Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Charlene mum in police order threat 

Charlene's Downes mother Karen

POLICE have handed an harassment warning notice to the mother of missing schoolgirl Charlene Downes after she distributed leaflets about the two men acquitted of killing her daughter and disposing of her body.

 But Karen Downes has refused to sign the order and says she would rather “put herself in prison” than agree to the notice.

The 46-year-old said: “I’m very upset. I’m Charlene’s mother and I should be allowed to peacefully protest. “I’m entitled to make my point of view. “I won’t sign it. I will put myself in prison for this. “There is no way I will sign this, they can arrest me.”

Leaflets Mrs Downes was with a group of friends when she handed out leaflets implicating Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi in her daughter’s disappearance. The St George’s High School pupil has not been seen since November 2003 when she disappeared, aged 13. Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi, owners of the former Funny Boyz takeaway on Dickson Road, were arrested as part of the murder investigation. Mr Albattikhi was accused of murder and Mr Reveshi was charged with helping dispose of a body but both denied ever meeting Charlene. They were later acquitted of all charges.

 Mrs Downes admitted posting leaflets through letterboxes on St Chad’s Road and handed others out on the Promenade.

 The harassment notice was posted through Mrs Downes’ home on George Street, Blackpool, when she refused to speak to the police. She added: “I wouldn’t speak to them, I was so angry. “I think it is a disgrace.”

The harassment notice requests Mrs Downes does not communicate with Mr Albattikhi or Mr Reveshi by letter, telephone or computer. She has been asked not to enter Mad About Chicken on Talbot Road, Cafe Express Shop, on St Chad’s Road, and Yum Yum Fish and Chips Shop, on the Promenade. Mrs Downes has also been told she should not distribute or send leaflets which contain references to Mr Albattikhi or Mr Reveshi.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed: “A 46-year-old woman from Blackpool has been issued with an harassment order following the distribution of a number of leaflets in the Blackpool area relating to the on-going Charlene Downes murder investigation.”

 Mrs Downes will now take part in a ‘Justice for Charlene’ event in Blackpool. She added: “There will be a demo at 12pm on Saturday, June 9. “We’ll be starting from Yates’s pub in South Shore. “All we want is justice for Charlene.”

NWN: The Police are really trying to take the proverbial here aren't they ? One day soon, there will be a clear out within them. The politically correct/marxist one's should be booted out forthwith.

If they had done their jobs in the first place, instead of being frightened that someone might call them racist, there would be no need for all this.

Meanwhile, anyone who can do, should support the demo mentioned in the article. But expect the Police to be their usual grumpy selves. Smiling faces and dancing and good humour is reserved for such as the Notting Hill carnival.


Bred in the bone said...

She should accept the notice, not sign it, accept it, in writing, in her own terms.

Anonymous said...

"I KILLED her. . . I was just angry."

This is the chilling moment police claim a takeaway boss admitted to the murder of Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes.

Iyad Bassar Albattikhi was heard making the admission after police bugged a work colleague's home, a murder trial was told.


Anonymous said...

Luton: local Sikh community protesting over 'sex attack police failures'


Anonymous said...

The jury that found them muslim scum not guilty are posh white idiots who don't know whats happening in the real world they are not allowed to have criminal records and come from rich areas they are mostly uaf members so feel sorry for the poor muslims. The police should reopen this case like they did in the "saint Stephen Lawrence" case

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