Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nick Griffin’s invitation to UKIP members in VoF

AT THE local elections last May the British National Party gained 34 new councillors.

The United Kingdom Independence Party didn't gain any - in fact UKIP only managed to top the poll in one council seat.In the seven local council elections where BNP and UKIP candidates have gone head-to-head since May, the BNP has beaten UKIP in six of them, polling twice as many votes.

With David Cameron's Conservative Party targeting its policies towards the Centre-Left of British politics in order to attract Lib-Dem voters, the silent majority of British voters have been left unrepresented by the three main parties.The British National Party's chairman Nick Griffin, knows the local elections on May 3rd are vital for both the BNP and those Britons who still hold dear our traditional family and Christian values."We need to get a large number of British National Party councillors elected", he told Freedom."

As many councils as possible need to have a BNP councillor to alert the public when anti-British policies are being pushed through by councillors from the three main parties."In the run-up to these elections we need all the help we can get and that is why I'm asking UKIP members and supporters to come and join us and help us in our great electoral push on behalf of the British people."The BNP is the Party of the moment.

We have the momentum and that is why Labour and the Tories are running scared of us. We have proved that we can win seats anywhere, from the North to the South.

"If experienced and committed campaigners channel their efforts on UKIP campaigns and candidates that can't possibly win, it is a wasted effort and one that harms the interests of the British people."To these people I say, come and join us. Come and stand as BNP candidates or join our campaign teams to ensure that the British people have a voice on councils across the country."

And Nick Griffin makes no apologies for this courting of UKIP members and supporters."I have met them at elections - out canvassing and at the counts. They are good people, very good people and we would welcome their contributions to our campaigns. The situation our country faces is much too serious to let minor differences deflect from out efforts in May."

NWN: Unfortunately this writer can remember when Griffin and his 'sidekick' at that time, Dr. Mark Deavin said ; "they were going to offer the UKIP up on a plate" to the BNP, this was circa 1998, he/they, sounded plausible. We all know that Griffin has 'had the hots for money' these last few years, in a very big way.

But when we know that any nationalists who have any 'nous' or talent, have been expelled from the BNP.

When we know that Griffin has sidelined any who have genuine nationalist sympathies.

When we know that even people like historian David Irving and his supporter Lady Renouf are cast as extremists by one who wrote the booklet THE MINDBENDERS - about the zionist jewish conspiracy to rule the World, only a few years ago.

Excuse me when I want to be sick !

Just whom is being offered up to whom ?

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mfi said...

Griffin and Deavin wrote that booklet. Bloody crooks !

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