Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another 2 arrested in Rochdale Pakistani paedophile rings outbreak...........

Detectives investigating Rochdale child sex ring make two more arrests

Detectives who smashed the Rochdale child sex grooming ring have arrested two more suspects. Two men, both 33, were held earlier this week on suspicion of rape and sexual assault. They were bailed pending further inquiries. 

The men, who are from Rochdale and are understood to be Asian, are suspected of abusing one of the five girls who gave evidence during the trial at Liverpool, which ended in the jailing of nine men. The trial heard the girl was plied with drink before being raped or sexually abused from the age of 15 over a period of two years. The girl has told officers she was also abused by four other men, who she knew only by nicknames, in 2008 or 2009. 

Although the claims were not part of the court case, detectives have continued to investigate her allegations and now believe they have established the identities of those four men. 

At least one of them is thought to have fled to Pakistan. 

One senior detective said: "Our inquiry continues. There are other potential victims coming forward. The positive side of the court case is that people want to speak to us. We’ll have to see where that takes us." The two suspects arrested earlier this week have not been quizzed in connection with allegations of a second child sex case in the town. 

It was revealed last week how nine men had been arrested over allegations from another girl who has told officers she was sexually abused over a six-year period from the age of 12. ≈ Anyone who is concerned about a child or young person can call GMP on 101 or 999 in emergencies. You can also call the NSPCC on 0800 800 5000. Any child or young person wanting help and advice can use the numbers above or contact Childline on 0800 1111. | 

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NWN: Just how many Pakistanis are at this paedophile rape activity ? It must be in the hundreds now.There seems to be fresh arrests everyday and in every part of England. 

We like the way this 'newspaper' states  "Detectives who smashed the Rochdale child sex grooming ring".

What a load of rubbish !  

The Police have dragged their feet for almost 10 years in case they got called 'racist' .

We also note that at least one of these 'beasts' has done a runner back to Pakistan, so why do they keep giving them bail ?


Anonymous said...

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The Wars are for Turning Indigenous People into Carbon Copies - Sheik Imran Hosein (Interesting)

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Serb nationalist Nikolic wins presidential vote.

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Who is behind The End Of White Countrys.

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The Works and Research of ZionCrimeFactory.

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Don't forget Noor Ramajanly who tried to fit up a Nationalist father in Epping Forest.
He's got off scott free.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...