Saturday, December 16, 2006

Family convicted over fire deaths - Police make yet another complete cock up !

NWN : Apparently this Connor family tried to commit the very same act only several days earlier, and the Police did nothing . Typical !

We hear the female members of this scum family are inWakefield womens prison and are showing no remorse whatsoever, absolute indifference. If we had a half decent Police Force, who are not corrupt , we could 'bring back the rope'.

A family was today convicted of killing the parents of a vulnerable teenage girl by firebombing their home over a "trivial" school bullying campaign.

Michael Connor, 40, poured petrol through the letterbox of a Wythenshawe house and set it alight to avenge "imagined wrongs" against his 18-year-old daughter Natalie.

The fire swept through the building as Alex and Maureen Cochrane and their daughter Lucy were sleeping upstairs.

Mrs Cochrane, 45, who worked at a garden centre craft shop, died from horrific burns and breathing in hot gasses while she was trapped in her upstairs bedroom.
Her husband Alex, 54, a baggage handler at Manchester Airport, was rescued by firefighters but died in hospital days later.
Their daughter Lucy, 16 at the time, who was found hiding under her bed, was also badly hurt but survived the attack.
Connor, of no fixed abode, was found guilty of murder today after a trial at Manchester Crown Court.
His ex-wife Jane Connor, 40, of Wellfield Road, Baguley, who had incited him to carry out the attack, was also found guilty of murder by the jury.Their daughter Natalie, 18, who had also encouraged her father to firebomb the Cochrane's house in Warmley Road, Brooklands, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

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