Sunday, July 14, 2013

FE - JONS rally late last year - MADRID SPAIN

And zionist/jewish traitor and so called British Prime Minister David Cameron. Did I forget Rothschild agent too ?

Real Spanish nationalists gaining ground due to the austerity cuts employed by the bankers.

BNP leader Nick Griffins job is to 'knacker up' nationalism in the UK to stop stuff like this and he is paid very well to do that.

This demonstration is in Madrid .

Can we honestly see the corrupt Police allowing a nationalist rally like this happening in London due to their foreign political masters ?

In the UK, either the Police would smash nationalism or they will allow their trotskyite/anarchist friends to do the same job.

The UK is so upside down, that yesterday we had that corrupt upper class bastard David Cameron attending the funeral of a murdered British soldier Lee Rigby at Bury parish church, Lancashire.

Zionist and part jew David Cameron supports the terrorist group UAF.

The murderer of Lee Rigby

Michael Adebolajo

spoke at at least one rally for UAF which is on YOUTUBE.

Check this out.

Poshboy Cameron should be hung for treason !

Cameron arrived with another Bullingdon club and zionist and part jew poshboy Boris Johnson.

I bet they had to shower after coming to Bury and parading with the oiks.

Camerons reward for Fusilier Rigby is his regiment the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (2RRF) will go down the 'memory hole' just like Fusilier Rigby.

2 RRF is to be disbanded.

Why oh why did we see both serving and ex Fusiliers saluting the traitor Cameron at the service for Drummer Rigby in Bury ?

[Personal note: Far too many Fusiliers are labour supporters and thick as pig shit anyway.My late brother was 2 RRF and they tried to crap on him.Especially the 'weekend cowboys' of the Territorials led by Mr Steve Cooney the wife/husband of Lorna Fitzsimons the ex MP for Rochdale who last worked for THE zionist/jewish org in the UK, BICOM. Both Cooney and Fitzsimons have strong republican links in Southern Ireland]


Anonymous said...

The banner at the front said "It is not Spain without the basque country". This would be a similar slogan to the British "No surrender". Note the flag with the Celtic cross. Spanish people on the north west coast claim to be Celtic. Their similar looks to northern Europeans seems to bare that out.
These would be supporters of Franco and they would have strong support of the army who have already growled about Catalonia looking to exit Spain. A good portion of these people would be very staunch nationalists and would not welcome the third worlders. The problem here is the party that represents them P.P. Are a bunch of money grabbing maggots who don't care about the Spanish natives and are happy to let in Arabs and Negros to work for peanuts.
I hope I missing something here and these people are out for a new nationalist party.

Anonymous said...

BTW, fair play to the owners of this site. You always seem to get good content that no one else finds.

Anonymous said...

The spanish have these, Greece and Germany all seem organised. Italy and France too.

And we have the cnut Griffin !

Randal said...

This is cool!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...