Friday, May 04, 2012

BNP crashes out in local elections  - 

British National party loses nine of 12 seats held in 2008, including key Burnley presence, with three results still to declare The British National party has lost at least nine of the 12 seats it held in 2008, including its stronghold of Burnley. 

The far-right British National party is facing political meltdown, having lost nine of the 12 seats it held in 2008 with the remaining three still to declare. 

The party's sole representative in Burnley – once the party's stronghold – has been defeated and in other areas the BNP's vote is down by as much as half. In London, the BNP is trying to hold on to its seat on the assembly, with the results due to be announced on Friday evening.

Nick Lowles from anti-racist campaign Hope not Hate said: "It is been a disastrous night for the BNP. They have lost councillors, failed to regain seats they won in 2008 and generally their vote is well down on previous elections. In some of their strongest wards the BNP vote is down almost 50% from 2008, the last time these seats were contested." 

Key BNP areas such as Epping Forest and Pendle are expected to declare on Friday afternoon, but Lowles said the most significant result was the party's defeat in Burnley. "The BNP won its first councillor in Burnley in 2002 and the following year it became the second largest party on the council so this is a hugely important victory." Since the peak of its electoral success in 2009, when it won two seats in the European parliament, the BNP has been mired in infighting and financial chaos. 

This year, it stood substantially fewer candidates than in previous years with no one representing the party in several of its previous strongholds, in Yorkshire and the north-east. Lowles said it had also been squeezed on one side by a resurgent Ukip and on the other by the the English Defence League, which is expected to announce on Saturday it will contest future elections as part of an alliance with the British Freedom party, a small rightwing group, at a rally in Luton.

NWN: So will 'Agent Griffin' now resign due to his running the BNP into behind where we were, when he hijacked the party in 1999 ?  Not a bit of it !

We here at NWN have indicated what Griffins job was, way back and since 2001. But almost no one was listening then, and we got much abuse and hatred from the Griffinites.  And where are the Griffinites now ? They have almost all disappeared. 

The fault of all this has been Agent Griffin and his erstwhile supporters, as well as people like Agent Darby. Agent Darby knows nothing about politics, so just what has his job been all these years close to Griffin ? MI5 or Special Branch ?

We told you so !


Anonymous said...

Deja Vu ?

Griffin has trashed the BNP just as he did the NF in the 1980s.

To do it once is perhaps bad luck. But to trash the movement TWICE !

Sir Henry Rumpo said...

With the obvious disastisfaction of the voter, can you imagine the gains a decently organised nationalist party would have made last night. A pox on you Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Gri££in tweeted about seeing his first cuckoo today.

Is he on drugs ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin IS cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

On the BNP website Griffin is saying the election results for them are good. I don't know about drugs but he is in cuckoo land.

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