Friday, December 01, 2006

Support this National Front march tomorrow - Saturday 2nd. December

Name: Terry Blackham

From: National Activities Organiser

Sent: 20:23 GMT on 25 November

Topic: Tom Holmes

As most of you will know Tom Holmes (NF Chairman) was up in court on Thursday 23rd November 2006 for sentencing.
The charges he faced were put forward by the prosecution after an disagreement whilst Tom was on his campaign trail during the May local elections this year, to cut a long story short, it was alleged that Tom Holmes said to a Greek woman that she should "stick your paki flag up your fucking arse".
Firstly, for all those who have known Tom for many years he has never once sworn!
Secondly, Tom does not use the word "paki"!
The inconsistencies between this Greek woman's two witness's, of whom were family, were so noticeable even an idiot could spot them (please excuse Judge Worsley and the members of the jury!).
Every time Helen Kikis went to lose it in the dock the great Judge Worsley jumped to her rescue by saying "please slow down I can not keep up", this gave the lying bitch the chance to regain her composure.
Toms barrister was very fair in his questioning towards Kikis, the prosecution barrister went into Tom like a bull in a china shop, to which Tom did not give him the response he required, the Judge did not need to show Tom the courtesy of "slowing him down"!
Kikis said she felt scared and angry at the fact that we were in the area but still felt brave enough to come out of her house ranting that our Chairman should "watch his back when he walks the streets", she also not only left the safety of her home to rant but followed our activists out of her garden ranting on two occasions!
The sentence passed down to our leader is the he will carry out a home imprisonment order over the maximum 6 months the Judge Worsley could give, this will mean that a 76 year old man who has never been in trouble with the police will be on a curfew every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 1000am and 1000pm, this will be enforced by Tom being fitted with an electronic tagging device!!!!!
What a bunch of w*nkers our so called "leaders" really are, they should hang their heads in shame. Special branch officers have been so kind as to offer our leader "protection", they have also offered this to Kikis.

The fact that this was just a set up by Kikis and her family from the beginning is bad enough but lets look at just how bad the law in this country has got, for a few choice words the fact is the good old race act can give someone a prison sentence of two years for words!
The judge had said in his summing up that he would have had no problem giving this had the person before him been of younger years than Tom.

After the court case 20 members of the NF made their way to Great Yarmouth and distributed 2000 leaflets advertising our march against immigration next Saturday 2nd December 06.
We had a great response from locals, some asking for more leaflets, youngsters chanting "Kosovans out". What will you all be doing next Saturday?
We can all think of a thousand excuses not to be there but I would ask you all to show Tom Holmes, the National Front and the decent racial nationalist people of Great Yarmouth your full support.
Drop the excuses and make the trip, you all know it makes sense!
National Front forever!!
Form up outside Great Yarmouth train station at 200pm Saturday 2nd December 06.


NorthWestNationalists said...

I have known Tom Holmes since the 70's. He is a good man and would not have swore at anyone.

Graeme said...

Kevin Hughes a BNP orgsniser, is at present in jail for an alleged attack on an illegal immigrant.
The Home Secretary ruled in 2003 that tagging was not a viable option for racially motivated offences!

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