Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who is going to gain from the ROYAL MAIL sell off ?

Answers on a postcard please.

Reminds us of the post Russian communist state sell offs that rewarded almost a 100% jewish takeover.

Some years ago, someone said; "selling the state utilities was like selling our Canalettos."

Margaret Thatcher started it under  jewish/zionist bankers pressure. Her policy was 'privatisation' as pursued by monetarist jew Milton Friedman. That is why the haggard old bag was honoured by the 'elite'.They rewarded her, and our current politicians are doing the same.

A nationalist government WILL take back the utilities and ensure the British people will not be fleeced for the necessities for life by capitalists.

Water, electricity and gas are needed for life. No profit must ever be made in these areas.


Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds are controlling the sell off !

Anonymous said...

hey I am a leftie to use your terms.

But I agree with you here.

maybe its because I have had many drinkss.

Anonymous said...

The George Zimmerman trial: life and death in the American psyop.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty on All Charges in Death of Trayvon Martin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op.

Anonymous said...

04.06.Said......"I am a leftie"

Not really your just ill informed.

Anonymous said...

WHAT a thrill last night to watch as the Not Guilty verdict was read 0ut on George Zimmerman, and then each of the six jurors was polled and said the same.

Two entertaining press conferences followed, one by an appalling Florida State prosecutor named Corey who masterminded the case - a stout (i.e., fat) black-haired lady with thick over-painted lips. She rapidly declared the press conference "finished" when she was asked an unscheduled question about her having yesterday (!) fired the prosecutor's IT chief who revealed to the defence he deleted text messages on Li'l Trayvon's phone showing him trying to buy a gun, and photos of his marijuana plants.

Then a press conference of the victorious defence team, at which defence counsel O'Mara gave vent to his feelings about how first "you gentlemen" of the Press had demonized George Zimmerman, leaving him like a patient who finds himself on an operating table with crazed monsters wearing surgeon's clothes operating on him, and how he had survived that onslaught to find the State prosecutor then bearing down on him with all the dirty tricks, withholding Discovery, faking evidence, and all the rest at the behest of the Civil Rights movement. Asked his opinion about the lady judge Deborah Nelson, Don West said, "I want to keep my Bar licence for at least another year or two!" Ho!

Best of all was when the camera finally went back to the ghastly Nancy Grace, and she was actually holding back tears of rage about the acquittal. What a joyous spectacle. The six-foot teenager's parents were not in court for the verdict: Miss Nancy said they were not told in sufficient time to enable them to get there.

Yeah, right, when the whole spectacle had been staged for their benefit! Almost certainly the jury verdict was whisked out to the parents a few minutes earlier, to give them time to absent themselves. They should now be searching their hearts -- Sybrina [sic] the mother, and Tracy [sic. even odder for a man] Martin the [now estranged] father, whose dysfunctional parenting seemingly produced a teenager who around the time of the fatal incident was trying to buy a gun, carrying burglary implements in his school satchel, and growing marijuana.

I hope it will relieve the jury if and when they learn that these little details were (in fact quite properly) withheld from them on Judge Nelson's instructions.

GWR said...

The Rothschilds will gain right away.

Only the lossmaking areas will be left.And then scrapped

The Queens protection of the mail will disappear.

Now that is important!

Our country is going backwards at a 'vast rate of knots' to a 3rd world country.

Iona said...


Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...