Friday, May 22, 2009

Be our guest

LONDON (Reuters) - Embarrassing disclosures about the vast expenses claims of British members of parliament amount to a "McCarthy-style witch-hunt" that risks driving politicians to suicide, a lawmaker warned on Friday.
Nadine Dorries, a member of the opposition Conservative party, wrote on her blog that the two-week scandal, in which the Daily Telegraph newspaper has drip-fed details of how members of parliament have abused their generous expense allowances, was forcing politicians to the brink.
The scandal has triggered outrage across recession-hit Britain and opposition calls for an early general election.
European and local elections to be held on June 4 are expected to reflect the level of popular disgust, with lower voter turnout and a move toward fringe parties predicted.

"The atmosphere in Westminster is unbearable," Dorries wrote on the blog ( "People are constantly checking to see if others are OK. Everyone fears a suicide. If someone isn't seen, offices are called and checked."


Anonymous said...

This is an example of why the BNP or other patriotic, grass roots party might just have a chance.

Poor old Nadine is completely out of touch:

with her constituents;

with the political reality of what is going on, and

with the effect of what she has said.

She will probably be surprised and hurt when Cameron tells her off for being so inept. She genuinely does not get.

Rejoice in the stupidity of our enemies! Rejoice!

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Just wait till it comes out about the way the Griffin family and a select few (ahem Collett) use the money donated to the BNP for thier own personal use.

GriffinWatch said...

Oh the poor little lambs. I feel so sorry for them. NOT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what about all the businesses across the uk that are going to the wall, looks like MPs are coming into the real world

Anonymous said...


lslamist Mobs Destroying Democracy in Britain: Threaten to Attack BNP Billboards
May 22, 2009
Two British National Party election advertisement billboards in different parts of the country came under threat from mobs of Islamists this afternoon. One billboard was covered up after the mob intimidated the police by threatening to attack.

The first sign of trouble came in the West Midlands where an Islamist mob emerged from a local mosque after Friday prayers - where they had possibly been stirred up during the sermon - and threatened a BNP billboard advertising ‘British jobs for British workers,’ according to BNP press officer Simon Darby.

“The police were called in to protect the billboard, which they did, despite the mob taunting them, threatening Jihad and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other such militant Islamist slogans,” Mr Darby said.

“The outbreak of militancy appears to have been coordinated, because at almost the same time, a BNP advertising billboard in Luton was surrounded by a similar mob. They were also shouting Islamist slogans and carrying items which were clearly intended to be used to set fire to it,” he continued.

“The billboards do not even mention Islam or Islamism, and merely call for British people to be given jobs, so the cause of the Islamist militancy obviously lies elsewhere,” he said.

According to Mr Darby, the local police in Luton then ordered that the billboard be covered up “for public safety.”

“In other words, mobs can threaten violence in the street and instead of being arrested, the police and authorities cower down and submit to whatever these mobs want,” Mr Darby said.

“Forcing the BNP to cover up its billboard underlines the fact that Britain is being colonised by Islam and that this is leading to the suppression of democracy.

“This is what the immigration policies of successive Tory and Labour governments have created: A situation where a violent mob of Islamists can dictate to the public which party they have a right to hear.”

Mr Darby said the BNP was not going to be intimidated into backing down. “We have too much at stake,” he said. “We are the only party which opposes the Islamification of Britain and we will not be put off by threats of violence from these people.

“The BNP will never stop until it has reclaimed this land for its indigenous people, so those who seek to destroy Britain had better accept this or leave.”

Anonymous said...


UKIP is Israel's best friend
uk independence party

Roger Knapman was, until very recently, leader of the UK Independence Party.

He has spoken out against the argument that the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah were disproportionate. ( 7 - 8 - 2006)

"We all want peace in the Middle East," declared Mr Knapman. "However, we mustn't think in terms of Israel taking on the Lebanon, but of Israel taking on a terrorist group whose aim is to destroy them..."

"Let us not forget that Hezbollah are firing Iranian missiles at Israeli civilians and that Iran's conservative president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Israel must be 'wiped off the map'.

" The three political parties have all stated that they think the attacks by Israel are disproportionate in terms of the initial offence, which was the capture and imprisonment of Israeli soldiers.

"What is disproportionate" continued Mr Knapman, "is the criticism of the Israel counter attack. As stated in the United Nations Charter, nothing impairs the inherent right of a nation state to defend themselves if an armed attack occurs.

"What could be more threatening to a country than its neighbours publicly announcing they want that country destroyed?" he added.


