Monday, July 22, 2013

PC Keith Blakelock suspect may be charged within days over murder of constable almost three decades ago

The man, who was 18 at the time of PC's death, will answer bail this month after he was arrested in 2010
Murdered: Pc Keith Blakelock
Murdered: Pc Keith Blakelock
A man may be charged within days over the murder of PC Keith Blakelock – almost three decades after the horrific killing.
The suspect, who was under 18 at the time of the constable’s death, is due to answer bail this month after he was arrested in 2010.
He is not being named for legal reasons. PC Blakelock, 40, was hacked to death as he tried to protect firefighters from a mob screaming, “Kill the pigs!”
The married father of three sons was on duty on October 6, 1985, at the height of a riot on the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham, North London.
Detectives began working on a cold case review of the crime in 2000 and are said to have
uncovered a number of fresh leads.
Last month the Mirror reported that prosecutors could bring new charges over the killing and the Crown Prosecution Service said it had received “a significant amount of material” from Scotland Yard.
New forensic techniques were used to examine DNA from the officer’s flame-retardant overalls and more than a dozen suspected murder weapons. It was reported last night that the Metropolitan Police are awaiting confirmation from the CPS that it will put the man on trial.
Three men – Winston Silcott, Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip – were originally found guilty of the murder but their convictions were overturned almost five years later. Silcott received £50,000 compensation but remained in prison for the unrelated murder of a boxer before being released in 2003. 
None of the three originally convicted is among five suspects linked to the latest probe. A CPS spokesman said: “The file is still under consideration.”

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NWN Admin said...

This was a comunity copper that was laid on the sacred altar of community/race relations.

The coppers who monitor this site as well as other nationalist sites ought to realise that 'the establishment' will do the same to them, as they would do to us.

Coppers were even frightening little kids with their bully boy attitudes/tactics against the EDL in Birmingham at the weekend.

They would not dare do that against foreigners, only against British people.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

If PC Blakelock's killer is a nigger don't be surprised if jigaboos US President O'Banana and Jesse Jackson start claiming that if they had a son, they hope he's be just like the arsehole who decapitated PC Blakelock.

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