Saturday, December 02, 2006

The publication in 1999 of a book called 'Standard bearers' by "The Bloomsbury Forum" (in fact, Adrian Davies, leader of the Freedom Party, of which little is heard).

While the book included studies of British patriots who qualify for inclusion in a symposium sub-titled "British Roots of the Right", it was rendered ludicrous by the inclusion of a contribution from one Eddy Butler headed "Disraeli: the Triumph of Style".

The inclusion of that item was as obvious an act of oleaginous ingratiation as Disraeli's notorious flattery of Queen Victoria (performed for the greater glory of the Rothschilds). As to Butler's "style" this -- apart from his platform orations, which put one in mind of a mumbling corpse -- was to ditch Davies and the FP when offered the chance to become the BNP's "election supremo".

NWN: The above was written by Martin Webster. I can concur that Eddy Butler's speeches would send a Saint to his death, they are so boring. However, Webster does indicate one of a number of reactionary tory groups who are vying to control the BNP. The CDA being one of them.They seem to think that all nationalists are dim. Once again they think that they are the Von Papens of the World. Reactionary tories should enter our den with extreme reluctance.


Anonymous said...

What is the CDA ?

NorthWestNationalists said...

The CDA is the Conservative Democratic Alliance, they have a website here;

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