for the BNP, with the campaign launch, the party political broadcast and the rest. But they ended no higher in the polls than they were before. Their campaign looks like it's in serious trouble.”

The truth is that an election which many feared could be the BNP's coming of age might turn out to mark the beginning of its end.

As Mr Travers says: “In the past six months we have seen the collapse of the financial system, followed by the collapse of the political class. If the BNP can't make it now, they probably never will.”


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the Daily London News, as for opinion polls the five recent ones I've seen put the BNP at between 2% to 5%, not enough to send Money bags Gri££in to Brussels! He will have to stay home in Welshpool and continue plotting with Dowson & Co on how to extract more money from the membership after June 4th.

Anonymous said...

John Walker, assistant press officer for the British National Party, said the content of the leaflets was not inflammatory as all election material was required to be checked before it was printed and bundling leaflets together made the job of postal workers easier.

He said: "I think the police are showing their own political bias. Would they have complained if it was a Labour leaflet? I have got no sympathy for the police in this matter.

"I would say don't blame the poor old postmen. I think the police are being a bit harsh on Royal Mail."

Walker has a new job!

Anonymous said...

Giving Piss head Walker the job of assistant press officer is another big mistake on Gri££in's part. Gri££in has a habit of giving out important jobs to idiots, Collett & Hannam are only two examples. The only qualification you need is to be a Yes man.

Anonymous said...

i can't vote bnp until Gri££in says where all the Trafalfar Club money has gone.

Farrago takes money for UKIP.

Gri££in takes money FROM the bnp.

that's the difference.

Gri££in is a leech and a fly-by-night.

Anonymous said...


UKIP’s “British” Euro Candidates: A Sri Lankan and an Argentinean Living in Spain

The scandal-ridden UKIP party, still reeling under the revelations that its leader Nigel Farage has swindled claimed more than £2 million in expenses, has now been exposed as a thoroughly non-British party whose candidates include an Argentinian who now resides in and is a citizen of Spain, and a Sri Lankan – both of whom are on record as enthusiastic supporters of the European Union.

UKIP’s adoption of the Argentinean-born, Spanish citizen and resident Marta Andreasen as an MEP candidate must be one of the most hypocritical, ridiculous and outrageous events of this year’s entire European election campaign.

Mr Farage has had to specially waive his own party’s rules which forbid non-UK nationals from standing for his fake party. Ms Andreasen’s candidacy in fact has given legitimacy to the entire EU concept. She does not live in Britain, holds an EU passport, yet is standing for election in the South East of England with Mr Farage.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...