UKIP Leading Figures and Personalities

Michael Maclaire-Hiller is treasurer of UKIP Friends of Israel

Vladimir Bukovsky is a UKIP Patron

Mike Zuckerman is on the UKIP NEC, London

Richard Suchorzewski was a candidate for the party leadership

Anonymous said...

From The Jewish Chronicle

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Members of the United Kingdom Independence Party are making a fresh attempt to relaunch a Friends of Israel group. Michael Zuckerman, secretary, said: “There is tremendous support for Israel within UKIP.” The planned group had the backing of party leader Nigel Farage and others among their nine MEPs, he said. Mr Zuckerman, a solicitor, said that although attempts to set up a Friends group started a couple of years ago, it had been stillborn.

Anonymous said...

From The Jewish Chronicle

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage
There is a “strong bias” against Israel within the European Union and an emergence of “almost a trendy new form of antisemitism” in politics, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party believes.

Nigel Farage, head of the party’s delegation of nine Euro-MPs, hit out in an interview with the JC at hostility towards the Jewish state.

“There is within the European institutions a very strong anti-Israel bias,” he said. “I would almost say — and I am bit nervous of saying this — there’s almost a new trendy form of antisemitism creeping in…

“There is a fundamental dislike of Israel, but it’s more than that. And we find that objectionable and worrying.”

UKIP opposes calls to suspend the EU’s trade agreements with Israel and is critical of European aid to the Palestinian Authority.

“I don’t think you should give money to anybody until you can absolutely guarantee that it is not falling into the wrong hands. The wrong hands could be fraud or, in the case we are discussing here, some of the groups who behaved in a very unpeaceful manner.”

He added: “I almost feel that the reason the EU gives this money is because it wants to appear to do the very opposite of everything America wants.”

A former businessman in the metal trade from Farnborough, who was first elected as an MEP for the South-East Region 10 years ago, Mr Farage strongly supports moves by the party’s most senior Jewish figure, its secretary Michael Zuckerman, to establish an active Friends of Israel group.

When Reading Council debated Israel’s Gaza operation, Mr Farage — one of the local MEPs —wrote to them. “I asked, shouldn’t they be more concerned with potholes and snow?”

For a party with a strong commitment to national self-determination, he ventured: “Although it’s not on such a hostile level, our battle with the European project is not dissimilar with Israel’s own battle for survival. They are similar principles.”

But the party is also troubled by another aspect of EU policy. The idea of open borders and free movement “sounded like a fabulous idea — and when we were in the Union with France and Germany, we didn’t really notice it”, he said.

“But having let in very poor East European countries into a political union with free movement, we think the effects of mass migrations of labour into Britain at a time when unemployment is rising, when people are nervous, is having a detrimental social effect in this country.

“I would say, proudly, we have had the best relations between communities in Britain of any country in Europe. We’ve been liberal, open-minded and generally had a pretty happy society.

“We are fearful that this current situation is leading to a rapidly deteriorating sense of relations between communities.

“And I think the evidence for that is that you’ve seen an increase in British National Party votes in urban areas.”

But if people fear the BNP stands to gain, might not some people attracted to the UKIP platform instead vote for the main parties, to ensure that the BNP is kept out?

“That argument, under first-past-the-post is probably true,” he said. “But under a proportional representation system not at all, because in a PR system there is no such thing as a wasted vote.

“A UKIP vote on this specific issue is a vote that says to the political class we want to have control, but we say that in a spirit of wanting to live in a country that is at ease with itself as opposed to saying it in a spirit which is highly discriminatory about other ethnic and minority groups in this country.”

UKIP, he believes, is certainly ripe for more Jewish support. “There are,” he said, “a couple of members of the House of Lords I am working on.”

Anonymous said...

Since when did these greedy troughers give a damn about press stories done on others? Fuck em and hang em.



Anonymous said...

"Nigel Farage, head of the party’s delegation of nine Euro-MPs, hit out in an interview with the JC at hostility towards the Jewish state"

Methinks he jests! I've been in the company of many UKIP'ers, and I can assure you they're the most anti-semitic people I've ever met. I was shocked by their level of David Ike worship and conspiracy theory. Bunch of nuts.

Anonymous said...

"From The Jewish Chronicle

Follow the JC on Twitter
Members of the United Kingdom Independence Party are making a fresh attempt to relaunch a Friends of Israel group."

Under Griffin it's amazing there isn't already a BNP Friends of Israel. Or maybe there already is ?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...