Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hillary Clinton’s Lucrative Goldman Sachs Speaking Gigs

Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29. As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days.
Last Thursday, Clinton spoke for the AIMS Alternative Investment Conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, a closed event exclusively for Goldman clients. AIMS is an annual conference that explores the latest strategies and products available to financial advisers. At the event, Clinton offered what one attendee described to me as “prepared remarks followed by questions.”
On Tuesday, Clinton spoke at the Builders and Innovators Summit, devoted to discussing entrepreneurship and how to help innovators expand and grow their businesses. According to Politico, Clinton conducted a question-and-answer session with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the subject of her remarks or why Mrs. Clinton in particular was invited to the events.
Keeping close to the investment world, Clinton also made visits to private-equity firms KKR in July and the Carlyle Group in September. At KKR’s annual investor meeting in California, Clinton answered questions from firm co-founder Henry Kravis on the Middle East, Washington, and politics. At Carlyle Group, Clinton made a speech to shareholders moderated by Carlyle founder David Rubenstein.
Clinton’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

NWN: This is how they bribe the politicians to do 'their' bidding. The same goes on here in the UK.


Anonymous said...

British MP Claims Israel Gave Chemical Weapons to Syrian Terrorists.

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Illuminati Takedown of America Has Begun.

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International Forum Regulates Holocaust Denial

The scope of Holocaust denial is now defined clearly and without exceptions.

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UK’s devotion to racist Israeli regime.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are NOT bribed while in Public Office,they get the bribe AFTER leaving the job.This may sound silly but it works amazingly well since the public can never prove that the politician responded to a bribe as nothing is paid upfront but several years AFTERWARDS!

The bribe can be very easily hidden as a well paid speaking tour,a multi million pound advance for their memoirs or as a massively over paid directorship.

The likes of Tony Blair get paid millions for a book that almost nobody will ever buy let alone read.They also get paid more in real terms to speak in public,to a tiny audience,than Charles Dickens ever got at the height of his enormous popularity when he could fill any theater on earth.And since when did a professional politician who has NEVER EVER worked in Industry,Commerce or Banking actually know enough about business to justify being paid as a CONSULTANT,what do they know that you couldn't look up in a back issue of Hansard?

But the politicians know that they WILL get paid later for the simple reason that if the business world goes back on the deal even once then the system breaks down and they will never get the "co-operation" they need.

The single most common trait among British politicians is GREED,those who actually want to do some good and serve the nation simply don't get through the selection procedure,except by accident,which explains the odd anomaly like Frank Field or Enoch Powell.

The fact that such people always get sidelined into junior roles despite having real talent while the cretinous,and where do I begin to list them,glide up the greasy pole leaving behind one disaster after another proves that talent and success are not related.Greed is what matters,look at Tony Blair!

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Top generals: Obama is 'purging the military'

Describe president's actions as 'emasculating,' ranks now lack 'will to win'


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OUTRAGEOUS: Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting The Purchase, Possession, Receipt, Or Transport Of A Firearm/Ammunition…

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Ziomedia feigns outrage at NSA, keeps quiet on Israeli spying on Americans.

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Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations.