Saturday, December 16, 2006

We just had to show this picture of this 'nice boy' who runs a radio show in the good old USA.

Any guesses as to his antecedence ?

It's about time we had a 'bit of a pop' at the local idiots who run chat shows on the radio right here in Lancashire .

We can think of one right now, that spouts marxist claptrap on Radio Manchester from 'morn till night', and who says he hails from Warrington - Alan Beswick.

Then we have that obscene pillock, James Stannage, who is forever getting rebukes and sacked for his hatred on the airwaves, but is still allowed to purvey his gobshite marxist claptrap. Stannage used to send hatemail to the Rochdale BNP mailbox in the early 1990's.

Then we had Stannages clone, James H Reeve. Just where do the broadcasting media get these totally marxist and unrepresentative idiots from ?

There is also some marxist idiot that sometimes drifts over the airwaves and the Pennines to Gods county Lancashire, is she called Alex Hall ?

Come on let's have the names and pictures of these marxist loudmouths that foul our countries airwaves.

A marxist that was on our list was Jim Hancock of BBC television, he was supposedly married to Labour party member Frances Done, the ex-Rochdale MBC Treasurer and Commonwealth games organiser.Hancock was OK when he worked for Piccadilly Radio in the late 1970's, then changed.

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