Saturday, May 30, 2009


UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom pays assistants who also work for his investment firm

A British MEP uses his parliamentary staff allowance to pay three assistants who are also employed at an investment company in which he is a major shareholder.

Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP representative for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, who made headlines when he claimed that women do not “clean behind the fridge enough”, employs his 20-year-old niece and two other members of staff at TBO Investments.

Mr Bloom was director of research at TBO until he was elected to the European Parliament in 2004 and remained as a consultant until two years ago. He still owns 20 per cent of the company, which was fined £28,000 by the financial services regulator last October for “advice failings”.

Emma Brader, his accredited parliamentary assistant, and Victoria Skowronek, his secretarial assistant, were both working in the York headquarters of TBO Investments yesterday, six days before the European elections. David McLaughlin, another member of his staff, is a director of TBO Investments.

Mr Bloom, 59, has used his official website to highlight the expenses scandal at Westminster. It says: “Godfrey Bloom employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance, unlike most other MEPs (non-UKIP).” It also laments the “woeful lack of candour and common sense in modern-day politicians”.



Anonymous said...

Did you know that in the 10yrs Farage has been an MEP he has spoken in the EU parliament less than 15 times, and received £2million for his lack of achievement. Make sure you tell the voters, and people in the pub.

richard chadfield said...

MEP's cost us a great amount of our money. What do we get in return? As I understand it MEP's are politically impotent--that is without power. . They do not create legislation--this is done (check this I may be wrong) by the EU commission. They can not stop legislation that the commission has drafted: they can mearly comment upon it and suggest amendments. All their suggestions and posturings can be ,and probilly are, ignored by the commision. In short MEP's are ,in my opinion, bought and paid for decorations whose purpose is to make a dictatorship look other than what it really is.That is to sustain the charade that the E.U is democratic.
MEP's ,all of them, must know the true nature of the E.U (or they are stupid --take you choice) :they know that they are politiclly irrelevant and, presumably, they really do not care about their irrelevance as long as the pay cheques keep dropping into their bank accounts. Each and every one of them is ,in my view, a small person selected (in my opinion) for just that reason. Corrupt systems select small corrupt or corruptable individuals as functionaries. How else could it be? How could a corrupt system survive if it's functionaries were not small corrupt ,or corruptable, individuals?
As the old saying says: corruption spreads from the head down.
The best thing to do in the coming elections (which are not about you making a meaningful political decision but about the system requiring you to lagitamise it ) is to not vote or ,if you choose to vote just write: " none of you " on the ballot paper.
Remember that this game will run for as long as you agree to play in it. To stop their game (con trick) just stop voting-stop lagitimising them. If you vote they will claim that whatever they do is o.k because you gave them your authority to do it.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Worth printing and putting out.

Anonymous said...

Watch this take the mick out of UKIP it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Read.

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